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Empowered TeacherFoundation for SuccessLife today has a challenge at every step one hasso many options for every decision that one needs tomake and so much of aggressive marketing for everyproduct, service or facility -How does one make theright choice?Finding a pre-school for your child is one suchdecision a pre-school round every corner whichone would be best suited for our precious one? Thenagain, is it necessary to send a child to a pre-school?What is best age to send? So on and so forth.Dilemmas that haunt you till you have found the rightenvironment.Being associated with the pre-school industry overthe last two decades and watching the space growfrom strength to strength says a lot about the growingneed for pre-schools for children to go to as early as6 months of age the new age Early /Infant child careand stimulation centers provide for just this! Thenuclear family set-up today creates a dire need forchild care and support for young parents who need agroup they can align with to resolve many concernsthat arise while bringing up an infant.A good pre-school with an extended day is a homeaway from home and a safe haven for the parents andchild to address their social, cognitive, emotional andintellectual needs.Children inherently enjoy learning they are curiousabout everything that is around them hence absorbevery opportunity for learning from theenvironment. A pre-school provides an enrichedspace which keeps them active, alert and theircuriosity stoked!Trupti Hattangady is asenior Educationist whohas started her journey asa Preschool Teacher withh e r o w n P r e s c h o o lTeacher who was aPrincipal by then, the bestmentor one could ask for!An eventful journey of 23 years ,teaching,learning, designing, creating and mostimportantly enjoying the journey.A strong foundation in Phonics, Reading,Awareness of the Environment, Numeracy,following instructions and routines etc. in a happynurturing environment is what a pre-school is allabout once a child has developed a love for learning the sky is the limit for him!A pre-school provides a safe setting for a child tohone his social skills as he needs to interact withpeople of varying ages care providers, teachers andpeer. This helps a child to take his first step towardsestablishing friendship, faith, trust and love withpeople beyond family and home!The merits of sending your child to a pre-school aremany however what is important is that youidentify an environment that is in keeping with yoursensibilities and your child's temperament space,material, aesthetics, group density, adult-child ratio,light, ventilation and hygiene are some of thepointers that might help you make the right choice!Enjoy the process and make your child partner withyou in the pursuit after all he is going to spend a lotof time in that environment. Happy hunting!2Trupti HattangadiFoundation 5. Graciously Give Love andopenly appreciate othersYou can set an examplewhich creates ripples ofpositive change.Compliment your students.Empowered TeacherArt of Appreciation.Varada MurthyAppreciating others is an Art.It will not come naturally to all,although it's very simple!"Appreciative Inquiry", is a method of problemsolving that was pioneered by David Cooperriderof Case Western Reserve University in the mid1980s.AI is an approach based on strengths and not onweaknesses, on a vision of Possibilities thanan analysis of what is not.Solving Problems by Looking at What is GoingRightOne approach here is to focus on the things that aren'tworking, and think about how you can fix them. Thisis the conventional approach to problem-solving. Inmany cases it's the right one to use. However inothers, all it does is bring you up to the same blandlevel as everyone else.Another approach is to shift to a positive perspective,look at the things that are working, and build onthem. In some situations this can be very powerfulbecause, by focusing on positives, you can build theunique strengths which bring real success.It is an effort to bring a positive change in people.Well, here let us focus on Students.Appreciative Assessment is all about helpingstudents find and build on their unique abilities andaptitudes by providing positive, supportive feedbackwith a focus on capabilities and possibilities.Verbal praise is one of the simplest and mosteffective ways of showing appreciation.It is especially helpful to compliment students ontheir efforts, rather than the end results of theiractions. For example, if a student volunteered an3 6. Empowered Teacherincorrect answer to a question, you might explain thecorrect answer and then praise him for hisenthusiasm to participate.We have a case study here to present.HandwritingHow will you react when one of your students'handwriting is always illegible? In most cases, webrand the child and remark Your handwriting ishopeless! By doing this, do you think the childimproves her handwriting? Most unlikely.Instead, we can observe closely and find one positivein the illegible handwriting and talk about that. Sayfor eg., Shiny, I like the way you write T I'm sureyou can write all other alphabets like the way youhave written T. Can you do that tomorrow? Doyou need any helpSo, what you can do here is instead of focusing onbad writing, focus on something that is working.Perhaps, this would encourage and motivate her tofocus and put a better effort next time.One of our ITTC students, Ms.Sulthana who isworking as a Sr. Teacher for Pre-School children inone of the International Schools, Bangalore SouthsaysQuoteThis is sulthana working with Sr. Kg children inOrchids international School. l have worked withpre primary children for 2 yrs. I was too happy towork with this age group kids. So I wanted even moreknowledge to understand these kids and work withthem. So I joined "PEOPLE FIRST LEADERSHIPACADEMY" ITTC center in BTM branch . It's sucha wonderful experience for me to attend each classes,each and every class it's just boost me up and givesme lot of motivation. And I go back to school and tryto apply the things which are taught in my training.And I would like to share one such very goodexperience happened in my classroom with mystudents.Two kids were not at all writing and they were littleslow in completing the work books, but otherchildren would have completed. The main teacherwould take the books of these kids and write on thepage incomplete. I was a co -teacher shared for twosections and I had to go to this class and i movearound the class, check each child whether they'rewriting and if they want any help from me, and I sawthese two children were not at all writing. I sat withthem that day trying to tell them to write, but the mainteacher refused and said 'leave them they can't write'Then I had to move to the next section.During this period of time I had a very good classwith Ms. Nalina M'am i.e " Appreciative inquiry",M'am taught us that a child doesn't write when he hasno skill to write or not motivated to write. Andalways talk with positive words and appreciate thechild for their work.I went back to the class and saw that these bothchildren were able to hold the pencil and also writebut were scared that it goes wrong. So, I told them ina positive words that you are able to write, you canwrite, you are a good child and this letter which youwrote is correct and it's very neat. I did this for threeto four days and encouraged them, continuously.Now, they both finish their work without me sittingnext to them and also complete it with other children.Their workbooks are never incomplete.I feel very happy with this incident and I thank Miss.4 7. How to transform negativeFeedback to PositiveFew examplesNegative Feedback Positive FeedbackEmpowered Teacher 5Nalina M'am so much for that wonderful class, bywhich I could do this