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Create a new presentation using the Retrospect theme with the second variant . Save as Last_First_p03_exam_Health . On Notes and Handouts, add Date and time and Page number. Insert a footer with the file name Last_First_p03_exam_Health. Employee Health Benefits. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Employee Health BenefitsCity of Aspen FallsCreate a new presentation using the Retrospect theme with the second variant.Save as Last_First_p03_exam_Health.On Notes and Handouts, add Date and time and Page number.Insert a footer with the file name Last_First_p03_exam_Health.Type title. Change color to Lime, Accent 1, Darker 25%, apply Bold. Type subtitle.Health Benefits ProgramHealth optionsHealth insuranceAncillary insuranceSick leave policiesWellness initiatives

Insert new slide with Two Content layout.Type title.Type bullet points, with the 2nd and 3rd bullets indented.Insert Online picture.Increase the height of the image to 3.2.Health Insurance OptionsHealth Maintenance Organization (HMO)Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) ValueHigh Deductible Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)Preventive and Hospital CareOpen Access Managed ChoiceMANYCHOICESReuse slides from p03_exam_Insurance.Insert Slides 2, 3, and 4. Insert a plus shape. Change height and width to 4.Move shape so right border lines up with the right end of line under title and the top touches the line. Apply Shape Fill color Lime, Accent 1, Lighter 40%.Apply Gradient From Top Right Corner.Apply Shape Outline Lime, Accent 1, Darker 25%.Change the weight of the outline to 1 pt. Insert text box in center of shape, type MANY CHOICES.Increase font size to 24, apply Bold, change font color to Lime, Accent 1, Darker 50%. 34/10/2013Last_First_ppt03_exam_HealthOther Insurance Options

Apply a Gradient fill Linear Diagonal - Top Right to Bottom Left to title placeholder.Convert bullets to a Vertical Box List SmartArt graphic.Add another shape after Vision Insurance and type text. Insert picture p03_exam_walkway.Crop to a Teardrop shape. Apply Picture Effect Preset 4. Add a Picture Border Black Text, 1.Increase the weight to 1 pt.Come See Us!

Insert new slide with Title and Content layout. Type title. Insert the video file p03_exam_video. Change the height to 4.5. Move the video so it is aligned vertically and centered horizontally.Apply video style Glow Rounded Rectangle, and video border Lime, Accent 1, Darker 25%, with a weight of 3 pt.Set the video to play automatically.For Appointments Call:Eugene GarnerBenefits Specialist(805) 555-1020

Insert Rectangle shape from upper-left corner to the right edge of the slide and down to 0.5 inches above zero.Apply a Shape Style Colored Fill Lime, Accent 1.Type text, increase font size to 24, and change the color to Black, Text 1.Select five images at bottom of the slide. Select Align Bottom, and then Distribute Horizontally. With the pictures selected, apply a Shadow Picture Effect Offset Diagonal Bottom Right.Group the pictures. Move picture so top border is aligned with the 0 mark on the vertical ruler.64/10/2013Last_First_ppt03_exam_Health


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