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Employee EngagementStop Measuring and Start Doing 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.Alicia MandelChief Learning Officer and Vice President of Learning and Organizational Development Apollo Education GroupModerator2Join the Conversation: #ActivelyEngagedWithApollo 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.Improve engagement todaySustain engagement over time Foster employee skill-building and career developmentFuel an engagement-friendly learning cultureTarget Takeaways3#ActivelyEngagedWithApolloTips to: 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.Kami BondSenior Vice President of People and CultureCieloKaren BasileSenior Director, TalentTycoSue StephensonVice President, Community Footprints The Ritz-CarltonPanelists4 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.Stop Measuring, Start Doing5 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.@AliciaMandelSource: Gallup, Status of the American Workplace, 2013.Engagement Drives Business Outcomes6High-engagement teams outperform low-engagement teams on key business metrics22% higher profitability21% higher productivity10% higher customer ratings37% lower absenteeism25-65% lower turnover 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.2006200520042003200220012000201520142013201220112010200918 56 26 2008 20 51 2918 54 2819 53 2819 52 2918 52 3018.8 51.5 29.617.5 51 3116.5 48 31.516 54 3017 53 3017 55 2817 54 2915 59 2615 55 302007actively disengaged not engaged engaged actively disengaged not engaged engaged20 50 3015 Years of Employee Engagement MetricsSource: Gallup, 2015. 72000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142015Actively disengaged Not engaged Engaged Actively disengaged Not engaged Engaged 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.Gallup Survey: Industry Standard8Measures levels of engagement through 12-question surveyEngaged Not engaged Actively disengagedInvolved and committed, going above the call of dutyGoing through the motions, sleepwalking, not passionateDisruptive, undermining organizational culture 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.Sources: Brookings Institution, 2014; Bersin by Deloitte, Global Human Capital Trends, 2014. Engagement is Critical in Millennial Workforceof workforce will be made up of Millennials by 2025975%of employers say engagement & retention are critical78% 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.Be proactive and future orientedListen first, then act+ +What Do We DO About It?Focus on the drivers10 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.Change the Questions1. How can I empower you to do your best every day?2. How can I help you learn?3. How can I encourage your development?4. What can I do to make your opinions count?5. How can I help make your job feel important?11Replace retrospective, yes/no questions with proactive, open-ended questions.Sample Questions 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.AnswerVoteResultsEmployees answer anonymously, ensuring feedback is authentic. Unlike a survey, they can answer as many times as they like. The more input, the better.123Tool for real-time employee input 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved. 12Questions for Alicia? Submit questions using Chat13#ActivelyEngagedWithApolloCareer DevelopmentKami Bond, Senior Vice President of People and Culture CieloLearningKaren BasileSenior Director, Talent TycoSkill DevelopmentSue Stephenson, Vice President Community Footprints The Ritz-CarltonPanelist Case Studies: Key Engagement Drivers14Skills-Based Volunteering Boosts Engagement 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.The Ritz-Carlton Case Study 15@SueOStephensonSkills-based volunteering 16Providing opportunities for employees to share their skills externally Engagement Retention Skill development Professional development Personal growthSkills-Based Volunteering Drives 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved. 17Succeed Through Service18Mentoring program in 90 Ritz-Carlton hotels worldwide19Serve With Purpose20Serve With Purpose21Serve With PurposeEngage. Retain. Develop.Millennials are engaged when given opportunities to make a difference22Aligning volunteer impact with the UNs Sustainable Development Goals23Questions for Sue? Submit questions using Chat24#ActivelyEngagedWithApolloEnhancing Engagement Through LearningTyco Case Study 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved. 256 Principles of High-Engagement Learning1. Connect it to the business2. Support the learners3. Blend and Balance 4. Make it social5. Personalize it6. Make it funTycos Growth & Innovation System#1 Connect it to the BusinessTyco University StrategyTyco University aligned to 4 key priorities Sales Capability & ExcellenceGrowth & InnovationLeadership DevelopmentChange Leadership#2 Support the LearnersLearning Drives Engagement & Innovation36 Innovation Workshop Leaders trained globallyDesign Thinker / Innovation WorkshopsInnovatorsAccelerator online learning courseInnovation Overview 2-hour workshop to enable readinessExperiential learning helps employees collaborate to innovate#3 Blend and BalanceAccelerator Course ExperienceAn innovative, award-winning approach: making learning fun, engaging and effective. Developed for Apollo Education Group by IDEO, a leading international design and innovation firm. Example: Innovators AcceleratorTurnkey course created with 3 of the worlds foremost experts on innovation.#6 Make it Fun#5 Personalize It #4 Make it SocialResults at Tyco Course completion rate: 100% Duration of student engagement with content and other participants: All 7 weeks Average Impact Score: 587 Average Skills Tracker Score: >70% of maximum Net Promoter Score for Cohort: 802822242929Questions for Karen? Submit questions using Chat33#ActivelyEngagedWithApolloCareer Development in an Engagement Culture 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved. 34Cielo Case Study 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved. 35When you have a great culture,engaged employees invest discretionary effort in innovation and delight your customers.36WE BECOME YOUHITOP37WE BECOME YOUHighGround Employee Engagement Platform38PeopleDataEmployee expectations are changing39Performance ReviewsContinuous FeedbackServiceAwards Real-time RecognitionAnnualSurveysPulseSurveysCascadingGoalsAgileGoalsComplicated SoftwareConsumerFeel40WE BECOME YOU 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved.41Start Doing! Invest in relevant employee development Provide training that helps employees be more impactful in their jobs Boost employee capabilities, which boosts performance, recognition and value Empower employees to be problem solversQuestions for Kami? Submit questions using Chat42#ActivelyEngagedWithApollo43TrainingDegreesCoursesInnovative Learning & Development CapabilitiesGlobal Learning Knowledge Talent Management ExpertiseEmpowering Working LearnersJoin the conversation: #ActivelyEngagedWithApolloVisit Apollo.edu/APDThank you!Access the webinar for 90 days using emailed link (provided in 48 hours)Share the link with colleagues and social media groupsContact us at Apollo.edu/ContactAPDStay Connected 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved. 44Visit InnovatorsAccelerator.comThank you! 2016 Apollo Education Group. All rights reserved. 45Thank You!