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  • 1. EmpoweringmHealth gazellesE&Ys hypergrowth companies practice (SGM)@ mHealthCon, New Brunswick NJ01 December 2011
  • 2. Fast facts aboutErnst & Young LLP Well-known facts: Been around a while: since 1849 (including predecessors) Global: 150,000+ people in 140+ countries Premiere Big4 accounting firmLittle-known facts: Entrepreneur of the Year for 25 years & Winning Women Entrepreneurs for 4 years Heavily involved with emerging economy entrepreneurs: Endeavor Entrepreneur, EO/GSEA, EY Fellows Program, other support Google (NASD: GOOG) become a client @ 5 employees, still a client01 December 2011 Page 1 Empowering mHealth gazelles
  • 3. E&Ys gazelle preserve 80% of top-20 IPOs since and a host of high-caliber, fast- 2007 are E&Y Clients growing businesses Source: E&Y LLP analysis, November 2011. Top 20 IPOs in range Jan 1, 2007 Sep 22, 2011. We empower gazelles for success How? By superserving the client with advisory, tax, audit, transaction & other services. Try us well surprise you.01 December 2011 Page 2 Empowering mHealth gazelles
  • 4. Nurturing and empoweringthe gazelle: a case study revenue $35.8bn TTM $ bn IPO $0.35bn $3.2bn $0.0002bn Not to scale time 1999 2002 2004 201101 December 2011 Page 3 Empowering mHealth gazelles
  • 5. Tracking gazelles in the wild01 December 2011 Page 4 Empowering mHealth gazelles
  • 6. How do you find the nextinnovative market leaders? (origination 101) If you know the answer, email March of the 10,000 JohnD@kpcb.com 5-year aggregate KPIs Volume, engagement, filters Raw Volume: Kiss a lot of frogs leads 10,000 Engagement: Superserve the market before theyre clients, increase as you filter Qualified Filters: VC-style criteria leads 1,000 Pursuits 100 Apply best practices Clients 30 10 market leaders01 December 2011 Page 5 Empowering mHealth gazelles
  • 7. Gazelle hunting: cast a wide net(even non-clients end up benefiting, plus adding value to clients) EYecosystem EY stealth project #1 coming 1Q 2012 EYclient EY stealth project #2 coming 1Q 201201 December 2011 Page 6 Empowering mHealth gazelles
  • 8. Gazelles in healthcare innovation [a more refined target]01 December 2011 Page 7 Empowering mHealth gazelles
  • 9. Spotting the footprintshealth innovation trend watchTrends A few specific focus areas Outcomes-based medicine Revenue innovations Utilization incentive Outcome incentive Decentralization of POC Subscription medicine Consumerization of healthcare Tech: better, faster, cheaper Concierge medicine Sujoy Guhas 10 minute, $10 vasectomy Desktop gene sequencing Consolidation of providers Business model innovations Making Big Data useful Frequently mHealth-enabled Global connectivity Integrated health systems like McKesson and Essence Healthcare Global viralitynot in a good way Disruptive technologies Disruptive business models01 December 2011 Page 8 Empowering mHealth gazelles
  • 10. 3 cool /ideas in mHealth(a fantasy baseball VC portfolio)Does not represent an official endorsement or investment recommendation by Ernst & Young LLP. Solely a personal opinion of what David Shrier finds interesting this month. Caveat Emptor. Ernst & Young LLP may have financial, business or other relationships with one or more of these companies. Connecting patients Connecting patients Connecting all and doctors and payers HCPs Notice a common theme?01 December 2011 Page 9 Empowering mHealth gazelles
  • 11. On a personal notemy big sister alsospeaking about mHealth in December Next weeks national mHealth conference, Washington DC Harvards Center on Media and Child Health (CMCH) www.CMCH.tv01 December 2011 Page 10 Empowering mHealth gazelles
  • 12. > Entrepreneurship starts with E.> Ernst & Young LLP.David L. Shrier Entrepreneur in residence, Ernst & Young LLPConnect with me: @DavidShrier david.shrier@ey.com 40 45 21" North + 73 59 11" West // 5 Times Square, NYC Photo 2011 Dianne and David Shrier. Used with permission.01 December 2011 Page 11 Empowering mHealth gazelles


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