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  • 8 Email Marketing Terms Every Marketer Should Know Well

    Summary: If you know why you need email marketing, nothing like it! But there are certain terms & jargons in email marketing management that you must understand well before you start your 1st email campaign!

    Description:Effective e-mail marketing management is to sound business practise and a sound business practise helps you add on to your ROI (Return on Investment) for sure. Personalised wishes or monthly newsletters, from welcome e-mails to quick notifications, the right kind of email-marketing gives an unmatched edge to your business.

    E-mail marketing management in India is on a full go with every brand big or small. No wonder your inboxes are flooded with insurmountable, hundreds of newsletter e-mails, subscription e-mails, notification e-mails, etc., every single day. Whether you have a full-fledged multi-national company or just a weekly updated blog to run, nothing reaches your potential and present audience faster and closer than emails.

    So, there are some key elements of bulk e-mail marketing management, the ones every established or aspiring entrepreneur must know like the back of their hands!

    Auto Responders Any e-mail marketing management software today has to has this feature. An auto responder a set of program instructions, (already coded in the software) that generate response mails or messages for any incoming email and shoot them to the senders e-mail id.

    Bounce Tracking An email that is not reaching the inboxes of your target audience is a Bounce mail. And as a marketer you need to have a close track of any such bounced e-mails, the bounce rate (frequency of bounces in every shoot) and the reasons for these bounced mails.

    Click-through Tracking One of the most important things to know for any e-mail marketer is

  • whether the message or the content of his e-mails are appealing to his audience or not. Click-through rate gives you a concrete idea of how each one of your emails is performing.

    Contact Database Self-explanatory with its name, this feature is probably one of the primary reasons why email-marketing is a big favourite in the industry. After all, a complete, organised, manageable database of all your leads and existing customers is worth paying all efforts, right!

    Drip Campaign Did you know, through drip marketing, depending on your business needs, you can craft an interesting story line around your brand and schedule this into a series of e-mails to be sent out to your mailing list after stipulated amount of time? Whimsical isnt it?

    Newsletter Marketing You have to understand the magic that one newsletter with great infographics explaining about your organisation, your products, initiatives, etc. is much more than any plain old advertising or promotional e-mail.

    Spam Check In a worst case scenario, what could happen to your e-mail? The answer is when it reaches the receivers inbox yet is discarded and stored as a spam. With this tool, you can check your e-mail message so that it doesnt get classified as spam, before you hit the send button.

    Survey Management A market research or a survey youve been longing to do, e-mails can prove to be the best way to get people to respond to your polls or questions. With this feature not only can you create survey forms with little efforts but you can also get automatic reports & results.