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A test aimed at children who have finished 4th grade, including the indefinite article, regular and irregular plural forms, demonstrative pronoun, possessive adjectives, existential constructions, present simple and present continuous, and prepositions of place


<p>Grade __________________</p> <p>Name __________________Grade __________________</p> <p>3</p> <p>Test1. Completai cu a/ an</p> <p>2. Traducei cuvintele de la exerciiul 11 4 . 7 2 5 . 8 3 6 . 9 </p> <p>3. Scriei numerele din paranteze i formele de plural</p> <p>4. Transformai propoziiile de la singular la plural</p> <p>5. Completai cu This, That, These i Those</p> <p>6. Completai spaiile cu There is/ There isnt/ There are/ There arent</p> <p>7. Completai spaiile cu: my, your, his, her, its, our sau their</p> <p>8. Privete poza i completeaz spaiile cu: on, in, at, under, near, next to, behind, in front of</p> <p>9. Punei cuvintele n ordinea corect pentru a forma propoziii</p> <p>10. Completai spaiile cu forma de prezent simplu</p> <p>11. Completai spaiile cu forma de prezent continuu al verbelor</p> <p>12. Completai spaiile cu forma de present simplu sau present continuu al verbelor</p> <p>13. Alegei i completai cu forma de viitor a verbelor</p>