embracing adversity to reclaim your positive perspective

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My entirely new presentation provides the attendees with the following Tangible Takeaways: The realization that, despite whatever the disease, we are the same person as we have always been (maybe better for the additional life perspective) and that the disease does not define who we are. The awareness that each of us still has the power, to a great extent, to determine the course of the disease, if we choose to exercise that power. A better understanding of the emotional rollercoaster that we each go through and how to soften the curves, moving toward a “Get Over It” mentality more quickly. How to create a Plan (with Daily Action Steps) to slow, if not reverse, the symptoms of the disease, including forming your own “tribe.” Getting to the point where you actually Embrace Adversity and Reclaim your Positive Perspective. Believe that somehow, someway the disease is “For the Best” and have Faith that you will “Find your Purpose.” And So Much More …….


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2. EMBRACE ADVERSITY An Inspirational Decide Success PresentationJohnBaumann.com 2 3. TANGIBLE TAKEAWAYS REALIZEthe MANY LOOPS and CURVES in the PARKINSONS ROLLERCOASTER RIDE YOU have the POWER to IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY of LIFE CREATE YOUR SUCCESS PLAN AND PULL TOGETHER YOUR TRIBE 3 4. Legal Disclaimer (kinda) I am not a licensed doctor, personal trainer, nutritionalist, benefits attorney, yogi, psychologist, counselor, country singer, psychic, etc. BUT I AM A 100% OPTIMIST Please check with a licensed specialist before doing anything EXCEPT being happy. 4 5. WE ARE NOT PARKINSONS WE ARE THE SAME PERSON THAT WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN (MAYBE EVEN BETTER?) RETREAT - OVERBOARD 5 6. PwP Change PERSON WITH PARKINSONS think about it 6 7. CAREGIVERCHANGE THE LABEL7 8. iCareabout your health iCare that you eat healthy food iCare that you schedule time to exercise iCare that you take your meds on time iCare that you drink enough water iCare that you get enough rest iCare that we live as stress-free as possible iCare that we continue to do researchWe are iCARE PARTNERS 8 9. 9 10. Journey We are all on a journey. We face adversity. We have life-changing events. We have choices to make along the way. Its those choices that define you. 10 11. This is what I know is true WE have the power to maintain your quality of our life includingslowing the progression of thedisease!! and, YES, even reversing, some of the symptoms of Parkinsons!!! Until there is a cure, that is the GOAL.11 12. WHO?12 13. 13 14. 14 15. LIFE BEFORE PARKINSONS WE ALL HAD ONE Some were doctors, lawyers, executives, accountants, politicians, actors, athletes, even a Pope, every job you can imagine. White collar, blue collar, all races, creeds and national origins (Parkinsons truly is color blind).15 16. Emotions Thephases or stages that each of us have gone through, are going through or will go through. These need to be identified, experienced, understood and transcended. You can move beyond the more difficult stages. 16 17. 17 18. Finding Out We all remember in excruciating detail that fateful day when we got diagnosed. We all know where we were, who was there, and how we felt: A True Life-Changing Event 18 19. 19 20. Shock & Disbelief Recognizeit, we went into shock. We are human. In some strange way, relieved that we finally know the cause of the unexplained changes in us, that relief is short-lived and frequently results in disbelief. Some describe it as going through the motions, others as feeling like a zombie. 20 21. 21 22. DENIAL WE nothing to cause our illness. Parkinsons can be misdiagnosed in the medical community Then there was no definitive confirmatory test? Drugs work? No wonder we get stuck in Denial 22 23. 23 24. DAVE PARKER Former Pittsburgh Pirates slugger Dave Parker confirmed that he was diagnosed in February 2012. He had previously only disclosed the news to family and a few friends."There's no fear," said Parker 24 25. Isolation & Disclosing Feelingthat we are alone, and some of us truly may be, BUT by keeping it a secret, we may increase the degree of isolation. Whenyou are ready, it is time to disclose your illness: Your spouse, children, parents, workplace, friends. Addknowledgeable Employment Lawyer & Benefits Attorneys to Your Team of Advisors. 25 26. AWKWARDNESSOffers of empathy and compassion are likely, however, no one, but you knows what it is like to have your individual form of Parkinsons SNOWFLAKE 26 27. 27 28. ANGER We have a right to be ANGRY. You were not on a motorcycle without a helmet. Youhad your seatbelt on at all times. This is not our fault. So what? GET OVER IT Anger is poison to the soul. Nourish your mind body soul Do whatever it takes to let go of the anger. 28 29. 29 30. WHY ME? You may blame a higher power. I have been a good person. I have not broken the golden rule. Well, guess what, there is no definitive answer to this question that I know of. Just like the anger, we just have toGet Over ItLook at yourself as you one of the CHOSEN? 30 31. 