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Email Marketing Template - TopshopChloe Roberts, Bethany Reid, Eleanor Guilfoyle and Jess Loizou





Modelling runs in the family for Bella Hadid. Daughter of ex-model and reality star Yolanda foster and sister to our Topshop campaign girl Gigi, her career taking off with a Balmain campaign and walking the Topshop unique catwalk.

Justification We found that Topshop use minimal wording with around 60 words per email. For our email, we decided to use a tiny amount of text (around 50 words) as we felt that this works well with the brand. The minimal wording works well with the large images and the fact that the images are hyperlinked to the website, the hyperlinks link to the prices of the outfits the models are wearing. Topshop rely heavily on images and we feel that this should be incorporated into the email; the email works well without images as wording is also hyperlinked but the use of images increases the viewing traffic by 94%. Studies suggest that customers are more likely to buy or at the very least view a product if they can actually see what theyre buying. The inclusion of pictures in our emails are vital to inviting new customers to the website and retaining existing customers.


FREE STANDARD SHIPPING OVER 50The super model series shop the look 12 November 2015 15:48THE SUPER MODEL SERIES

Justification We chose to use the same simple layout, for example the graphics that Topshop uses including the title and font. This is used on all Topshops email campaigns and the website. We feel this is important because consistency upholds the brands image, making it recognisable to customers. Topshop also focuses mainly on using images and limited text, keeping the layout simple and fresh.