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  • 1.Emerging Markets Or The Available Markets Narayan Murthy Ivaturi GM Global Sales & Strategy VServ.mobi

2. Emerging Markets are Driving the Mobile Ecosystem Emerging markets like Asia Pacific will add nearly half of all new connections between now and 2017 (1.4 billion) Mobile powerhouses - China and India will contribute over 1 billion Mobile Internet Users by 2015 # Mobile Internet Users in Emerging Markets > All of these markets together (US, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Australia & Canada) 3. How To Win Emerging Markets elements of a winning strategy 5 4. Strategize for the Mobile First User 1 5. Their First Experience of Internet is on Mobile 6. In Emerging Markets, Mobile is not just another screen its THE Primary Screen 7. Mobile is the first choice for all media consumption needs voice, messaging, video, music, content, news 8. Reason, Relevance & Richness are key to engage with them. Need of a Wholesome Experience! 9. HALLS IVR Aim: To engage the Youth by leveraging the Power of Mobile Solution: The users would come across a premium full screen ad which asked them to Light Up A Village With Their Breath. Results: Delivered a total of 1.35 mn clicks with 10.1% of clicks leading to a 135,701 calls to the IVR 10. Cross the Language & Culture Barrier 2 11. Consumers dont think only in ENGLISH 12. Culture plays a critical role decision making & buying behaviour 13. Regional content in all form occupies a large section of their content consumption needs 14. How Brands Have Done It! 15. Singularity in communication across fragmented ecosystem 3 16. Over 2000 varied models sold in Emerging Markets 17. Android Smartphones available for < $100 18. Communication strategies based on capabilities of different OS / Devices 19. Brief: Dove wanted to acquire new users for their Dove skin-care products range with trials. Solution: Leveraged Smartphone + Feature Phone Users hence delivered a unified message adapting to different devices Results: Delivered a CTR of 11.36% on App. Dove got more than 10,000 registrations Dove Indonesia 20. Leverage Mobile Audience Data 4 21. Mobile has more than just media data 22. Move from Inventory to Audience 23. How Brands can benefit from the combination of Telco + Network data 24. Utilize Mobile Currency via Telco Partnership 5 25. Its a cash-led ecosystem 26. Talktime is the currency of Mobile 27. Brief: By partnering with DiGi Telecom, MyEG wanted to increase their renewals for road / motor tax insurance on both smartphones & feature phones. Solution: Leveraging the talk-time benefits via Telco Partnership Results: Within 20 days, campaign led to an increase of 50% in DAR (Daily Average Registrations) MyEG 28. Advertisers Should Recognize USER is the King, understand them better Reason, Relevance and Richness are key to engagement Emerging markets are high on potential but require constant Innovation and Disruptive Thinking Collaboration with key stake holders to deliver a powerful impact 29. How To Win Emerging Markets Strategize for the Mobile First User Cross the Language & Culture Barriers Singularity of Communication Across Fragmented Ecosystem Leverage Mobile Audience Data Utilize Mobile Currency via Telco partnerships5 4 3 2 1


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