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According to the most recent Gallup survey "State of the American Workplace," the results have surprised and disturbed many who take the time to read it. This survey provides a vast amount of data from more than 350,000 respondents over a three-year period, shedding fascinating high-level light on how Americans feel about their jobs. What's the big picture? Gallup estimates the percentage of actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $450-550 billion each year in lost productivity. This webinar will shed light on these results and take the next step in understanding why and how we can solve this very serious problem in America's workplace.


  • 1. Nadia HamdanMarketing AnalystEmployee Disengagementdo you passthe test?EmployeeDisengagement:Do you pass thetest?

2. AgendaState of the American WorkplaceRoot Cause of Employee DisengagementHistory Lesson: Frederick Taylor7 Habits of Highly Disengaged EmployeesSolutions for Disengagement 3. State of the American Workplace30%52%18%EngagedDisengagedActively DisengagedChayes, Michael. "How Can We Solve the Employee Disengagement Problem?" Fast Company. 26 June 2013. Web. 4. Employee Disengagement imagine a crew teamout on the Potomac Riverwhere three people arerowing their hearts out,five are taking in thescenery, and two aretrying to sink the boat. 5. Gallups State of the American WorkplaceMore educated, but not more engaged.Women are more engaged than men.Remote workers are more engaged.Too few brand ambassadors.Engagement by generation.Employee engagements overall effect on bottom line.Lipman, Victor. "Surprising, Disturbing Facts From The Mother Of All Employee Engagement Surveys." Forbes. 23 Sept. 2013. Web. 6. Why are we failing?Arent peoplecurious abouthow youmanage tocreate tens ofmillions ofdisaffectedemployees? 7. Root Cause of DisengagementA lot of leaders understand the essential importance of improvingengagement, says Harter, just not enough of them. Many peoplesee the macro engagement numbers and dismiss them as notrelating to them or their firm. But when you show anorganization their own results, it tends to shockthem. And thats when they tend to want to dosomething to correct it. 8. Culture of BusinessWe maintain a belief ina division betweenwhat is personal andwhat is businessThe irony is that we askpeople to be role playersduring their work day andnot who they fully are ashuman beings, but thenwere perplexed andconcerned when most ofthem feel disengaged fromtheir organizations. 9. Culture of BusinessMorgan, Jacob. "This Is The Single Greatest Cause Of Employee Disengagement." Forbes. 13 Oct. 2014. Web. 10. Its not all your managers faultIf theresemployeedisengagement,why notemployerdisengagement? 11. History LessonFrederick Taylorthe father of scientific managementMethods ofStandardizationImproved IndustrialProductivityDark Side to TaylorsMethods 12. Taylors PhilosophyThe mental work of planningand control was something onlya manager had the ability for,while the worker was justresponsible for executing thework plan as given to him.WORKER-DOERS MANAGEMENT-THINKERS 13. Why It Doesnt WorkWithout intending to, wemay keep reinforcing asystem that deprivesemployees of proper creditfor their own capacity forself-management andindependent problem-solving.Equally, we make unfairdemands on managers whohave been, more than likely,trained to play leadershiproles, but were notdeveloped to be leaders. 14. 7 Habits of a Highly Disengaged EmployeePersevere + evasiveness = Persevasiveness.Web surfing is their 1st job, bathroom breaks are their 2nd.An exaggerated sense of how evil their employer or manager is.123Scenario 1: Manager offers to take his department out to lunch, on the company.Disengaged employee thinks: "He's just trying to prevent us from taking our usual two hour lunch,that [expletive] [expletive]Scenario 2: Company sends out a newsletter to inform employees about the upcoming summerpicnic.Disengaged employee thinks: "Why can't they just let us go home? This is [expletive] [expletive].Scenario 3: Manager comes over to ask when the document will be ready.Disengaged employee thinks: "[Expletive]!" (Disengaged employees reach a point where anythinga manager does is considered pestering.)Dawson, Dudley. "The Seven Habits of Highly Disengaged Employees." Examiner.com. 4 July 2009. Web. 15. 7 Habits of a Highly Disengaged Employee4567They aren't happy until they convince the world they are right.They'll find any way to sneak out of work early.Increased interest in working from home.A firm belief that everyone they work with is incompetent.Dawson, Dudley. "The Seven Habits of Highly Disengaged Employees." Examiner.com. 4 July 2009. Web. 16. Engagement as the Wonder DrugOrganizations inthe top decile ofengagementoutperform theirpeers by 147% inearnings per share,and have 90%better growthtrend than theircompetition. 17. Getting the Basics RightMost people come to workwell intentioned and only turnsour when their basic needsarent being met. You have toget the basics right if you wantgreat engagement. 18. (1) Get people in the right jobThe single greatestmistake a managercan make is a badhire. 19. (2) Set clear expectationsDisengagementstarts with having aconfusing job. 20. (3) Give people what theyneed to do their jobGiving people greaterautonomy and controlover their workday hasprofoundly positiveeffects. It leads peopleto feel trusted, andinfluences them to domuch more for theorganization. 21. (4) Be extremely generous withpraise and recognitionPeople needrecognitionfrequently 22. Going beyond basics...Some have moved ashigh as 70%. They didntstart there, of course.They worked on it andgot there in time.12-question diagnostic tool 23. Manager versus LeaderEnsure everyoneselected into aleadership positionhas the talent to bean inspiring andeffective manager.35% said theyd willingly forgo a substantialpay raise in exchange for seeing their directsupervisor fired. 24. Qualities of a Good LeaderSome people arebetter at getting resultsand some are better atdeveloping. But, wevefound both are equallyimportant. 25. Examples of Companies with GreatEmployee Engagement Practices 26. Final ThoughtThe most substantial solutionto employeedisengagement (and manyother organizationalchallenges) would be anorganization completelypopulated with three-dimensionalhuman beingsand not avatars and roleplayers. 27. QuestionsNadia HamdanMarketing Analystnhamdan@hrsmart.comO: 972-783-3000 28. Thank youThank YouFor Attending


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