Engagement Is The Future Of Branding - Brian Solis (Social Fresh WEST 2013)

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PowerPoint Presentation @BrianSolisprincipal analyst & authorThe Human Algorithm is the confluence of data science and digital anthropology MEET GENERATION-CYou are now marketing to an audience with an audience of audiences Creative must engage and trigger a social effectSee the world differently, not just for what it is but also for what it could be.You are now competing forATTENTIONAND RELEVANCE10Credit: CRWgraphicsThere is no one way to reach one audience. And each channel cannot rely on one click pathhttp://www.crwgraphics.com/multi-channel-marketing-cross-media-marketing-services.htm12Your business is structured around a different breed of consumerism. Going social, mobile and local get you closer, but not close enough to reach your connected customerCredit: Tronvig GroupPersona: An imaginary person with a name, history, and story who has a way of doing things. A persona should have enough psychological detail to allow you to take the personas view and see your products and services from her perspective. http://www.tronviggroup.com/customer-personas-what-sally-can-show-you/14Credit: Peter Gentsch, B.I.G.Personas are real people who can be brought to life by studying social data and behavior http://www.crwgraphics.com/multi-channel-marketing-cross-media-marketing-services.htm15Source: The New Multi-Screen World, Google, 2012 Consumers start on their PC but continue usage on mobile devicesStimulusZero Momentof TruthFirst Momentof TruthSecond Momentof TruthUltimate Momentof TruthAwarenessSocialDiscoveryConsiderationto PurchaseExperienceSharedExperienceUMOT -> ZMOT: Shared expressions form trusted impressionsShared experiences affect every moment of truthStimulusZero Momentof TruthSource: Whats the Future of Business Brian Solis & @gapingvoidSource: Google/Shopper Sciences, Zero Moment of Macro Study, Apr 2011 www.google.com/think/insightsShoppers rely on 10+ sources to make decisions TWICE as many as the previous yearSocial Feeds = Information DiscoveryQ2 When you were considering purchasing [PRODUCT], what sources of information did you seek out to help with your decision? Base:N=5,00324is the new When it comes to search 95% of consumers use BOTH YouTube and Google when searching for relevant content.Source: AskYourTargetMarket Research Study, Q3 2012http://www.brafton.com/news/95-percent-of-consumers-use-google-search-youtube-to-find-relevant-web-contenthttp://www.everydaycheapskate.com/tips/youtube-demo-videos-a-hit-with-consumers/http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/163492/youtube-the-monster-search-engine-you-cant-ignor.html#axzz2H3cQpTmt25First Momentof TruthSecond Momentof TruthConsiderationto PurchaseExperienceGen-C sees the world differently, uniting the online and offline world for others to see & experience28Ultimate Momentof TruthAwarenessSocialDiscoveryConsiderationto PurchaseExperienceUMOT -> ZMOT: Shared expressions form trusted impressionsShared experiences affect every moment of truthSharedExperienceThe Experience DivideBrand PromiseCXWhether we like it or not, customers contribute to the state of our brand simply by sharing their experiences.3132TheEXPERIENCELayerBorn DigitalExperiences, services, and supporting systems that align with expectations and behaviors of Generation Cconsistently, seamlessly, across every screen in every scenario.Connect the dotsA way of looking at the relationship between User, Consumer, and Brand experiences, and how they relate to form an Experience Cycle made of up of new customer touch pointsIt is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Leon C. Megginson38Brian Solisbrian@altimetergroup.combriansolis.comTwitter: @briansolisFor more information & to buy the books, please visit: http://bit.ly/WTFBookhttp://bit.ly/EndofBusiness http://bit.ly/engage2