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Practical advice on choosing whether to call, email, text, or chat.


  • 1.eMail, Chat, Text, Call . Oh my! No wonder were all confused. Practical advice on when to do what.Brought to you by A business phone system thats more than just talk

2. Todays workforce is swimming in a sea of communications platforms from instant message to text to email and phone. Each has a specific place in the corporate world, depending on the situation. 3. How do you know which one to use over the other? Lets take a look at best practices for choosing the right communication tool for the job. 4. IM: Instant Gratification You might IM if . A one-sentence answer will suffice: Otherwise, go with email.You need to ping someone: Is a member of your team late for a call? IM away.Its not business-critical: There are many business matters that require quick yes/no responses. 5. SMS: A Privilege Not to Be Abused So how do you know if SMS is OK to use? Give it a shot if . The message cant wait until morning The problem isnt too complicated for text messaging The person who gets it will think it was text worthy 6. Email: When a Paper Trail is Needed (Ok, not paper exactly, but you know what we mean) Use eMail when You need multiple parties to weigh in You are discussing something that has legal, compliance or contractual implications There is nothing emotional about what is being discussed You will need to be able to seamlessly access this conversation again 7. Phone: Remember That Thing? The telephone has been the go to tool for communications for more than 130 years. Theres a reason. Pick up the phone if The topic is complex You need to discuss something personal or emotional A prior email exchange didnt resolve the issue or question 8. Feel better? We hope so. To learn more about how Fonality helps businesses manage their communication and collaboration needs, pay us a visit at Our business phone system is more than just talk.


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