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<p>A FINAL PROJECT REPORTOn SALES PROMOTION STRATEGIES IN ELKOS PENS LTD</p> <p>ForNew Delhi Institution of Management</p> <p>By Vijay Pratap Singh ROLL NO: A-59</p> <p>In partial fulfillment for the award of the diploma &amp; degree MBA &amp; PGDBM July: 2010-12</p> <p>1</p> <p>New Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>A PROJECT REPORTON</p> <p>SALES PROMOTION STRATEGIES IN ELKOS PENS LTD</p> <p>Under the supervisionOf</p> <p>Dr. Madhu Jasola Ms. Sayanti Banerjee</p> <p>Submitted ByVijay Pratap Singh Roll No: A-592</p> <p>Submitted ToDr. Madhu Jasola Faculty of NDIMNew Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>ACKNOWLEDGEMENT</p> <p>I express my heartfelt gratitude to several people for their direct and indirect assistance in the successful completion of my project. It is submitted to Dr. Manav Adhikari and Dr. S. R. Arora. It is a great pleasure, privilege and humbleness that I express my sincerest gratitude to all the people who, despite of their busy schedule, have happily rendered me valuable help and guidance. I am in-debited to Dr. Madhu Jasola, my faculty-guide, who helped me at different stages of the project and shared her thoughts about mobile market in India that helped a lot in furnishing my knowledge of the concerned topic. My special and sincere thanks to Ms. Sayanti Banerjee, my Research Methodology mentor, and seniors who guided me at every step of the research work. It was for their regular assistance that Im able to get all the data and findings for the project.</p> <p>Without these extended supports and co-operation, the project wouldnt have been the same.</p> <p>Yours respectfully, Vijay Pratap Singh</p> <p>3</p> <p>New Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>DECLARATIONI Vijay Pratap Singh, student of New Delhi Institution of Management, Batch (2010-12), declare that every part of the Project Report SALES PROMOTION STRATEGIES IN ELKOS PENS LTD that I have submitted is original. I was in regular contact with the nominated guides for discussing over the project.</p> <p>Date of Project submission:</p> <p>Faculty mentors comments:</p> <p>Dr. Madhu Jasola</p> <p>RM faculty guides comments:</p> <p>4</p> <p>New Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>Ms. Sayanti Banerjee</p> <p>EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe objective of the project was to find the sales promotional strategies of Elkos regarding pens, and the satisfaction level of the customers towards the facilities, satisfaction providing by Elkos Pens Ltd in pens categories products. Elkos Pens got the research carried out to find what the current trends are in the market and what the competitors product offerings are. Also, market share of different pens was to be found and the recommendations to increase the prospective customer through marketing using different tools to attract customer and increase the market share for Elkos Pens Ltd were to be given. The purpose of the study is to find out the market potential of Elkos pens as compared to other pens. An Elkos pen is interested in finding out the sales potential, and sales promotional strategies of its pens. Specifically, the research objectives are to: Know the consumer preferences towards the various products provided by the various pens in the Elkos Identify areas of the various products provided by the Elkos pens which need the improvements. Determine the type of products, choices needed by the consumers. Identify the important and attractive attributes in products, product to retain the existing consumers. 5New Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>Determine the type of pens related parameters most popular with the consumer. Identify the important characteristics that make the pens attractive to purchase an Elkos pens. Gather and analyze the future aspirations of the customers with respect to the Elkos pens. Rank and evaluate the relative importance the various pens related parameters associated with the Elkos pens.</p> <p>For this purpose a primary research was conducted in the region of Kolkata. The target consumers were of various ages group, monthly income and occupation. The total field work was done for 40 days in which a total sample size of 100 consumers was covered... The questions cover a wide range of issues including: Identifying the customers using different pens and to know whether he or she is happy with the pens. Obtain the likelihood of the respondent purchase for a specific type of pens while purchasing an Elkos pens. Determine the characteristics of the various pens features that are important while purchase an Elkos pens. Finally it will seek demographic information of the respondents. Analyze the demographic information of the respondents with the Elkos pens parameters. Predict the purchasing behavior of the respondents with reference to the location facilities and demographic information. For the purpose of this research it was absolutely imperative for me to find out what the consumers want from pens products. It was also necessary to find out the consumers profile, i.e. his age, monthly income, occupation and sex and also the current pens Company from whom he/she is purchasing. This required us to get a detailed6New Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>questionnaire filled by the concerned person. All the analysis in the report is drawn out of these questionnaires. For carrying out the competitor analysis further help was taken from pens websites and journals. A detailed area wise analysis was also carried out to find out which pen was most prevalent in a particular area. This research will provide information to Elkos pens ltd like the current market share of pens and also a detailed analysis of the products offered by other pens companies and what are the parameters through which the customer selects the preferred pens. The pens companies can also get data on prospective customers by designing its product offerings and marketing strategy in a way so as to attract more customers in the near future.</p> <p>Table of Contents1.</p> <p>Introduction Literature support Objective of company profile SWOT analysis Process/Methodology of Study Objective of the study Data Collections7</p> <p>8-14 15 16-25 26-28 29-34 35 36-38New Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>2.</p> <p>3.</p> <p>4.