ensuring the holistic development of the learner

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  • Ensuring the Holistic Development of

    the Learner

  • Holistic Development

    represents a journeyalong which both the

    learner and the teacher will grow.

    Holistic education challenges teachers to think differently about the students

    cognitive and affective development, the more so as we have to inculcate the 21st

    century skills in our learners.

    aims at preparing students for a fulfilling and productive life in which

    their skills and attributes are constantly challenged ,developed and

    applied as part of their lifelong learning.

  • Jacques Delors : Famous french economist and politician ,8th President of European Commission.

    UNESCO commission on Education for the 21st

    Century : Learning ,the treasure within

    4 pillars as the foundation of Education

    1. Learning to be

    2. Learning to do

    3. Learning to know

    4. Learning to live together

  • Other





  • The MOE and HR Strategic Plan (2008-2020) : a Plea for

    broad curriculum

    the diversification of extracurricular activities for personal


    enhanced critical thinking for innovation .

    3Rs + 4Cs

    1. Collaborative skills

    2. Communication skills

    3. Creativity

    4. Critical thinking

  • ICT Empowerment of Learners with Computational Skills to adapt to new 21st Century challenges

    Provision of ICT Infrastructure in schools

    SANKORE Project

    As at date no. of classrooms equipped :552

    By end of 2014 all Std 4,5 and 6 classrooms equipped

    Exposure to digitised content

    Ongoing works for AL subjects

    Facilitating Self-Learning through the PC Tablet Project

    Hotspot in 27 ZEP Schools

    Inclusive Education for SEN: Braille PCs

  • 2010; Introduction of EP at Std IV

    2011; Extension of EP program in std III

    The Process:

    After school hours duration: 75 minutes thrice


    Drama, slam, dance and music to develop key

    competencies and skills.

    National Award Ceremony to showcase benefits.

  • Conducted during the 2nd and / or 3rd term holidays.

    Initiated in December 2011

    Selection of schools based on CPE pass rates of less

    than 50%.

    Comprises alternative learning approaches

  • Component of the school curriculum with a specific

    time allocated to it on the school time table.

    2013: Activity Book launched for Standards III and


    2014 : New activity book for std IV

    Collaborative Venture: PMO, TMRSU and MIE.

  • Green School Project and MID CLUBS

    MID Clubs set up in all State Secondary Schools

    Planned for roll out to all private secondary

    schools in 2014.

  • Setting up of MID Clubs

    School Greening Project

    Rain Harvesting


    Installation of Photovoltaic

    Waste Segregation

  • Objective: To enable learners to inculcate a deeper

    understanding of one another and acceptance of differences

    based on ethnicity, religion, race and culture.

    Initiated in 2010

    2011 Theme : Tous parents tous diffrents ena enn sel

    ras, ras dimounn.

    2013 Theme : Nou Kiltir Nou Rises


  • National Institute for Civic Education (NICE)

    PMO Driven

    Goal: Promotion of civics, community service and value-based

    education. Leading to

    - creative expression, emotional, psychological , physical and social


    Target Group: Form IV students from 2nd to 12th December 2013

    4 components:

    1. Individual

    2. Society

    3. Community

    4. Country

  • The National Youth Award ( Duke of Edinburgh

    International Award)


    1. Foster healthy relationship and develop leadership

    qualities among students.

    2013: 2512 participants from 43 State Schools

    A program posing individual challenge and

    encouraging participants to work at their own pace.

  • Deployments of Argo floats and Drifters for NASA and NOAA in the

    South Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

    The purpose :

    1. Study of climate change & climate prediction

    2. Securing information on tsunami and earthquake study via a satellite.

    40 floats and 10 drifters allocated to Mauritian schools

    Around 80 secondary schools adhered

    - To receive real-time data, helps to interpret scientific data

    - To enrich Science curriculum, mainly Marine Biology and

    Mathematics and other related subjects like Geography

  • Model United Nations - Zonal MUN in 2014 to increase


    Young Journalist Award ( British Council)

    SADC Essay Competition

    Public Speaking


    Constance Award

    Omnicane Award

    MCB Make A Wish Competition

    Junior Achievement Mascareignes

    Science exhibitions and competitions

  • Vision screening

    Breathing and stretching

    Sexuality Education

    Physical Education

    The Arts (Music & Dance)

    Health and wellness

  • Most of the pupils of Std 1 have been screened and the

    exercise is ongoing for Std 11

    Follow up of referred pupils and needy cases attended to

    Dedicated space for vision screening in all primary

    schools in 2014

    Standard I Standard II

    Number of Schools Screened 261 84

    Number of Pupils Screened 11708 3322

    Number of Pupils Referred1481 337

  • Dedicated support at highest level

    Spear headed by the Directorate of Curriculum Development and Evaluation

    National Educational Counselling Services

    Soon-to-be- set-up Health and Wellness Directorate






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