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Sarah McCredie () - Ok to add one 'about Campaign Monitor' slide?Mike Norland () - Since we already have 5 tips, let's put slides 15 - 18 as "optional" if we need more content.

Still would like to touch on "putting it all together" and definitely need a nod to "SendRoll" though open to where it fits in the overall story.Kaitlin Bernstein () - Can you make those slides? If you can just throw something in I can edit it.Mike Norland () - Not sure what you mean..."putting it all together" (14) and SendRoll (19) slides are already in the deck, right?

Just saying we move the other slides in between to "optional"Kaitlin Bernstein () - Ah, misunderstood. got it!Mike Norland () - Let's skip this slide since the prior slide covers a lot of the same materialMike Norland () - Let's put on the backburner for now, and then revisit if we think we need more content after Sarah adds her slides.Mike Norland () -

These two examples are actually from A/B tests on the website and not email.

Do you think that's an issue?

Pretty cool examples, so maybe I'll just voice over that it's not apples-to-apples, but an example of how A/B testing can make a difference.

What do you think?Kaitlin Bernstein () - I think it's fine. Same info more or less

Mike NorlandHead of Global SMB Marketing,@norland

Hey Everyone, Im Mike NorlandI head up small and medium business marketing here at AdRollEmail is always a big tactic for us, and Im a huge fanIm going to share a little bit about why I think email is so effectiveAnd then share 5 tips that Ive found helpful with email

Why all the email hate?

Everyday People Reasons:

Privacy (but its MY inbox)

Harder to tune out (each email is a to-do)

Often low quality

Marketer Reasons:

Hard to measure business impact

Generally, not sexy

But first, I wanted to address the elephant in the roomThe email hate that I think were all pretty familiar withSometimes when I suggest email as an effective marketing tactic, you get eye rolls. I think there is a few legitimate reasons why

First, reasons were all familiar with as everyday peopleIts a little more invasive to send a marketing message to someones personal inbox instead of an ad when they visit someone elses webpageAlso, every email that makes it to someones inbox is kind of like an item on a to-do list -- even if they delete it, they need to consider the message for a split second and decide what to doFinally, since emails are cheap for marketers to send a lot of -- sometimes people abuse it and send a lot of poorly thought out, low quality messages

Next, some reasons that we as marketers can identify withWhile its easy to measure engagement, it can often be difficult to measure direct impact on your business.Also, email as a tactic is not sexyAs far as I know, there is no email category for advertising at Cannes Lions festival)

Though, I still check email first thing in AM.

All that being said, its still an incredibly effective marketing channelEmail is the first thing I check in the morning(and the last thing I check at night)And Id guess that many of the people on this call feel the same way

Why email?AttentionScaleEngagementCostFirst thing read in AM; last thing read in PMHarder to tune out (each email is line item on to-do list)3x as many email accounts as Twitter + FacebookMany companies have thousands of emails in their database4% - 8% click through rate (paid channels generally 0.10% - 2%)Recipients already familiar your company$0 incremental cost per impression(However, consider the cost of resources needed to execute!)

So why do I think email is so effective?I think its important to consider where email wins in your marketing mix before you get started

First, the attention I mentioned earlierMany of the reasons email frustrates people is the HAVE to address it in their inbox. That means its harder to tune out your message

Second, is scaleThere are 3x as many email accounts as Facebook and Twitter combinedAlso, you probably already have thousands of emails in your databaseAnd you likely know a ton about those people alreadyYou can use that to segment and personalize the message to them

Third, engagement is a big benefit of emailWe often see 4% - 8% click through rates on our emailsCompare that to other channels, like paid search, and you often see click through rates that are much lowerLike, less than 2%

Finally, we all live in a world where budget is limitedEmail is extremely cost effectiveHowever, do consider the time / people resources needed to complete a campaign

MetricsNormal Range*How to interpretOpen Rate30% - 40%Appeal in inbox (keys: subject line, sender name, pre-header)Click-to-Open Rate8% - 15%Once opened, was creative effective? (keys: template, value, copy)Click-Through Rate4% - 8%Broadest marketing measure (keys: everything together)Action Rate1% - 3%Business impactUnsubscribe Rate< 1%Was the message annoying?

