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  • 1. 10th Embraer DayEmbraerDefense Systems Orlando Jos Ferreira NetoExecutive Vice PresidentDefense Market March, 2010

2. Forward Looking StatementThis presentation includes forward-looking statements or statements about events or circumstanceswhich have not occurred. We have based these forward-looking statements largely on our currentexpectations and projections about future events and financial trends affecting our business and ourfuture financial performance. These forward-looking statements are subject to risks, uncertainties andassumptions, including, among other things: general economic, political and business conditions, bothin Brazil and in our market.The words believes, may, will, estimates, continues, anticipates, intends, expects andsimilar words are intended to identify forward-looking statements. We undertake no obligations toupdate publicly or revise any forward-looking statements because of new information, future events orother factors. In light of these risks and uncertainties, the forward-looking events and circumstancesdiscussed in this presentation might not occur. Our actual results could differ substantially from thoseanticipated in our forward-looking statements. EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 2 3. Retrospective Embraer Defense in 2009 Important contracts with the Brazilian Ministry of Defense KC-390 Program with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) A-4 Modernization Program with the Brazilian Navy Super Tucano 100th production aircraft delivered to FAB First deliveries to the Dominican and Chilean Air Forces New contracts for two undisclosed customers (9 aircraft) Deliveries of all Phenom 100 (four aircraft) contracted by thePakistan Air Force Delivery of the two Brazilian presidential aircraft (E190PR) First flight of the AMX prototype #1 in the A-1M program Customer Services business expansion Sales of US$ 1.6 billion and revenues of US$ 499 millionA very special year for Embraer Defense with excellent results A very special year for Embraer Defense with excellent results and significant achievementsand significant achievementsEMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 3 4. Embraer Defense Products and Services ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance andAdvanced Training and Light AttackReconnaissance) Transport of authoritiesModernization ProgramsMilitary Tactical TransportSystems and ServicesEMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION4 5. Super Tucano Deliveries to FAB A-29 (FAB designation)FAB Single and twin-seat versionsBrazilian Air Force 99 firm orders 85 already delivered Ref.: 12/Mar/2010 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 5 6. Super Tucano to Export Market Delivering on time Colombian Air ForceChilean Air Force 25 aircraft12 aircraft All delivered4 already deliveredDominican Air ForceEcuadorian Air Force 8 aircraft24 aircraftRef.: 12/Mar/2010 2 already delivered 4 already deliveredEMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION6 7. Training and Operation Support System TOSS: Training and Operation Support System Flight Simulator CBT (Computer Based Training) MPS (Mission Planning Station) and MDS (Mission Debriefing Station) Fully developed by Embraer Customers: Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Dominican Republic. EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 7 8. Super Tucano Firm orders: 178 aircraft Training and COIN aircraft Market Brazil: 99Forecast 2020 Colombia: 25 700 aircraft / US$ 8 bi Dominican Republic: 8 Chile: 12 Ecuador: 24 Undisclosed: 10 Prospects: South East Asia Africa Deliveries: 121 aircraftRef.: 12/Mar/2010 Americas To be delivered: 57 aircraft An affordable and comprehensive solution for training and COIN missions withAn affordable and comprehensive solution for training and COIN missions with excellent market acceptance and with promising perspectives.excellent market acceptance and with promising perspectives. EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION8 9. EMB 145 AEW&C India Embraer platforms and DRDO/CABS mission systemsMission Systems: Primary and Secondary Radars Satcom COMINT / ELINT Countermeasure SystemsPlatform improvements: Contract: In-flight refueling system Three EMB 145 platforms New electrical generation system Contract signed in July 2008 New cooling system First delivery in 2011DRDO: Defence Research and Development Organization / CABS: Centre for Airborne SystemsEMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 9 10. Embraer ISR Systems Firm orders: 18 aircraft Deliveries: 15 aircraft in operation Brazilian Air Force: 8EMB 145 AEW&C Airborne Early Warning and Control Hellenic Air Force: 4 Mexican Air Force: 3 Under development: DRDO/CABS: 3EMB 145 AGS Airborne Ground Surveillance Prospects: Multimission Aircraft India: 9 Legacy 600 Opportunities in South Asia, South America and Middle EastEMB 145 MP Maritime Patrol ISR Market Forecast 2020 370 aircraft / US$ 30 bi Cost-effective solutions to address aagrowing marketCost-effective solutions to address growing marketMultimission Aircraft EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION10 11. Transport of