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<ul><li> 1. The Journal (TJ04): COMPILATION 19th August before 12noon at C9 </li></ul> <p> 2. The Journal (TJ04): COMPILATION The Journal 20% (the compilation is 3%) In an A4 Size White Folder (project 1 &amp;2, the journals exercise and all activities and project process and progress etc) 3. The Journal (TJ04): COMPILATION It is just a compilation.. You do not need to add any reflection Its like just arranging your hard copy work into a file that it. 4. Assessment for THE JOURNAL The journal exercise One 5% The journal exercise Two 5% The journal exercise Three 7% The journal exercise Four (the compilation) 3% Total:20% The Journal will is 20% out of the final Marks 5. The Journal: COMPILATION a. Profile Page (refer to template) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3873dsozMJOcWZWZ2JkT0lHWTg/edit?usp=sharing b. Content Page (refer to template) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3873dsozMJOcWZWZ2JkT0lHWTg/edit?usp=sharing c. The Journal I. The Journal 01 II. The Journal 02 III. The Journal 03 f. Project One; - The Brief - The Site Visit &amp; Process - The Info Graphic Exhibition booth &amp; the presentation day - The Video Picture clips of the video - The Scrapbook Journal Individual Work (Scanned ! NOT photos) g. Project Two - The Brief - The City Report document - The Video Link &amp; still images + info about ur city - Group Work The Model + board - Process making the model h. Eportfolio - Print 2-3 pages only of the webpage 6. The Journal: COVER 1. THE JOURNAL cover should be inserted into the clear plastic layer on the cover of the folder. 2. You will need to design the cover for The Journal folder as if it is a an art work. Digitally or hand made, this cover should show your experience both in Janda Baik and the city Kuala Lumpur. You can do photo montage. 3. The on the front cover it should have the following 5 information; a. Your name b. Your Batch FNBE Feb 2014 c. Your tutor name d. A small Taylors University Logo e. Give a title for your compilation 7. The Journal: CONTENT 1. Please prepare the content systematically with tabs and separators page. 2. Please put in only 2 piece of paper in one plastic sleeves. 3. Design an envelope to place the Project One Scrapbook and Project 2 City Report. (individual envelope for each assignment) If you have a better idea please do so. 4. Please use the profile template and the content template as a guideline. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3873dsozMJOcWZWZ2JkT0lHWTg/edit? usp=sharing 8. The Journal: FOLDER 9. The Journal: PLASTIC SLEEVES 10. The Journal: TAB &amp; SEPARATORS 11. The Journal (TJ04): SUBMISSION 19th August before 12noon at C9 12. The Journal (TJ04): COMPILATION 19th August before 12noon at C9 </p>