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The combination of Tibetan Buddhist Psychiatry with Taoist Psychology and Chinese Acupressure. It includes the ID of mental and emotional issues, acupressure tapping method to break neural patterns of addiction to pain and suffering, Medical Qigong and Emotional Release Dance


  • Psycho-punctureMethod to change yoursubconscious program
  • Psycho-puncturePsycho-punctureIdentification of emotional andspiritual origins of Physical pain
  • Psycho-puncturePsycho-puncture Identification of self limiting beliefs Identification of self destructive behaviors
  • Psycho-pressurePsycho-pressureMethod of breaking neuralpatterns ofaddiction, avoidance and pain
  • 3 poisons3 poisonsAddictionsAvoidanceAnger
  • AngerAnger Rage Suppression of Anger Resentment Frustration Shame, Blame Guilt Depression
  • 3 Demons3 DemonsPowerPerversityPossessiveness
  • 7 Deadly Emotions7 Deadly Emotions Worry Fear/Anxiety Sadness/Loneliness Grief Anger
  • 4 Heart Hurts4 Heart HurtsAbandonmentRejectionBetrayalChronic Disappointment
  • 6 Energy Thieves-6 Energy Thieves-AddictionsAddictions 5 Sensory Cravings Food/Sex Alcohol/Drugs Shopping/Gambling Danger Ego Clinging
  • StressStress 3 Demons 3 Poisons 6 energy Thieves 7 Deadly Emotions 4 Heart Hurts
  • Cause of All diseaseCause of All disease Lack of Spiritual Connection is separation from God Stress is not having faith in the connection to God Anger is not remembering the connection to God Stress and the resultant Self Medication to deal withstress is the origin of separation of self from God. Avoiding pain become the addiction 3 poisons anger, avoidance addiction
  • 6 Perfections6 Perfections Generosity Ethics Patience Joyous Effort Concentration Wisdom
  • WisdomWisdom Knowledge Experience Time
  • KnowledgeKnowledge Study Practice Faith
  • MeditationMeditation Still Mind Concentration Posture Effort
  • BreathingBreathing Concentrate on out breath Concentrate on in breath Inspiration means to breathe god in Expiration means to die
  • ExerciseExercise Awareness of energy flow through central channel Move energy to extremities Strengthen bones, joints, muscles Awareness of posture and balance Build immune system Eliminate toxins through sweat, lymph and breath
  • Qi GongQi Gong Chi is electro-magnetic energy that flows throughveins Gong is self-mastery Qigong is exercise that includes breathing, mediation
  • Medical QigongMedical Qigong Works through acupuncture meridians Promotes Longevity Prevents heart disease, cancer and diabetes Reverses Chronic & Degenerative Disease
  • 14 Acupuncture Meridian14 Acupuncture MeridianExercisesExercises Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong is the origin ofacupuncture and the science of longevity. These 14 exercises stimulate 14 acupuncturemeridians They practice emitting chi healing power These 14 exercise coordinate the 5 sources of energy They calm and relax nervous system calledQuiescence
  • QuiescenceQuiescence The transcendent state of emotional, physical andspiritual homeostasis Tranquility of Body/mind, Heart/mind andSpirit/mind Prevention of Chronic and Degenerative Disease
  • Prevention is the curePrevention is the cure Psycho-puncture is the Self-Identification of yourpathology Psycho-pressure is the method of breaking the neuralpattern of self limiting belief and self-destructivebehaviors Medical Qigong creates Quiescence which preventsthe formation of blood plaque, tumors and poisoningfrom self-medication.
  • Consistent Daily PracticeConsistent Daily Practice Meditation minimum 20 minutes daily Exercise minimum 40 minutes daily Breathing 10 minutes daily Qigong only 42 minutes daily
  • Blue Dragon ImmortalBlue Dragon ImmortalQigongQigong George Love is lineage holder of Lung Qing Qigong Named master Zhenwu in 1994 Book author 1999 DVD author 2005
  • Medical Qigong ClassesMedical Qigong Classes Daily morning classes 3X/weekly evening Classes Weekly seminars Monthly seminars Registration -561-502-6200 Alternative.meetup.com/673