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  • 1. Email Template For All Devices By Islam Alzatary @islamzatary

2. Lets talk about Know Your Audience. The Design Approaches. The Benefits. Email Best Practice. Examples. 3. Target 4. Global Statistic 5. Emails Opens by Devices 6. Statistic The Traffic 7. Statistic Mobile OS 8. Statistic TheScreens 9. The Design Approaches Adaptive Web Design (Cant Using it inmobile). Responsive Web Design. Fluid Responsive Web Design.Examples:1. E9D0283473. e.htm 10. The Benefits No Zoom. Improved readability & usability. Low risk of being caught in spamfilters. Better Information Organization. Respect Your Client(JS/EMP). More appropriate for businesses. Easy and Fast to use. 11. Best Practice (Designer &Developers) Single Column Design. Large(r) fonts. Short, clear and direct Content. Subscriber Experience. Minimal Colors. Few small images. Always use table tag html. Try Use The reserved style before use custom style. Always use inline style, there no CSS file attached. Use percentages for widths. Keep HTML as Simple as Possible. No JavaScript. Testing Testing Testing. 12. Design Example: 13. Any Question?????Islam AlZatarySr. Front End EngineerAt