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  1. 1. Keboola Connection Enterprise Tech MeetUP London Pavel Dolezal @pabu01
  2. 2. What is KBC ? Think about it is a Data Lego KBC is a data production environment agile development of data based products I/O DataWarehouse ETL (own extractor framework) JSON parser sandboxes (MySQL, Redshift, R, Snowflake.net) staging layer transformation templates Docker based provisioning of 3rd party components Data Appstore - predictions, insights
  3. 3. Why KBC Open architecture Built for work Highly used/criticised - shaped by cust feedback Flexible - not built on one particular tech, but rather always possibility to select what is most suitable for the job Your IT has a full power over KBC Live eco system of add on apps and developers Multiple destinations (GD, Chartio, YF, Tableau) Storage API - consume data in SAS, Tableau, RStudio or anywhere
  4. 4. How do I save with KBC Tech team able to focus on the core business Ready for exponential growth We focus only on our part and try to be the best at it so you dont have the data headaches Reusability of code Easy SQL based environment so you can swap senior people to junior Business can build and take care of the product itself with a low overhead on IT department => agile
  6. 6. Keboola Connection Orchestrator/scheduler Storage (+Audit, Access management) Transformations Recipes (Apps) Extractors / API input Writers / API output 3rd party services Data source / systems Data Consumption
  7. 7. EXTRACTORS TRANSFORMATION WRITERS Query based environment - languages SQL / R - Sandboxes - Logic Data model builder and visualisator STORAGE - JOBS - ORCHESTRATIONS Applications -> Recipes - basket analyses - correlation finder - grouped histograms - Linear dependencies - etc...
  8. 8. McPen - shop assistants work with retail data every day and decide basket up-sales, promo items, etc.