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  • 1. Enrique LomeliGeology 112/3/2010Field Lab part one!! 1. My first rock sample that I collected was a metamorphic rock Iidentified as Gneiss. I picked this rock up in the Avocado Lake, inSanger California. I found this rock interesting because when Ipicked it up I could feel its medium-to coarse grained texture. Iindeed concluded that this was a gneiss rock after I did someresearch because it has an abundance of quartz and feldsparminerals.

2. 2. My second sample is another metamorphic rock that I found in San Miguel, California. This rock is considered to be slate and has a very smooth texture. I believe that this rock also contains mica and quartz minerals which is one of main the reasons that it has a smooth surface. This rock is also widely used for the construction of many hose roofs and many other construction projects as well. 3. 3. My third rock sample is granite rock, which comes from the igneous rock family. I found in a creek called Bear Creek, near the Merced River, in Fresno County. The feldspars on this rock give it most of its color which to me kind of looks like it is made up of salt and pepper. This rock is coarse grained to very coarse grained and like slate, it too is used for many construction projects. 4. 4. My fourth rock sample is a sedimentary rock, which is Limestone. I found this rock near Avocado Lake in Sanger, Ca as well and many other different types of sedimentary and igneous rocks can be seen there too. This rock is mainly composed of mostly calcite minerals and the majority of limestone rocks are believed to have formed under water. 5. 5. My final rock sample that I collected is another sedimentary rock called Sandstone. I found this particular rock in Parkifield, 6. California near the San Andreas Fault while working on the secondpart of this lab. It was definitely interesting to see how this areahas lots of interesting and different types of rocks. This piece ofsandstone is mainly composed of quartz, has a rough texture likegranite, and has a light color.