*Can vary based on industry and targetingBenchmarks for the full email funnel

Now, would like to share some benchmarks that we try to hit at AdRollAnd also, how I think about each oneNote: these are going to be different based on your industry and who you are sending the email toFor example, a current customer is going to be much more likely to click on an emailI encourage you to set your own benchmarks and try to improve on them

Open rate--top of your funnel30 - 40% rangeInfluenced by subject line, sender name, and pre-header text

Click-to-open rateThis shows once opened, was the email effective?I target in the 8 - 15% range here

Next we have click through rateThe metric many people use to judge successThe reason is you need to have to be good at getting people to openAND have an appealing email message to drive a clickIts also instantly available in most email tools

Few other metrics Ill talk about quicklyWhenever possible, measure action rateOr, the actual business action you were hoping to driveFor example, did you want to get people to register for a webinarOr maybe sign up for a free trial?The % of people that take that action is what helps your businessClicks are just a means to an end

Finally, consider your unsubscribe rateThis is the barometer to tell if you are annoying peopleIf you see this creeping above 1%I recommend taking a step back and rethinking your email campaign

Mikes 5 Tips for Email Success

Ok, now lets dive into 5 tips for Email successSarah is going to dive into 5 tips afterwards

Tip 1: Think design before copy

Tip #1: An approach that works for me to think design before copy

A common mistake I see is people try to fit a blog post inside of your emailIts just too much contentHeat mapping studies show time-and-time again that people skim when they read emailThey focus on visual markers like headlines, calls-to-action buttons, and images

So think about layout even before you dive into your messageThen youll have a feel for the how to form your messageFor example, this was a real brainstorm I had with our creative team We were mapping out how we wanted our Product Spotlight templates to lookAfter we had this nailed down, it was super easy to focus in on crafting a message that would be effective

And Sarah will talk a little more later about how to write the best email copy

Tip 2: Simplify

Next, Tip #2 - SimplyThe cardinal sin of email marketing is asking people to do too much.

Make it simple for people to do exactly the thing that is most important for them Then youll see much higher click rates

For example here, we used to have emails that provided a ton of options that were relevant, but side-track from the main takeawayWhen we focused our CTAs we got much better resultsLess options actually got more clicks

Its important to resist the urge to provide a bunch of off-ramps from your core ideaYou only have a split-second to land your messageMake it easy and clear!Try it out and see how your click through and action rate % improve.

Version B: +12% Open rateVersion B: +13% Open rateTip 3: Think about your sender nameTEST 1:

A. From: AdRollB. From: Matt SaydahTEST 2:

A. From: Matt SaydahB. From: Matt Saydah, AdRollAdditional Ideas:

Company - AdRollCompany newsletter - AdRoll BlogCompany department - AdRoll SupportTeam member name - Matt SaydahTeam member name and title - Matt Saydah, CEOTeam member name and company - Matt Saydah, AdRollTeam member first name only - MattTeam member first name and company - Matt from AdRoll

Okay, lets move on to tip #3Think about your sender namePeople really frequently A/B test subject linesBut WHO the email comes from also has a big impactMost email tools let you adjust the sender name

Heres a test that we ran at AdRollFirst test, we tried our company name vs. an employee nameWe saw a 12% bump in opens with a person's name!

Next, we moved on test some contextHow did it work when we used that persons name, and also shared they were from AdRoll?Another 13% in open rate!

Here are some additional ideas you can useSend from a specific department at your companyInclude a persons titleUse first name onlyTheres a ton of options

I recommend sequential testing like we didThen you can find out what works best,Then roll out that same format to the rest of your email campaigns

Example subject lines:A: Testing for success: Top tips for unlocking revenueB: Soooodo you like testing things?C: Subject Line: Test B

Tip 4: Look beyond open rate in subject line tests

Tip #4While were on the subject of A/B testingI want to encoura