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Emergency Evacuation Action Plan


Responsible Officials:Kevin MyersEric KingJack DillonTed Garner

Area/Floor MonitorsSteve Butler- Shop and Production OfficeKevin Myers- All areas including main officeDesignated Officials


The Emergency plan in its entirety is maintained and kept in the front officeMaintained by: Compliance officersEvacuation Charts/ MapsPosted throughout facility within work areasMaster copies kept with Emergency Action PlanEvacuation Plan


Evacuation Maps/RoutesEmergency/ Manual Shut-off locations are marked on maps within their area. They are located in front of, & within, Building 1.Emergency ExitsPrimary routeSecondary routesLocations of Fire ExtinguishersMaps contain the following information:

Designated assembly area is located in the West parking lot at the edge of the propertyEvacuated occupants must remain at the assembly area to await the designated official to perform an accurate head count, or role callOnly after a competent authority announces it is safe to reenter should individuals leave the evacuation areaEmergency Evacuation Area

Emergency Evacuation Area

Electric: Southern California EdisonWater: Golden State WaterGas: The Gas CompanyTelephone Company: Verizon CaliforniaLos Angeles CountyFIRE DEPARTMENT:9-1-1PARAMEDICS:9-1-1AMBULANCE:9-1-1POLICE:9-1-1FEDERAL PROTECTIVE SERVICE: (AKA: HOMELAND SECURITY)(213) 894-3264POISON CONTROL: (800) 222-1222

In Case Of Emergency Phone NumbersUtility Companies List:Always dial 9-1-1 first. If instructed to do so, Utility Emergency numbers can be located within the Emergency Action Plan.


Medical EmergencyFire EmergencyChemical SpillExtended Power OutageOthers: Natural disasters Emergency Reporting And Evacuation ProceduresThe Following Procedures Are Covered:

Call 9-1-1The following information will need to be provided:Nature of the medical emergency Is the victim conscience?Is the victim breathing?What injury did the victim sustain?Location of the emergencyAddress of business, Building number, &/or Room designationYour name and phone number from which you are callingDo Not Move the victim unless Absolutely Necessary

Medical Emergency

Fire EmergencyNotify the Fire Department by dialing 9-1-1Notify designated officials:Voice communication (yelling)Phone Paging/ Intercomradio or other (jumping around signaling) Only fight the fire if:Fire Dept. has been notifiedThe fire is small and not spreading It is possible to escape through the nearest exitFire extinguisher is in working condition and you have been trained on their use

When a fire is discovered:

Fire Emergency continuedLeave the building using designated escape routesAssemble at the Emergency Evacuation AreaRemain outside until a designated official announces it is safe to reenter

Upon being notified about a Fire Emergency,Occupants must:

Area/Floor MonitorsEnsure all employees are evacuated from areasReport problems to Emergency Coordinator at Evacuation AreaShut-off utilities manuallyCoordinate evacuationPerform role call at Evacuation AreaLocate missing persons & determine rescue methodsMeet with Fire Dept. to relay necessary informationPerform assessment and coordinate forecast or closing proceduresDesignated OfficialsFire Emergency continued


Unnecessary electrical equipment and appliances should be turned offUpon Restoration of power and heatBring up electronic equipment to ambient temperatures before energizingExtended Power Loss

It is important to know the locations of the following:Spill containment & Security EquipmentBuilding 5: Chemical StoragePersonal Protective EquipmentMaintenance DepartmentMSDS: Material Safety Data SheetsProduction OfficeChemical SpillSpill Cleanup Company:Ecology Control IndustriesMontclair, CA(909) 625-6645

Notify Designated OfficialIf toxic fumes are present, secure the areaDeal with the spill in accordance with MSDSWear proper personal protection equipmentReview general clean-up proceduresChemical Spill continuedNotify Designated OfficialContain the spillSecure the AreaClean area ONLY if trained to do soCall Medical Emergency number if personnel is injuredCall Spill Clean up CompanyEvacuateLarge Chemical Spill ProcedureSmall Chemical Spill Procedure

Earthquake:Await instructions from designated officialKeep clear of potential hazardsAssist those who are disabled to a safe placeEvacuate only if instructedFlooding: If indoors:Be prepared to evacuate as directed by designated officialFollow evacuation routes If outdoors:Climb to high ground and stay thereAvoid walking or driving through floodwaterIf vehicle stalls, abandon it & climb to higher groundSevere Weather and Natural Disasters

Critical OperationsSpecially Assigned PersonnelRemain on-sitePerform critical operations as instructed by the designated official only in the work area assignedIn the case where an emergency situation will not permit ANY personnel to remain at facility, the designated official or assigned personnel shall notify appropriate individuals as backup.Refer to contact list within Emergency Action Plan


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