authorities Recent deliveries: 2 EMBRAER 190 PR (FAB) 1 Legacy 600 (Panama) 4 Phenom 100 (Pakistan Air Force) 1 ERJ 135 (Royal Thai Army)EMBRAER 190 PR Next delivery: 1 ERJ 135 (Royal Thai Navy): 4Q2010 Prospects: Opportunities in South America, South Asia, Europe and Africa.Phenom 100 Market Forecast 2020 400 aircraft / US$ 6.5 biLegacy 600 ERJ 135 The most complete portfolio delivering satisfaction and flexibility to our customersThe most complete portfolio delivering satisfaction and flexibility to our customers EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 11 12. Modernization programs 43 aircraft Brazilian Air Force A-1MThree prototypes in ground and flighttests A-1 revitalization contract underdiscussionBrazilian Air Force F-5MBrazilian Navy A-4 46 aircraft 33 already delivered12 aircraft Additional batch of F-5s and A-Darter missileintegration under discussions First prototype at GPX-CSRef.: 12/Mar/2010 Tailor-made to fulfill the Brazilian Armed Forces needsTailor-made to fulfill the Brazilian Armed Forces needsEMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 12 13. Customer Support Defense Market Material Support Pool CLS (Contractor Logistic Support) ESSG (Embraer Support Solutions for Government)Customer Support Revenue70 63605044US$ million3940 323020100 2006 20072008 2009Growing business opportunities related to new trends in support programsGrowing business opportunities related to new trends in support programs EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 13 14. EMBRAER KC-390 New tactical military transport aircraft Payload: 19 ton / Range: 1450 nm (2685 km) Contract signed with Brazilian Air Force in April 2009 Currently in Preliminary Design Phase Market Forecast 2025 700 aircraft / US$ 50+ bi EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION14 15. EMBRAER KC-390 Three-view EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 15 16. EMBRAER KC-390 Master schedule2009201020112012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Preliminary DesignInitial DefinitionJoint DefinitionDetailed Design and Certification Phase Phase - PDPhase - IDPPhase - JDP DDP Wind TunnelPDR CDR TestingLoads CalculationLoads CalculationStructures CalcStructures CalcDrawingsDrawings Partnership and Supplier ProcurementToolingTooling 1 2 PrototypesIOC IOC FOC FOC Structural Testing Structural Testing Program running on schedule, geared-up for full-scale development and also forProgram running on schedule, geared-up for full-scale development and also forselection of the main partners. selection of the main partners.EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION16 17. EMBRAER KC-390 Program UpdatePreliminary Design Phase Aerodynamic configuration definition Structural architecture definition Systems technologies definition Several wind tunnel test campaigns performed orKC-390 model for the wind tunnel testunder execution Cockpit mock-up and Engineering simulator in use Cargo compartment volumetric mock-up Section of the cargo compartmentvolumetric mock-upMain focus: risk mitigationMain focus: risk mitigationEMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 17 18. F-X2 Program Status Brazilian F-X program restarted in May 2008Short-listed contenders: Multi-role fighter to replace the current fleet of fighters (F-2000, F-5M, A-1M) Initial batch of 36 airplanes Strong emphasis in offset and technology transfer mainly for the Brazilianaerospace industry and Government agencies.Boeing F-18 E/F Super Hornet F- Embraer preliminary agreements with each of the short-listed contenderscovering cooperation in technological areas related to the fighterdevelopment, manufacture and support, and other Embraer projects. In 2009: Proposals delivered in February 2009, and revised in May 2009. Final decision by the Brazilian Government expected soon. Dassault Rafale Negotiations of FAB/winning bidder purchase contract and offsetagreements with industry negotiations through 2010.Saab Gripen NGEMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION18 19. Embraer C4I System Embraers experience in C4ISystem (Mexico)SATCOM Aerial R&D projects on-going SurveillanceTactical Maritime Patrolrelated to C4ISR systemsRadars Several solutions forCommand and ControlFighters IntranetIntranetSystem Data Link specification andMilitary anddevelopmentCivilianMeteorologic Telephoneal Information C4ISR Command, Control, Communication, Net Customized solutions (e.g.Computer, Information, Intelligence,Surveillance and Reconnaissance Link BR2 for Brazil) Data links for Embraer SENEAMInterceptors Civilian ATC aircraftVehicles and C2Mobile OtherStationsHangars Command &Radars Control CentersC4I: Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence C4I: Command, Control, Communications, Computer and IntelligenceEMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 19 20. Embraer Defense ResultsEmbraer Defense Results700650 1460013 Revenues (US$ million)505 499 13 12Participation (%)500 114003469,1103008 9227 8200 6,6 6 71006 0 52006 20072008 2009 2010 (projection) 2010: entirely based on firm contracts2010: entirely based on firm contractsEMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 20 21. Embraer Defense We are delivering to customers satisfaction