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The biggest task facing an email marketer is first off getting the email into the recipients inbox. Here, we outline a checklist to make sure you are giving yourself the highest possible chance of high deliverability.


<ul><li>1.Email DeliverabilityThe most critical thing for successful Email Marketing is getting your emails into the inbox ie Email Deliverability.Below we will compare email deliverability to the deliverability of physical mail (through Royal Mail). The basics of email deliverability compared to the Royal Mail:In the offline world:1. A business gets the Royal Mail to deliver their communications to a number of recipients2. The Royal Mail aims to deliver every piece of communication for the business3. The recipient deals with the piece of communication as follows:respondsstoresputs in the bin/ignorescontacts the business in order to be removed from future communicationsregisters themselves with the MPSIn the online world:1. The business gets an email sending system (could just be Outlook) to deliver their communications to a number of consumers2. The communications sent by the sending system are delivered to a number of ISPs (the bit after the @ sign, could be,,, etc)3. Each ISP checks the communication and decides if they want to deliver it to their users, the checks include:Looking at the content:o How much image is there compared to text?o Is it information our users want to receiveLooking at where the email has come from:o Do we trust this sender?o Do others trust this sender?How have our users previously reacted to communications from this sender?4. Once the ISP has run all their checks they do one of the following with it:Deliver it to the recipients inboxDeliver it to the recipients spam folderBin it and not deliver itThe recipient may interact with their emails via a number of tools. If they use the webservice of their ISP (eg theylog into hotmail), they will see the email as supplied by the ISP. Or they may use other software to interact withtheir emails, such as Outlook or Thunderbird. In this case the software will run its own set of checks on the emailand decide what to do with the email inbox or junk folder.If the recipient receives the piece of communication they will deal with it as follows:RespondStoreBinClick the unsubscribe link in the email to let the business know they dont want to receive any more emailsClick the SPAM link provided by the ISP to tell the ISP they dont want to receive any more emails from the business (if too many do this, the emails wont be delivered in that ISP)The key difference in the online world is that there are many stakeholders you can have a direct impact on ifconsumer X receives your communications: Your recipients Each ISP Consumer themselves indium online 101865 980</li></ul> <p>2. How we maximise your email delivery for you:At the core of email delivery are the following 3 things:1. Using best of breed technology2. Closely managing your data to keep it clean and active3. Using best practice in the way we put together the content of your emailsIn practice, this means we:Suppress hard bounce notificationsISPs notice if you keep sending dud dataSuppress report as spam requests from ISPs / treat them as unsubscribe requestsTo avoid annoying the recipient and the ISPSuppress inactive data, the emotionally dormant those who arent engaging with emailsTo improve reputation with the ISPsMonitor performance of all data segmentsSo we can deal with any issues before the problem spreadsNever use 3rd party email dataThis is potential deliverability suicide hence we avoid thisMulti-part messagesOur email are all sent in both html and text partsGood text to image balanceProviding brand restrictions allowGood quality email htmlEnsure we trigger fewer spam filters (plus makes emails look better in different systems)Email layouts that appeal to consumersTo reduce the chance of them thinking its spam (and increase chance of response)Email content / messages that are relevant to the consumerTo reduce the chance of them thinking its spam (and increase the chance of response)Check emails against spam tools pre-sendTo double check everything we have already done and ensure nothing slips throughObvious unsubscribe linksTo encourage recipients not to report us to the ISP, but report to usNot over-emailingToo many emails from a business has a negative impact on deliverabilityConsistent From NameBuild trust and recognition with the recipientTo find out how you can benefit from email marketing visit our website today! indium online 201865 980 </p>