31 32. DEPRESSION Inevitablyat some point you have to deal with depression. BLACK HOLE. For goodness sake, you have a progressive, degenerative, irreversible, neurological disease that likely will effect your ability to walk, think, swallow, have relations, drive, go to the bathroom and talk. Someday Justthey may have to put electrodes in your brain.listen to the speakers at this event /look around you. GHOST OF CHRISTMAS YET TO BE 32 33. GET OVER IT Thechemical issue from the reduction of dopamine or the awareness of your disease, you may become depressed. If you cant get over it on your own: talk to a friend, see a doctor, see a spiritual counselor, try eastern medicine, exercise more, eat better - just do something until you find what works for you. Uncoveringand Fulfilling your Purpose is the cure for I have no reason to live. - John Baumann33 34. 34 35. WAKE UP CALL Somewhere along the way occurs a transforming moment. FOR THE BEST Keep your blinders off: 16 words of inspiration Pick a day to start your new life and GO FOR IT. Remember: WE are NOT Parkinsons. We are the same person we have always been. We just happen to be dealing with Parkinsons. 35 36. 36 37. A PLAN Itsnever too late to develop a Life Plan. Ournew Job is to sustain the highest quality of our life for the remainder of our life. This MUST BE our TOP PRIORITY. Itsthat simple, but the hardest thing that we will ever do. 37 38. 38 39. 39 40. CREATING YOUR PLANRead the book or listen to the Audio-book DECIDE SUCCESS: 12 Action Steps (#1) ASSESS (Continual) (#2) END-VISION (PD) - DAILY ACTIONS (#10) ATTITUDE - Power (available on Amazon.com and at JohnBaumann.com) 40 41. 41 42. MY PLAN Only eat healthy, nutritious, body-healing food. (2) Lots of Greens. Organic Veggies. No animal based proteins. No fried food. No processed food. No soda, diet or otherwise. YES Lots of Water. (3) Be-aware of the effects of SUGAR and SUGAR SUBSTITUTES (4) Exercise every day inching more and more out of my comfort zone. MY TRIBE (1)42 43. BikramLouisville.comCrestwood, Kentucky 43 44. Garrett Watson, RKC Certified Fitness Trainer 44 45. 45 46. Action Steps (5) Learn as much as you can about Parkinsons: DO YOUR OWN INTERNET RESEARCH to (DECIDE SUCCESS Action Step #4 PREPARE) prepare for each Doctor visit (AZILECT STORY). (6) Put together a team of experts: movement disorders specialist, physical therapist/ trainer, nutritionist, even benefits & employment attorney (7) Live in the moment. Cherish every day. Listen to your body: Il dolce far niente. 46 47. DECIDE SUCCESSChapter 7: Contacts & Resources Youcan call it a team, or a tribe, or a village, we all need a group of experts to advise us on our best course of action. WEmay NOT be as able to make decisions as well as we once did: PD has some effect on cognitive function. Be Aware: To some degree, you may still be in Shock. I know I sure am.47 48. Social Security & Medicare Whatyou dont know, CAN hurt you. Find a knowledgeable benefits attorney right away to join your team as an advisor. Know what you would be entitled to right now: LTD, Social Security Disability, etc. What happens if you wait? Think about how to bridge the gap in medical coverage: COBRA?48 49. HowToLiveWellWithParkinsons.com This might be a great fit for those diagnosed with Parkinsons and Your iCarePartner: HowToLiveWellWithParkinsons.com In fact, you can even stay with us: www.airbnb.com/rooms/19935 or we will come to you to give you the benefit of our experience. 49 50. 50 51. Benefits (Silver Lining) Focus upon the Benefits of having PARKINSONS (YES, I said it): Motivation to improve yourself - WAKE UP Use your new found abilities: STARE, TEXAS Express appreciation to your icare partner Develop lasting friendships in the PD community Humbling Experience: Become more loving, kind and compassionate Do something more purposeful with your life51 52. Daily Actions For me, every single day: (1) Take my meds (2) Eat Right (3) Exercise (Bikram Hot Yoga or CORE) (4) Research PD (AZILECT) (5) Seek out learning and teaching opportunities at support groups, trade associations and corporate events. (6) Identify individuals who are willing to sponsor talks at support groups in less populated locations. (7) Live the DECIDE SUCCESS action steps 52 53. POSITIVE ATTITUDE In the face of all this, it is absolutely critical that we maintain a positive attitude. LUCKIEST DAY PLACEBO EFFECT KATIE CHEERLEADING DECIDE SUCCESS Chapter 10 53 54. 54 55. 55 56. FAITH IN YOURSELF IN OTHERS IN YOUR HIGHER POWER YOU HAVE A PURPOSE DECIDE SUCCESS Chapter56 12 57. EMBRACE FinallyFind meaning in what has happened. Truly believe, with your entire being, that it is For the Best.EMBRACE ADVERSITY 57 58. The ultimate result of enacting this plan is: I am healthier now, over ten years into my PD, than I ever was before I started exhibiting the symptoms of PD. - John Baumann 58 59. iCARE PARTNERS Interestingly,although you dont have PD, you go through most of the same stages. LIFEBEFORE PARKINSONS you also had a full Life before your loved one got Parkinsons. FINDINGOUT we all remember that fateful day when we found out our loved one had Parkinsons. 59 60. iCARE Partners Experience DISBELIEF DENIAL ISOLATION TELLING OTHERS AWKWARDNESS - ANGER - WHY DEPRESSION WAKE UP CALL A PLAN - END-VISION DAILY ACTIONS ATTITUDE - FAITH60 61. Quality of Life WE have the POWER to have the HIGHEST QUALITY OF LIFE that we can POSSIBLY HAVE. TAP INTO THAT POWER. 61 62. 62 63. You should laugh every day. You should spend some time in thought. You should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy. If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a heck of a day. -Jim Valvano 63 64. Life aint always beautiful Someti