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  • 1. WE E K 6 , D A Y 2 E . B U C H A N A N ENGLISH 83R 10/3/13

2. ACCORDING TO PACO, WHAT % OF SHOPPERS PENETRATE ZONE 4? a. 7% b. 91% c. 25% d. 70% Please place your KWL Science of Shopping on the counter after you click in and pick up the four handouts. 3. AGENDA Review The Science of Shopping: KWL Reading Strategy Quiz: Supporting Details and Implied Main Idea New Lab Contract Authors Purpose & Tone Learning Center Lab to work on Connect (distribute Lab Contract #2) 4. AUTHORS PURPOSE 5. AUTHORS PURPOSE & TONE Authors are people with thoughts, feelings, and opinionsbehind everything you read. They write from a personal point of view. The purpose of a piece of writing is to inform, to persuade, or to entertain. its tone the expression of attitude and feeling. 6. The purpose of this cartoon, like all cartoons, is to entertain. Can you figure out what the tone of the speaker is? Is there really a language barrier? 7. The woman is actually being sarcastic, right? A language barrier usually means that two different languages are involved. Instead, how is the woman feeling? 8. Authors Purpose To inform to give information about a subject. There are three common purposes (reasons for writing): To persuade to convince the reader to agree with the authors point of view on a subject. To entertain to amuse and delight; to appeal to the readers senses and imagination. AUTHORS PURPOSE 9. INFORM, PERSUADE OR ENTERTAIN? The cover and title of anything you read often suggests the authors primary purpose. What do you think is the main purpose of each of these books? 10. INFORM, PERSUADE OR ENTERTAIN? In the paragraph below, what is the authors purpose? People can now enroll in health care coverage in the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges -- the centerpiece of Obama's landmark legislation. Coverage begins in 2014, but folks must sign up by Dec. 15 if they want coverage to begin Jan. 1. a. Inform b. Persuade c. entertain 11. INFORM, PERSUADE OR ENTERTAIN? This characterization of poor people as lazy drug abusers is often cast in the narrative of Democrats representing urban areas with large minority populations fighting Republicans from predominantly white regions. It's impossible to ignore a racial component here that neither party should foster. 12. AUTHORS TONE A writers tone reveals the attitude he or she has toward a subject. Tone is expressed through the words and details the writer selects. 13. READ THESE STATEMENTS BY STUDENTS AND NOTICE THE VARIOUS TONES USED: Yeah, I just love going to college. I get to get up early, work hard all day, then go to work, and never go out anymore because Im too tired. Sarcastic, mocking I just love going to college. I have some really understanding teachers, and I am learning a lot! Enthusiastic, positive I dont love going to college but I know that in order to achieve my dreams, it is important to have an education. Motivated, realistic 14. AUTHORS TONE Lets practice Distribute Tone handouts Look up these words in the dictionary Authors Purpose and Tone activity Students that are using the book Freedom Writers find a person that is using The Blind Side and work on this activity that uses quotes from Freedom Writers. 15. WHAT IS THE TONE? "There are enough Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives today that if the speaker of the House, John Boehner, simply let the bill get on the floor for an up or down vote, every congressman could vote their conscience, the shutdown would end today." (Quote fromPresident Obama on the health care situation) a. Disapproving b. Sarcastic c. Caring 16. MORE QUOTES FROM OBAMA ON THE HEALTHCARE SITUATION "There will be no negotiations over this. The American people are not pawns in some political game. You don't get to demand ransom in exchange for keeping the government running" or keeping the economy running, he said. (Obama) A. Indignant B. Joyful C. Ironic 17. AND QUOTES FROM THE OTHER SIDE Must be nice. Those of us trying to fix Washington may be anarchists in the eyes of the Democrats Senate majority leader, but at least we show up for work. a. Melancholic b. Pessimistic c. Cheerful 18. AND ANOTHER QUOTE The Democrats seem hell bent on feeding into the slimdown scare in the public eye, rather than being cooperative and helping House Republicans to put the fire out. a. Outraged b. Sympathetic c. Earnest 19. REMINDERS Homework for Tuesday: Read Habit Ch. 7 and answer the comprehension questions. Complete the Authors Purpose & Tone activity.


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