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  • 1. The Grande Guide to Email Deliverability & Privacy Brought to you by 2010 ELOQUA CORPORATION The Grande Guide to Privacy & Email Deliverability 01
  • 2. The Grande Guide toPrivacy & Email Deliverability Whats a Grande Guide? Why Do We Need to Understand W e know what the typical day is like for marketers. Deliverability and Privacy? After all, we are marketers ourselves. Between strategy sessions, impromptu meetings (Itll just take a minute, G etting your message delivered is vital to revenue performance. really!), and trips to meet colleagues and customers, After all, a slight increase at the top of the funnel can make a you can barely find time to breathe never mind keep huge difference to your bottom line. And your ability to reach up with the latest marketing trends. Thats why weve your prospects inbox is tied to deliverability and privacy. developed the Grande Guide series. In the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee, you can become A s a marketer, youre continually collecting personal proficient on a key marketing topic, in this case, email information through landing pages, web forms, third-party deliverability and privacy. list providers and conference registrations. Youre responsible for developing a comprehensive privacy policy and notifying individuals about how you will collect, use and protect their What is Deliverability and Privacy? data. Plus, you need to do everything possible to reduce the E mail deliverability is about maximizing the potential likelihood of complaints, unsubscribes, bounces and spam number of emails reaching the inbox. How well you do traps. with deliverability depends on how your organization: anages its email sender reputation M Y our reputation as an email sender impacts your potential reach anages lists M as a marketer. The following can earn you a poor deliverability nsures a quality database, such as where you get E score, which prevents your emails from reaching your email addresses from and how you manage bounces desired target: ack of adherence to an email privacy policy L When it comes to email, privacy is about safeguarding the oor list management P personal information contained in your mailing database. requency and relevancy of sends F This includes honoring the opt-in/opt-out, data access, omplaints from recipients C and data destruction wishes of the data subject. umber of blocks N pam trap hits S ow people are engaging H Why Deliverability and Privacy Matter Today I f youre not tracking who is active and inactive in your Email deliverability and privacy matter more than ever. database, youll keep sending emails to people who dont The first reason is that existing laws and new ones on engage and your metrics will get skewed, making it hard to the horizon up the stakes greatly for companies that understand the effectiveness of your communications. After all, dont comply with standards and regulations. Second, the more you know about your prospects, the better you will be todays email marketers are finding it harder and harder at sending targeted, relevant emails. to be heard. As a result, they need to master deliverability and privacy to rise above noise from social media, other F urthermore, if your email is seen as spam, your IP address will email marketers, and even new techniques like word-of- be labeled as a spammers IP, preventing you from getting into mouth marketing. the inbox. According to Return Path, the worlds leading email deliverability services company, more than 20 percent of opt-in email in North America does not make it to the inbox. A Return Path study found that M oreover, if youre not following regulations such as the CAN- 83% of delivery problems are SPAM Act in the country where youre conducting business, caused by reputation issues. youre open to serious legal ramifications. For example, you need an explicit opt-in to send email to someone in the 02 The Grande Guide to Privacy & Email Deliverability www.eloqua.com
  • 3. The Grande Guide to Privacy & Email Deliverability Yet another reason to safeguard A ccountability: Data subjects should have a method available to them to hold data collectors accountable your prospects privacy for following the above principles. A happy customer tells three D ata Controller: A controller is any person or friends. An unhappy customer organization that decides how and why personal data will be processed. tells Google. D ata Processor: A person under the authority of a data controller who processes data on behalf of the data SHIFT Communications CEO, controller (e.g., an employee). Todd Defren (@tdefren) S afe Harbor: Essential certification for transferring any data from the EU to anywhere in the United European Union, and in North America, you must provide clear States for processing/use. options for opt-out. T RUSTe: Third-party privacy monitoring and auditing service to ensure compliance and best practices such A s soon as a subscribers data is in your hands, you assume as adherence to U.S. Safe Harbor or said marketing legal responsibilities with regard to collection, use, transfer, practices. and the disclosure of and safeguards around that data even if your organization is using a third-party data processor. This Deliverability-related terms and principles: is a big problem for larger organizations, especially those with ender Reputation: Sender reputations are based S decentralized marketing; different de