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  1. 1. E"-'5 18 NATGB-08DEGIN HERE: 1. Many environmentalists ' 7. which of.the following is a simplefor the protection of the forest areas in the Philippines.A.campaignB.campaigns .C.is campaigning D.has campaigned.The state of our natural resources is_V since people still neglectproper waste disposal.A best C.bad 8. badly D.better.Sadly,most Filipinos show littleconoem for the environment because they have to worry about where to get _________ food. A.they C.its B.them D.their .Achild____ to school to learn andtobroaden his horizon.A.go C.went B.goes D.gone .Joshua studies so he would graduate with honors.A.diligently C.diligency B.diligence D.diligent .Vinoentand Jane areworking on the Clean and Green" campaign posters. A.himself 8. herselfC.itseif D.themselvessentence? A.Abby and Andre went to the exhibit,and they enjoyed it very much. B.Although Maya was not feeling weti,she joined the group just the same. C.The exhibit was about different recycling practices in the country. D.They experimented on the practices,but they did not demonstrate it. Read the following selections and answer the questions that follow. A.ttl"t'Is8t011Jane and Maya were friends and. neighbors.They loved to explore and to solve mysteries so much that they began their own club,the Mystery Solvers Club. One Sunday afternoon,the day of their weekly meeting,Maya went to her room to get her journal.it was missing!The journal contained all the information and all the notes from eachof the club's meetings and cases.Maya ran to the meeting place in Jane's backyard.Maya exclaimed.My journal is missing!You must help me find it. The club members were worried.They needed the notes in the journal to solve a mystery from the week betore. _ Jane said,"Tell us all you know. Maya replied.I keep the joumal in the drawer of my bedside table.Last night I was writing in it while i ate a sandwich.l dont remember much else except that i was very tired.I didn't think about the journal again until just now.it wasn't in my drawer where i kept it. "
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  3. 4. eneusu 21 - NA'rGsl_oal Vcoo andfother sh.if people still wish to { see these gentle creatures,stepemust 3 be taken to limit the number of dolphinskilled.23. For most animals,living in the wild is than being caged in. ._. .8 ZOO. l A.iigetter C.good A B, _e_tl. ,{ 0. Well b _ 26. Whetis the writers tone and mood l towards the topic? 24. The people from Laguna export a ..., ,. .hats 1-_h-atmany .. .A;formal C.mocking B. .informal 4. D.humorousforeigners love to wear.A small bur;mu; t;-co; o,ed 27. Why are dolphins mercilesslyB.imulticolored burismali l killed? " .C.small multi-colored buri V A for food and Cmhing D.bun small multi-colored i3. forieisur activities ' ,C.for their meat and oils 35 '36 P"Y; ir*e*"ri): ffWa V .o.foroil industry D =l .28. Which of the following is an '3 $1:3: opinion?A.Dolphins arogentle creatures we must watch over.B.Dolphins also use echolocation to locate objects. C.Dolphins are among the most.-3. Items 26 to 30.lA __ Dolphins are among the ymost intelligent animals on Earth.They are playful as well as smart and are easily,gt _ ed for 200 and a _ h intelligent animals.on Earth. "" ,. l""' 5 $- D.Steps musthe taken to limit r ] They iurnp through.hoops and fetch and the kmmg of dolphinslgrab objects.from the trainer's hands. Dolphins communicate with each other 29. What basic message does thetin a variety of ways using clicking;article convey? D whistling and Slapping Sounds 1 A Dolphins need to be protected. B.Dolphins are abused animals. 0. Dolphins arerfriendly creatures. D.Dolphins are intelligent animals.D -1 Dolphins can locate objects easily under the water through a system called ccholocation This is like a builtiin sonari system.The dolphin makes a7_series of 1:clicking sounds then listens for the;sounds as echoes bounce back from the underwater oloject.' - Many dolphins.are caught andi killed.These friendly mammals are killed by hunters of sevjerai nations for!their meat and oils and are often caught, in fishing nets intended to catch tuna,
  4. 5. . _. ___. ... ..__. ... -s. s.. _.. .l. ENGl. ~lSl-l30. Which -ot the following statements proves that dolphins are intelligent creatures? A.They are caught and killed by humans. B.They use the unique system of echolocation. (3. They are trairiabie for shows and performancesD.They are not easily caught by sher folks.'D.Items 31 to 35When it comes to the best athletes the world.animals,beat us.The4 strongest human weightlifter can lift about f four times his or her own weight,An ant can pick up and carry 50 times its own;weight.n 5When it comes to swimming, people denitely don't come in first.Olympic swimmers can reach speeds;around 5 miles per hour.A tiny shrimp swims at trout-id" 2' x'ttE'5i.76'Til'