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  • 1.Condential and Proprietary, 2012, Tech-I-M, LLC Envisioneering -- Leveraging Technology for Future Innovation IEEE Technology Management Chapter 2012 December 6 Saturday, August 31, 13

2. Envisioneering Making Possibilities Real Saturday, August 31, 13 3. Leveraging, Technology, Future, Innovation Saturday, August 31, 13 4. Fly Like a Bird http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgdIE2t8QkM Saturday, August 31, 13 5. Landing a Car on Mars--August 5, 2012 Saturday, August 31, 13 6. Commercial Space Flights Now Real http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwDCWTqNceQ Saturday, August 31, 13 7. Robots Are Coming Saturday, August 31, 13 8. DARPA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqCmX5dMYHg Saturday, August 31, 13 9. A Deere walks into a forest...in 1994!!! Saturday, August 31, 13 10. Autonomous Ag Tractors are Close http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2NKSu8l3Cs Saturday, August 31, 13 11. Hitch Em Up Saturday, August 31, 13 12. Self Driving Cars and Trucks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OE-HgKI7vs Saturday, August 31, 13 13. The Real World is a Bit more Tame Saturday, August 31, 13 14. Visionaries can be Dense Saturday, August 31, 13 15. S is for Strategy The Long Incubation Period Saturday, August 31, 13 16. Cell Phones -- Many Years in the Making Saturday, August 31, 13 17. The Internet was a bit faster Saturday, August 31, 13 18. FaceBook -- one of the fastest to grow Saturday, August 31, 13 19. Groupon -- the fastest yet 2007 idea Groupon Saturday, August 31, 13 20. People are the Reason Saturday, August 31, 13 21. Population Growth Drives Self-actualization Esteem Love/belonging Communications increases Safety Clean air/water, less CO2, Better fuel mileage, alternative energy (not nuclear) Physiological More food, housing, roads Saturday, August 31, 13 22. Technological Wonders Buildings (Architecture in the Classic Sense) Skyscrapers, Bridges, International Space Station, Locks and Canals, Dams Water Distribution, cleanliness, irrigation Food Growth and distribution Transportation Bicycle, Motorcycle, Car, Truck, Bus, Roads, Plane, Rockets, Boats, Ships Fuel Distribution Drilling, NG Fracturing, Ships, Deep Sea Drilling, Fuel Stations, Pipelines Electricity Power Generation and Distribution Communications Infrastructure Including Mapping with GPS Medical System Saturday, August 31, 13 23. 3 Trends Fuel Economy Safety Reliability Saturday, August 31, 13 24. Cadillac User Experience -- CUE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V-pYC7eWu8 Saturday, August 31, 13 25. The Future is Driven -- More AND Less MORE Room Convenience Reliability Safety Customizable Productivity Driving Time Comfortable LESS Weight Fuel Cost Accidents Paperwork Downtime Maintenance Emissions Saturday, August 31, 13 26. Government Drives the Future EPA NHTSA FMCSA OSHA NTSB FDA GSA and more Sample Pending Regs Hours of Service OBR ESC Event Data Recorders GHG beyond 2017 Saturday, August 31, 13 27. The Truck of the Future Is Near http://www.worldtrademag.com/Articles/Feature_Article/BNP_GUID_9-5-2006_A_10000000000000581695 UPS Testing Plastic Trucks that Cut Weight by 1,000 Pounds http://www.autoblog.com/2011/05/31/ups-testing-plastic-trucks-that-cut-weight-by-1-000-pounds-w-vi/ Solar Powered Highways http://edition.cnn.com/2011/TECH/innovation/01/19/smart.roads/index.html Class 8 concepts riding magnetized highways are on the drawing board as the Army gets involved. Solar road panels would include glass layers, solar power cells, heating elements and LED road markers. Saturday, August 31, 13 28. Future will be Wonderful for Drivers Saturday, August 31, 13 29. The Wheel will continue to dominate Saturday, August 31, 13 30. By end of session--better understand 1.How long does it take from concept to production 2.What are the trends driving innovation 3.What are the challenges to product development of new innovations 4.What drives innovation 5.What is the future of moving products from factories to consumers 1.Too long, longer than expected 2.People and their needs 3.Reliability, Safety, Ease of Use 4.More and less 5.The wheel will continue to dominate Saturday, August 31, 13 31. Back Up Materials Saturday, August 31, 13 32. Everyone wants to know the future Saturday, August 31, 13 33. Food and Medicine Saturday, August 31, 13 34. Mobility Saturday, August 31, 13 35. Sports and Entertainment Saturday, August 31, 13 36. Some things never change Saturday, August 31, 13 37. Advertised Talking Points Envisioneering -- Leveraging Technology for Future Innovation With guest speaker Paul Menig, CEO of Tech-I-M Formerly intrapreneurial leader at General Electric, Eaton and Daimle The pace of technology progress is continually increasing. Innovations in the vehicle industry is an example. Whether On-Highway or Off, future vehicles are going to be more complex, more durable, more varied than today. Our ability to engineer products that perform as expected will depend on our vision of the future, our ability to model the vehicle in its environment and solid engineering. We can probably see with our eyes what commercial vehicles in 2020 will look like. It will take something more to envisioneer the vehicle of 2030 and prepare the models and tools we will need to make them amazingly reliable and easy to use and maintain By the end of the session, attendees willbetter understand: How long does it take from concept to production What are the trends driving innovation What are the challenges to product development of new innovations What drives innovation What is the future of moving products from factories to consumers Saturday, August 31, 13