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ENSO Bottles Presentation. Biodegradable PET plastic bottles are now available thanks to a new additive called Ecopure G2.


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2. ENSO Bottles was created as an environmental company with a focus on the plastics industry. In addition to plastic bottles, we also work with the recycling community and waste disposal to encourage a complete earth friendly solution. ENSO Bottles has partnered with Bio-tec Environmental to bring EcoPure to the PET bottle industry. This specialized formulation of EcoPure creates the first truly biodegradable and recyclable PET bottle solution. This technology retains all the beneficial properties of traditional PET while incorporating biodegradability. Our ongoing research will ultimately enable us to create a true cradle-to-cradle solution, meaning, to create plastic from a sustainable non-food source that can be recycled and ultimately enter an anaerobic compost to capture the methane and create a clean energy source. Who is ENSO Bottles? 3. Products Available

  • EcoPure G2 Additive formulated specially for PET applications
  • Preforms over 500 different gram weights and neck finishes available
  • Blown Bottles wide variety of stock bottle designs and custom designs available

ENSO provides a variety of ways for your company to obtain ENSO with EcoPure biodegradable bottles: 4. ENSO Bottles Properties

    • Clarity Clear or colored options
    • Strength Same IV and molecular weight
    • Heat Resistance Same heat tolerance
    • Shelf Life Same as traditional PET
    • Barrier Properties Same as traditional PET
    • Recyclable Co-mingle with PET

ENSO bottles with EcoPure have the same physical properties as traditional PET bottles: 5. ENSO Bottles Are Recyclable

  • ENSO bottles with EcoPure have been validated for recyclability and can be co-mingled during recycling with traditional PET.

6. The ENSO Difference

  • How are ENSO bottles with EcoPure better than traditional PET bottles?
  • Aerobic Biodegradation Enso bottles biodegrade in compost and natural environments where microbial activity is present.
  • Anaerobic Biodegradation Enso bottles will biodegrade in active microbial landfills and bio-reactors with no oxygen or light present.
  • Time Laboratory testing shows ENSO bottles biodegrade over 90% in 1-5 years leaving only humus (soil) and carbon dioxide or methane.*
  • Microbes- Unlike oxo-degradable products, ENSO bottles do not begin to break down until introduced into a microbial environment.
  • Clean Energy Production ENSO bottles if in a landfill will biodegrade and produce methane which can be captured to create clean energy.

*Actual degradation time depends on the environment and the weight of the bottle 7. Aerobic Biodegradation ENSO bottles will bio-degrade in compost and natural environments where high microbial activity and oxygen is readily available leaving only carbon dioxide and useable humus (soil). 8. Anaerobic Biodegradation Most plastic bottles are discarded and ultimately sent to landfills where lack of oxygen prevents aerobic biodegradation.ENSO bottles with EcoPure will bio-degrade into methane and humus (soil) in active microbial landfills - even without oxygen or light present. Over 70% of all plastic bottles are discarded into landfills. ENSO bottles with Eco-Pure will biodegrade in landfills and produce methane. 9. ENSO = Clean Energy

  • ENSO Bottles when placed in active microbiallandfill environments result in methane off gassing
  • Landfills collect this methane to produce clean inexpensive energy
  • This energy offsets the energy created from other fossil fuel resources
  • Power generation from methane off gassing is one of the cheapest clean energy sources available less than solar, wind and hydro power

10. Technology 11. EcoPure G2 Additive

  • Comprised of several organic compounds
  • FDA approved for food contact
  • OSHA approved as non hazardous
  • Activates only in microbial environments
  • Does not affect the molecular weight or
  • strength of the polymer

12. Third Party Validation 13. Certifications and Validations

  • Biodegradation
  • Northeast Laboratories, Inc
  • ASTM D 5511- Anaerobic biodegradation
  • Leaching and Toxicity
  • Polyhedron Laboratories, Inc
  • CFR 177.1630 conditions f, g and i.
  • Recycling and PET Quality
  • Polyhedron Laboratories, Inc
  • ASTM D1003 - Haze and Transmission
  • ASTM D4603 Intrinsic Viscosity
  • ASTM F2013 Acetaldehyde
  • Fluorescence Visual
  • Visual Black Specks and Gels

14. Comparing ENSO Bottles 15.

  • Require no additional processing costs at the waste facility and are a source for clean, cheap and powerful energy production
  • Do not fragment or require commercial composting but biodegrade through natural microbial digestion
  • Have the same processing range as traditional PET without equipment modifications
  • Do not leave heavy metals or hazardous remains after biodegradation
  • Are not degraded by light, heat or moisture
  • Are recyclable alongside traditional PET
  • Retain the shelf life of traditional PET

Unlike Other Plastic Resins and Additives, ENSO Bottles: 16. Plastic Biodegradation Comparison 17.

  • ENSO Bottles Provide:
  • A solution to the negative consumer impression of plastic
  • Over 30 years PET industry experience
  • A turnkey shelf stable green solution
  • A strong marketing opportunity in an socially aware community
  • EcoPure specially formulated for PET bottles
  • All the benefits of traditional plastic and biodegradability
  • A source for clean energy production

18. www.ensobottles.com T:305.720.2280 E: info@rodenonline.com