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  • Tips for Saving Energy in the Kitchen

  • Making changes in your kitchen habits may help to reduce good amount of energy usage

  • Average Energy Bill of an American household is minimum $2,200 per year

  • Energy saving appliances can reduce cost up to $400 per year

    When planning to purchase new kitchen appliances, go for Energy Star-labeled appliances.

  • Energy-efficient appliances may not only save you money, but may also save the environment from pollution.

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  • Cooking is one area where you need to use a lot of energy

  • Microwave oven can reduce energy consumption because it takes a shorter time-period to cook food.

  • Use lids or tops to cover pans while cooking

  • Use the right size burner and pan

  • Use a kettle to boil water

  • Dont Place Hot Food Into Fridge

  • Make sure there is a minimum fourinch gap between the wall and thefridge when positioning it as itneeds to let heat flow awaywithout any hindrance. This willsave electricity

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  • Using a dishwasher is a much more efficient

    way to wash dishes than washing by hand.

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