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  • Email Deliverability

  • DeliverabilityWhat is a delivered Email?No Set definition

    For some it means:

    The email left their servers

    The email was delivered to the recipients server

    The email was delivered to the recipients inbox

  • DeliverabilityWhat is the definition of SPAM?CAN-SPAM definition: Non-solicited marketing email

    Our definition: Emails that have been sent without the specific request to receive it from the sender

    The real definition: Whatever the recipient thinks it is

  • Where does the process Break down?

  • DeliverabilityHow do I get my email into the Inbox?ReputationThe servers that are sending the emailsWe have complete control over thatContentThe stuff in the emailsYou have control over thatEngagementAre the people opening, clicking, whitelistingYou have some control over that

  • DeliverabilityHow many emails did Infusionsoft deliver last week?


    Week ending March 23, 2012

  • DeliverabilityReputationMonitoring

    3Rd party verification

    3 Strike Policy

    Getting rid of problem clients

  • DeliverabilityStats for last week

    Single Opt-inDouble Opt-inTransactionalAttempted46,743,0899,237,601524,559Successful46,425,6759,201,379523,517Reputation Blocks317,41436,2221,042Deliverability99.32%99.61%99.80%

  • DeliverabilitySome of the complaints weve seenI never asked for this (consent)

    I dont remember asking for this (age of opt-in)

    They send me a million emails! (frequency expectations)

  • DeliverabilityContentAlways use email confirmationUse a check box on all web forms to obtain permission to emailSend a re-opt in email every 6-12 monthsDont just send blastsSet frequency expectation at time of lead capture or in the first email

  • PolicyPermission Based E-mailEvery contact must agree to receive email from their companyNo purchased lists (this includes bartered, traded and rented)Permission is given, not impliedA product purchase is not permissionAttending a webinar or live event is not permissionPurchasing similar products or services is not permission

  • PolicyPermission?

    Only for the download. No other permission is given by the recipient.

  • PolicyPermission?

    Only for the 3 videos being promised

  • Policy

    This is permission to send a video and additional information.

  • ThrottlingWhat is it?Throttling is a service IS provides to help minimize SPAM complaints and protect all of our sendersHow does it work?Newly imported/Cold list (not emailed in last 4 mos.)IS sends to random portion (800-1200 depends on size)Waits 4 hrs. and checks SPAM Complaint rateLess than approx. .3% (3/1000) it sends the restIf higher, batch stopped and email sent to alert senderIf there are warm and cold emails in the same batch, all of the warm sent, then the cold follow process above

  • ThrottlingWhat does it mean to the user?IS is concerned about protecting their reputation

    Senders need to have clean importsRemove opt-outsRemove complaintsRemove bounces

    They need to pay attention when they send a batchIt will display that a batch will be throttledIt will tell them when the balance will be released/stopped

  • ThrottlingWhat does it mean to the user cont

    Be careful about sending time sensitive emails as a first send

    They should take advantage of the try again buttonIt will send to another small portion If the complaint rate is below .3% (3/1000) is releases the batchIf the complaint rate is high, the batch is stoppedAnother email is sent to notify the sender

  • ThrottlingWhat can I do if my broadcast gets stopped?Do not grab the list and send it againEveryone who got it the first time gets it againIt doesnt help address the possible causes of complaintsTry and determine whyGo to to see common causesStudy complaints and opt-outs. What can you learn?Segment the listAge of contactsLead sourceCustomer/ non-customer

  • ThrottlingCommon reasons for high complaints.Length of time since last contactA sudden change in sender or subject Content was not what the recipient was expectingContent is now making it to their inbox instead of the SPAM/Junk folder The imported list included people who had previously opted-out/complained (don't laugh, it happens a lot)The recipient didn't ask for email The list is purchased (One more time for clarity, this is absolutely cause for termination)

  • PolicyISP Complaint RatesThe current industry acceptable complaint rate is 1/10th of a percent, .1%, .01, or 1/1000ISPs calculate this based on the number of complaints they receive divided by the number of emails we deliver to their usersSome people complain multiple timesThe reports you see combine the ISP complaints with the internal complaints (that annoying do you want to mark this email as spam button

  • PolicyWhere to find the ISP complaint ratesThere are several reports, the two best places to look are in the Email Stats Widget and Email Batch Status ReportYou may have to add two columns. Opt TypeOpt NotesThe opt type will be Spam or Feedback

  • PolicyGo ahead and sort it by Opt Type

  • In this case, there are 17 spam complaints and 54 feedback complaints.

  • PolicyOne major mistake many of our customers makeISP complaints are recorded in the system as Feedback because the recipient marked it as spam and the ISP provided us with that feedbackInternal complaints are recorded in the system as Spam because the recipient is marking it as spam directly in our system. They are also able to leave specific feedback if theyd like. These typically run at less than 25% of the overall complaints.

  • PolicyOpt-out/Unsubscribe LinkCannot be hidden

    Cannot be excessively padded with line-breaks

    You can create custom opt-outs, but still must be within the guidelines in AUP

  • PolicyIf There Are Violations?Strike policy to work with people when they have issuesTerminationBlatant and widespread abuseInappropriate contentKnown to be associated with SPAM

  • Policy

  • Policy

  • Email Best PracticesExpectations


    List Hygiene

  • Email Best PracticesExpectationsThe single biggest factor you can control

    The biggest reason people complainDidnt expect email at allDidnt expect this much emailDidnt recognize who it was fromDidnt contain the information I was expecting

  • Email Best PracticesSet Expectations (Falls into 3 categories)How often DailyWeeklyMonthlyWho fromThe company nameA particular personWhat is the contentNewsletters Tips and tricksMarketing

  • Email Best PracticesSetting and Reinforcing ExpectationsTell them what they are getting in to before they sign upDouble opt-inNot requiredIts the best way to reinforce the expectation you set when you collected the information and verify the person understood what they signed up forCheck boxesGives people the ability to tell you what they wantNot required, but recommended

  • Email Best PracticesFrequencyThere are lots of opinions about thisOnly one correct answer-As often as you said you were going to. No more, no lessWhen you set the expectation, remember that most people would probably like to receive less Probably shouldnt be more than 90 days between communicationPut yourself in their shoes and minds

  • Email Best PracticesList HygieneThe dangers of poor (lack of) list hygieneEmail permission can go stalePeople might not be as interested in losing weight in August as they were in JulyThey may have purchased elsewhereThey may not want to buy from youPeople change addressesMost dont bother to forward their addressesProbably wouldnt matter

  • Email Best PracticesList HygieneDangers cont.People abandon their email addressThrow away addressesISPs judge you as a sender based on the % of abandoned email addresses you send toMoneyYou pay Infusionsoft to store contacts and send emailGive us less, while sending to a more effective listSpam traps

  • Email Best PracticesList HygieneHow long should someone be on my list?Theyll tell youActivity zonesTrackable linksThings you shouldnt try (actually do not try)Send an apology email to people who mark your email as SPAMSend an opt-out emailSend me an email defending your honorImport a list with questionable permissions

  • Questions?

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