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Diving Emergency Action Plan


<p> Emergency Action Plan (EAP)When an injury occurs, an EAP should be activated immediately if the injured person: Is not breathing Does not have a pulse Is bleeding profusely Has impaired consciousness Has injured the back, neck or head Has a visible major trauma to a limb</p> <p>Roles and responsibilitiesCharge person Clear the risk of further harm to the injured person by securing the area and shelter the Injured person from the elements. Designate who is in charge of the other participants. Protect yourself (wears gloves if he/she is in contact with body fluids such as blood). Assess ABCDs (checks the airway is clear, breathing is present, a pulse is present, and There is no major bleeding). Wait by the injured person until EMS arrives and the injured person is transported. Fill in a accident report form.</p> <p>Call person</p> <p> Call for emergency help. Provide all necessary information to dispatch (e.g. facility location, nature of injury, What, if any first aid has been done). Clear any traffic from the entrance/access road before ambulance when it arrives. Wait by the driveway entrance to the facility to direct the ambulance when it arrives. Call the emergency contact person listed on the injured persons medical profile.</p> <p> Table of contents 1. Emergency Action Plan Checklist2. Immediate first aid3. Emergency services and what to say4. Emergency information5. Steps to follow when an injury occurs6. Signs &amp; symptoms with their treatment7. Lost or missing diver(s) procedures</p> <p> Emergency Action Plan ChecklistAccess to ____ Mobile phone, battery well charged ____ Suitable first aid kit ____ Oxygen ____ Accurate directions to site ____ Pure water/ vinegar/ acetic acid ____ Emergency blanket ____ Plastic bags ____ Fruit juice/ sweetsFirst Aid Kit ____ Barriers: Latex or vinyl gloves, pocket mask. ____ Sterile gauze/ non adherent, dry pads. ____ Clinging rolled/ adhesive bandages/ tape. ____ Antibiotics: aspirin ____ Bandage scissors, tweezers, needleParticipant information ____ Personal profile forms ____ Emergency contacts ____ Medical profilesPersonnel information ____ Person in charge is identified ____ Call person is identified ____ Assistants (charge and cell persons) are identified Immediate first aid when victim is out of the water(Treatment is the same for suspected lung-expansion injury or decompression sickness.)Step 1: Lay the victim on their back and keep them from moving</p> <p>Step 2: Monitor ABCDS</p> <p>Step 3: Contact EMS</p> <p>Step 4: If the victim is conscious, calm him or her</p> <p>Step 5: Keep the victims airway open</p> <p>Step 6: If the victim is unconscious, check for breathing againa. If not breathing, confirm not responsive and not breathing state(if not done yet, send somebody quickly to cell EMS)b. Administer two emergency breaths and proper CPR Give 30 compressions of sternum then two breaths, repeat indefinitely until EMS arrives ( if you have two rescuers DELEGATE) Do compressions at a rate of 100 per minute for adults Administer 100% oxygen through continuous-regulator (15L) with the pocket mask system while administering two emergency breathsStep 7: If victim is conscious &amp; breathing, administer 100% oxygen through demand- regulator valve system (Keep oxygen flowing smoothly until EMS arrives)</p> <p>Step 8: Protect victim from excessive heat, cold.</p> <p>Step 9: If a spinal injury is to be suspected, maintain the line head-neck-body and keep it immobilize for the whole EFR.</p> <p>Step 10: Arrange for immediate evacuation when EMS arrives.Emergency Services and What to say ?At sea All incidents: Coastguard By VHF CH16 or phone 999 Lives in immediate danger: Mayday (distress button) Decompression illness: Pan PanOn land Decompression illness: BHA/RN Divers helpline England, Wales, Northern Ireland: 07831 151523 Scotland: 0845 408 6008 Near drowning: Ambulance 999 or 112 Lost diver: Coastguard/Police 999 or 112</p> <p>EMS Communication script Hay, my name is and Im calling you from the following phone number&lt; give the phone number you call with&gt;. Im calling you for an emergency. We have &lt; give nature of the problem, illness or accident&gt;. We are at . We have &lt; give number of victim/patient&gt; and there state are . For now, we have done . </p>