endocrine glands - ductless hormones released to circulation  specific to target tissues...

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Pharyngeal pouches (!)

Endocrine glands - ductlessHormones released to circulationSpecific to target tissues Endocrine controlNeural controlp.505

Endocrine glands

Pituitary (hypophysis) - vertebrates

Neurohypophysis (posterior) - from the floor of brain (infundibulum)

Adenohypophysis (anterior)from pocket of embryonic mouth cavity

Pituitary development

HypothalmusAdenohypophysisNeurohypophysisoxytocin, ADHADH - Anti-diuretic hormoneincreased permeability in collecting ducts

Oxytocin - (mammals)uterine contractions, milk ejection

HypothalmusAdenohypophysisNeurohypophysisoxytocin, ADHLH, FSH, GH,prolactin, ACTHTSH Adenohypophysis - LH - Lutenizing hormoneFSH Follicle stimulating hormoneProlactin - mammaries, behavior


Reproductive hormones

Primary follicleoocyteFollicle cellsLooking within the ovaryFSH - causes follicle to mature, growFollicle cells secrete estrogenEstrogen promotes development of endometrium

promotes LH release when estrogen is high positive feedbackEstrogen

Surgical photos capture ovulation occurring

Induced ovulatorsLH not promoted by estrogen

Act of breeding stimulates pituitary gland to release LH

Llamas: Levels of LH in the blood begin to rise 15 minutes after the beginning of breeding.

Follicle remains as corpus luteum (mammals, reptiles, sharks)releases progesterone and estrogenProgesterone continues growth of endometrium blood vessels, decrease contractionsPromotes egg layers, shell in reptiles

FollicleremainsIf fertilization: blastocyst chorionic gonadotropin which maintains c. luteumEventually, placenta takes over progesterione prodn



CGProgesterone and estrogen also inhibit FSH, LH and prepare mammary glands

At birth, decreased levels of progesterone promotes oxytocin, prolactin

Feedback from mammaries Stimulates prolactin, oxytocin releaseInhibits GnRH and FSH


Suckling feedback allows for embryonic diapauseMother has blastocyst, yet prolactin inhibits corpus luteum, thus progesterone


Kangaroo is pregnantShould I develop or not?After weaning (or young dies), suckling decreases, blastocyst can implantmarsupial breeding

MarsupialsMarsupials - most development during lactationEasier to terminate parental care

Placentals cannot readily terminate



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