Enjoy the Cool & Refreshing Sea Breeze at the Dubai Creek Park

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<ul><li><p>Enjoy the cool &amp; refreshing sea breeze at the Dubai Creek Park </p><p>The Dubai Creek Park is a beautiful refreshing and relaxing quiet place for families, couples or singles </p><p>and is located along the banks of the saltwater creek, known as the Dubai Creek. Once called river </p><p>Zara by ancient Greeks, the Dubai creek has a long and rich history and served as a transportation </p><p>route between many countries. </p><p>One of the largest parks, the Dubai Creek Park gives a beautiful view of some of the most remarkably </p><p>built buildings like the Deira Twin Towers, Dubai Creek Towers, Chamber of Commerce, Sheraton </p><p>Dubai Creek and National Bank. The Al Maktoum Bridge which is the first bridge in Dubai and </p><p>connects Bur Dubai to Deira can also be seen in the distance. </p><p>Dubai Creek Park has gentle winds blowing from the creek with lush green trees and grass. This is a </p><p>safe and comfortable place to spend a nice day with your family and friends. This green park is </p><p>spread over many acres and is great to enjoy the cool sea breeze of the estuary. Once inside, there </p><p>are many areas you can look forward to like the barbeque and childrens play area. You can choose a </p><p>place of your liking and relax, bring your own food, explore the park, take a walk, read a book, or just </p><p>relax and converse. </p><p>If you feel walking is a bit slow for you, you can explore the park with bicycles. There is a cable car </p><p>ride which offers a grand view of the Dubai creek and the magnificent Dubai skyline. The cable car </p><p>gives a view of the entire park, its greenery, the creek and the buildings on the opposite side. </p><p>Evenings are cool and wonderful as you can enjoy playing with your kids or just have a simple get-</p><p>together with your loved ones. </p><p>The park offers a miniature train, and you can also plan a visit to the Dubai Dolphinarium and </p><p>Childrens city which is closeby. </p><p>Spread over 96 acres, the Dubai Creek Park is visited by many species of birds like Shikra, </p><p>Alexandrine Parakeets, etc. In some months like April you will find birds like Ortolan Bunting, and by </p><p>winter months you can occasionally spot the Masked Shrike and Dark-throated Thrush. Large open </p><p>areas and green grass is a visual delight and is a great change from indoor spaces. Open from 8am to </p><p>11pm, the Dubai Creek Park is definitely worth your time. </p><p>http://dubaitravelator.com/dubai-creek-park/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Maktoum_Bridgehttp://www.dubaidolphinarium.ae/</p></li></ul>


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