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  • Enterprise Cloud Computing (ECC):


    Mac Flourish-Usikpo ID: 115142171

    IT in AEC 2015/2016 16/09/2015

    CE 6014 - Computer Mediated Communication – Project Proposal

  • Personal Profile Name: Mac Flourish-Usikpo Country of Birth: Nigeria Education:

    BSc. Valuation Surveying Dublin Institute of technology

    MEng Sc. IT in AEC University College Cork (On-going)

    Interest/Achievement: Writing (Author of “Keep the

    Faith and Walk the Line” & “Voice of Triumph”)

    Sports (Departmental Football Captian, Athletics and Tennis)

  • Enterprise Cloud Computing (ECC) Benefits from ECC for SMEs:

    Lower IT-related cost: eliminating costs of establishing and maintenance of IT infrastructure

    Speed: self-service access to an available pool of shared and scalable computing resources

    Better IT support: new applications can be approved and deployed quickly

    Agility Competitive advantage

  • By Thomas Dubois, Western Europe Marketing Director, Small & Mid-size Business, Microsoft

  • Enterprise Cloud Computing (ECC) Challenges to ECC for SMEs Trust/Security: data privacy and

    trust issues Vendor lock-in Lack of standards: related to

    data privacy and SLA as any new computing technology

    Lack of control: in terms of SMEs don’t have skills to control their data in the cloud

    Integration: with in-house systems

    Scepticism: SMEs might be reluctant to adopt cloud services because they don’t have the financial resources and skills needed for secure cloud

    Enterprise’s IT manager

  • ECC Adoption Model for SMEs

  • Enterprise Cloud Computing (ECC)

  • Information Required Perform a literature review of cloud

    computing and cloud application interoperability to assess the current status of interoperability research and inform the choice of frameworks for the experimentation part of this research

    Design and develop a reference application software

    Adapt the reference application to use the chosen frameworks

    Assess the maturity of the frameworks by reviewing the success of the experimentation and the effort involved

    Summarise the research, draw conclusions and recommend areas of future research

  • Research Objective/Question Objection: To identify the trust issues that affect SMEs’

    choice to adopt cloud services as well as the major concerns of data security risks.

    Question: What are the cloud-specific security risks and

    priority associated with cloud computing?

    What are the data protections and privacy concerns for the SMEs data in the cloud?

    How data security affects SMEs choice to adopt cloud services?

    What are the data security policies offered in the cloud? How effective they are? And are they enough to persuade SMEs to move to the cloud?

  • Information Methodology & Analysis Methodology: Qualitative: Literature review Case study Design research Quantitative: Measuring security-

    cost related issues (if a representative sample is available)

    Analysis: Compare with Questionnaire

    results Link between Interviews and Lit

    Review Compare Results from Interviews

  • Conclusion and Recommendation ECC is having a transformative

    impact and changing the way SMEs operate, internally and with partners and customers

    ECC is helping SMEs reach strategic goals for growth and innovation

    Substantial investment over the next few years will further solidify cloud’s central role

    success involves much more than smart IT planning, there also must be some serious thinking about the rest of the business

    ECC have to develop cloud strategic for SMEs

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