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Download Emergency Response & Control Procedure Emergency Response and Control Procedure (HSE-S-229) Best ERCP practices at RIL Jamnagar

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  • Emergency Response & Control Procedure Emergency Response and Control Procedure (HSE-S-229) Best ERCP practices at RIL Jamnagar
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  • OBJECTIVES To Contain and Control Emergency Incidents To Prevent Loss of Life Minimize Damage to Company Installations and Public Property Minimize Adverse Impact on Environment Provide Maximum Possible Safety to the personnel. Comply with Statutory Regulations
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  • EMERGENCY SCENARIOS Explosion Fire Toxic Gas Release Oil Spill Cyclone Earth Quake Flood Air Raid Product/Transport Emergency Marine Emergency
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  • Assembly points are located at all process,non process units & buildings. Identified emergency control centers along with mobile center with all facilities.emergency control centers facilities Flip charts of Major Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) are available at all strategic locations. Monitoring screen is available in the emergency control center to monitor and effective mitigation of the incident. Campaigns are conducted to increase the awareness among employees and contractors. Pre Incidence planning action plans are available for all credible scenarios.
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  • MEMP MEMP flip charts are available at all control rooms.
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  • ASSEMBLY POINT We ensure that all the persons working in the area know the nearest ASSEMBLY POINT and ESCAPE ROUTE.
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  • EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION MATRIX Shift Fire Manager Fire Control Room SSM Fire Chief/Dy. Fire Chief Utility C/R Shift in Charge Medical HSEF - Chief Plant Control Room (Panel Officer 1) Process Emergency Noticed in the Plant/Field Input from emergency site through F&G,VHF, PA system, Hotline, Telephone, Manual call point or messenger Plant Control Room (Panel Officer 2) PM/HOD Sector Chief Shift Maint. Technician (Mech./Elec./ Inst.) Emergency Maint. Crew E&M Chief Lead Mech Manager Lead Elect. Manager Lead Inst. Manager Lead Maintenance Sector Chiefs (Mech., Elect., Inst., Civil) Site President CECR Members (HSEF / PR / Commercial / CES / CTS /HR/IT Materials Security P&M Chief Civil maintenance chief Shift Superintendent Shift Field Engineer Plant HR Coordinator
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  • Emergency Response & Control Procedure LEVEL-2 ORGANISATION
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  • FACILITIES AT MECC Radios Personal Computer Marker Boards Meteorological Instruments Flame proof torches Self Contained breathing apparatus-6nos First Aid boxes Important Telephone Numbers Layout Drawings of Site MSDS Location of Safe Assembly points Potable water and adequate cool Drinks
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  • PRE INCIDENT PLANNING Details of Incident Detection of Incident Fuel Supply Reduction Measures Consequence Analysis Safe working area for fire fighting Fire fighting Action plan Resources Quantification Transport Arrangement for Emergency Teams Checklist for Emergency Management Major elements of PIPA are
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  • PRE INCIDENT PLANNING Sample PIPA scenario considered as a case study is presented for Major Fire in Fractionator bottom re-circulation pump strainer in Coker Complex
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