English Test for 8th Grade Group 1

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English test for 8th grade Group 1Name ________________________I. Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or present perfect simple).1. Yesterday, my brother (come)_____________home from school, (switch)___________on the TV and (watch)_________TV until dinner (be)__________ready. 2. Look! There is so much food left. Nobody (eat)_________anything. 3. Where (you / be)_____________yesterday? - I (go)____________to the shopping centre and (buy)________________a new computer game. 4. Why don't you want to play football with us this weekend? - I (break)____________my leg. 5. The road is closed. There (be)___________an accident. 6. Come on, let's celebrate! Our team (win)_____________________the match.

II. Put the sentences into Passive voice1. Thieves stole his car. _____________________________________________________________________________.2. They cancelled all the flights. _____________________________________________________________________________. 3. Brian told the truth. _____________________________________________________________________________.4. She always loads the dishwasher. _____________________________________________________________________________. 5. He sometimes does the shopping. _____________________________________________________________________________.6. The ambulance took Peter to hospital.__________________________________________________________________________.7. They built these houses in 1902. _____________________________________________________________________________. 8. She bakes a cake every Sunday. _____________________________________________________________________________. 9. He broke the vase yesterday. _____________________________________________________________________________. 10. I clean the shoes every Friday. _____________________________________________________________________________.11. We wrote the exercise an hour ago. _____________________________________________________________________________. 12. They use this road very often. _____________________________________________________________________________.

III. Fill in the blanks.

1. The old theatre_______________(reopen) last Friday.2. She_____________(ask) about the accident by the police yesterday.3. Rotten eggs______________(throw) at him last month in Bristol.4. Mice _____________(catch) by cats.5. I _____________(often / ask) for her address.