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General overview


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    Engagor BVBA Grauwpoort 1 9000 Gent Belgium

    Web: http://engagor.com Email: info@engagor.com Twitter: @engagor Tel: +32 (0) 9 277 92 64 VAT: BE 0834.080.135 IBAN: BE83068891816815 BIC: GKCCBEBB Bank: Dexia Bank Belgium

    Product overview

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    Quick Overview Engagor is an online platform that tracks social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Foursquare, Google+), RSS feeds, blogs, forums, wikis, review sites and news sites and enables you to

    1. See (Monitor) everything and post/respond (Engage) to everything on the Internet about you or your products, your competition a.o. - with the help of an Inbox.

    2. Measure and Discover all that data with the help of dedicated Insights reports.

    And all this through an ergonomic design that excels in ease-of-use, completeness and immediacy.

    Top bar (blue) with menus: Dashboard Inbox Insights - Settings

    Side bar (black) with submenus. Changes with your choice of menu.

    Central desktop screen: shows what matters based on your chosen menu and submenu.

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    Dashboard your Engagor homepage The Engagor Dashboard gives you a quick look at the amount of new social mentions, news articles, forum and blog posts as well as new tasks assigned to you by coworkers. Through clear charts, the Engagor dashboard shows significant changes to quickly identify when something is happening. Performance indication on the spot! It is good to know that Engagor does not simple request the data each time you log in. Instead, we save all your data multiple months so that you can always look back and enhance your measuring. Engagor has global data coverage and gathers its data from news sites, blogs, review sites, wikis, Q&A sites, forums and all major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram... We are continuously adding new data sources to even further expand our coverage.

    Inbox where you monitor and engage Your inbox contains all mentions that we find across the web and on your monitored profiles in real-time! Easily track which mentions are handled and which mentions still need a reply. As with email, you use your inbox to listen to your audience (monitor) and to speak to them (engage), all from one easy-to-understand platform. We just love good mental ergonomics!

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    Insights where you measure and discover In the first place, our insights pages offer you the tools to learn and measure all about your topics. And secondly, they allow you to easily discover new opportunities and act upon them. Measure the number of mentions/likes/(re)tweets your brand or products receive. View the sentiment analysis. Or combine any of them to analyze those Key Performance Indicators you need. View it in our real-time charts, adapt them on the fly, or export the data to make your own charts. Discover who is talking about you, how influential they are and where they are located.

    Settings set up your topic searches, user roles etc. Finding your way in all the social data is not easy, but Engagor excels in ease-of-use. This also applies to our settings page. Using a quite smart visual interface, you tell Engagor what it should be searching for, in what languages and what it should skip. Our powerful engine will give you the relevant information in no time, and will filter out the noise. Connecting all your own social profiles is a piece of cake, as is the possibility of assigning different roles to different users. Advanced users might ask: what about tagging, exporting raw data, smart deleting, creating your own RSS feed, automation rules and recurrent reports? Dont worry, we have it all in a pretty straightforward manner. Just ask us, or try it for yourself: 10-day free trial, absolutely hassle-free.

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    In detail: INBOX

    1. Monitor = listen.

    One single platform

    When you are used to using email (and you are), this will make a lot of sense. Engagors inbox is a single online platform where you find all mentions you were searching for. You can reply/retweet/forward/like any mention from here. Likes and comments of a specific mention are shown and you can click through to the authors profile.

    Conversation view

    To make sure you never lose context, Engagor uses conversation view in its inbox. Linked posts (replies, comments, retweets, likes) are grouped into meaningful and manageable conversation topics so that you can easily track popularity by viewing the conversation as a whole. This enables you to focus on engaging in the conversation rather than on sifting through an information overload.

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    Manage your inbox

    Manage your new and incoming mentions by ticking them off. Apply the inbox zero principle: you can mark mentions as done and remove them from the screen but not from the database.

    Search your inbox

    Search and filter your inbox in multiple ways in order to quickly process the mentions that are the most important to you. Use the visual and easy-to-understand search tool. Feel free to search for all authors that have at least 1000 followers, write negatively about you, communicate in English and are from the UK.

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    Filter your inbox

    Filter down do whatever you need to see right now. Engagor can show you only those posts made on one or several social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, a.o.), but it can also filter down to just those posts made on your profiles! Furthermore, you can filter per sentiment, influencer, type of post (comment, like) or those tags you created yourself: great stuff for online campaigns!


    Track what people love and hate about your topics. Change the sent iment manual ly in cases where the automated detect ion was fooled.

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    Tag your mentions for easier searching and for filtering the analytics. Tags can be set manually or automatically based on a certain search query.

    Instant translation

    Sometimes people are talking about your brand in a language you do not understand. Do not despair; Engagor has got you covered by providing automated translations in English that should at least give you an idea of what people are talking about. Engagor is a true polyglot capable of handling more than 50 languages.

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    Article preview

    Instead of going to the website to read the full article, you can instantly see a preview of the article directly from within Engagor by just clicking on the link itself.

    Author profile

    Click on the author profile icon to see the author profile of any mention. In fact, in Engagor you can click on any photo to see their user profile, and from there on, you can choose to follow/friend them with any of your connected accounts.

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    2. Engage = speak.

    Engage with your audience

    As in your email client, you can reply, retweet, share and like from within Engagor with any or all of your connected social profiles (Twitter, Facebook user, Facebook Page, Linkedin a.o.). When you receive a message, just answer through the same social channel with a simple click.

    Spread the word: One platform to rule them all

    Post simultaneously across multiple social media channels with any of your connected profiles.

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    Scheduled posts, Drafts and Canned responses

    Schedule your social posts to appear the right time. Save posts as drafts to post later, or as canned responses to reuse later and speed up your workflow.

    Teamwork and activity logging

    Work together in a team and assign mentions to each other. If several people in your team are using the workflow tools, we're making statistics available of what actions were done by which users, to make it easier for you to stay on top of how your online customer support is performing.

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    Workflow history

    Easily see what has been done with a certain mention. Tagged by person A, replied to by person C and completed by person D, ...

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    In detail: INSIGHTS

    3. Measure = learn.


    The conversation will be local, the impact might be global. Wherever consumers or customers have access to your products, they might share their feedback. Engagor allows you to filter information according to date, language, country and source; or any combination of these.


    Want to know what day and/or what time people talk most about you? Then have a look at the timeline metrics where you can see what day/time is best for pushing out communication.

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    Websites and Pages

    "Websites" and Pages is about the sites where conversations are held. Key data include tag clouds from social bookmarking-sites, traffic data and number of mentions your brand generates. Important stuff jumps to the eye.

    Photos and Videos

    "An image is worth a thousand words". Engagor analyzes verbal and visual references to your searches. In the photo & video-sections, we focus on visuals, recently referred to in relation to your profile. We do so by analyzing the major video- and or picture-sharing sites, scanning Twitter and Facebook, auto-expanding short url's and much