</p> <p>5.</p> <p>6.</p> <p>7.</p> <p>8.</p> <p>Data analysis and Interpretation 39-45 Data conclusions Recommendations Limitation References Questionnaire 48 49 50 51-52 47-48</p> <p>9.</p> <p>10.</p> <p>11.</p> <p>12.</p> <p>13.</p> <p>INTRODUCTIONPens have become one of the most important parts of the life in the world. Gifts of pens sets into different range have become traditional on certain occasion. Pen is also used in all stage of life and every time, to present sincere and seniority. Pen is regularly used for write your thought. Besides, there are many potential beneficial effects on brain by using pens. Better and comfort grip helps the circulatory system and the acupressure. Other beneficial effects are suggested, such as brain stimulator and brain storming. On the other hand, writing less quantity of pages affect on your writing skill. There is concern those person is using writing instrument for the writing purpose in a day for the 90 days thats writing become good.8New Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>Pleasure of consuming Writing with freedom and pleasure gets by the consumption of pens. It is also helps to improve due to the consumption of fact that its writing skill and concise. A study reported by the BBC indicated that using of writing instrument as much as possible: produced an increase in brain activity and creativity that was more intense than that associated with passionate thinking. The Indian pens companies industry is going through very competitive environment and upcoming changes. With the lowering of entry barriers and upcoming different product lines of pens and non- pens products. Since the financial sector reforms, Pens companies are functioning increasingly under competitive pressures emanating from within the pens product, from non pens product companies, and from the domestic and international pens markets. In this era of mature and intense competitive pressures, it is imperative that pens companies maintain a loyal customer relationship. In order to achieve this and improve their market.</p> <p>And profit positions, many pens companies are directing their strategies and promotional tools towards increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty through improved products quality. In the present competitive Indian pens context, characterized by rapid change and increasingly sophisticated customers choice, it has become very important that pens companies in India determine the product quality factors, which are pertinent to the customers purchase decision process. With the initiation of international pens companies, the trend towards larger pens market share holding companies, and innovations in the marketplace, the customers have greater and greater difficulty in9New Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>selecting one of the best pens according to their needs. Therefore the current problem for the pens companies in India is to determine the way that how the pens companies can provide customer-perceived product quality. This is because if product quality dimensions can be identified, product managers should be able to improve the customer relationship and provides the customer- perceived quality during the product process and have greater control over the overall outcome. Moreover, investigating the influence of the dimensions of product quality on customers behavioral intentions should provide a better understanding of the drivers of customer satisfaction and also help to specify measure, control and improve customer perceived product quality. Hence, to gain and sustain competitive advantages in the fast changing retail pens companies industry in India, it is crucial for pens to understand in-depth what customers perceive to be the key dimensions of product quality and what impacts the identified dimensions have on customers behavioral intentions?</p> <p>The statistical analyses of survey responses in this study reveal interesting findings. The study suggests that customers distinguish five dimensions of product quality in the case of the pens companies industry in India. These five dimensions of customer-perceived product quality are: customer-orientedness, competence, cost effectiveness, brand image and convenience. The first factor, customer-oriented ness is primarily related to the attitude and skills of the employees providing the product and maintaining the customer relationship. The second factor, competence, is primarily associated with the concept of providing reliable products to customers. The third factor cost effectiveness is associated with that how much the customer has to pay10New Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>for the pens, the forth factor, and brand image is primarily associated with the visual appeal of the pens physical looks and communication materials to the customers. Finally, the fifth factor, convenience, encompasses items related to the convenience of the pens shops locations and the spread of the pens varieties. Identifying the underlying dimensions of the product quality construct in the Indian pens companies industry is the first step in the definition and hence provision of quality product. The results of this study also offer strong support for the intuitive notion that improving product quality can increase favorable behavioral intentions, namely, WOM (Word-ofMouth) communications and purchase intentions and decrease unfavorable intentions, namely, complaining behavior. Furthermore, the results yielded an intricate pattern of product qualitybehavioral intentions relationship at the level of the individual dimensions. The product quality factor customer-oriented ness was found to be the most important for influencing WOM about the pens and customers complaining behavior, followed by competence, tangibles and convenience, whereas in the case of purchase intentions, competence emerged as the most important factor followed by customer-oriented ness, tangibles, and convenience.</p> <p>The results thus provide evidence of the usefulness of product quality research, since WOM communications and purchase intentions have been suggested as important dimensions of the concept of product loyalty. Investigating the influence of the dimensions of product quality on customers behavioral intentions should help to measure, control and improve customer perceived product quality. Hence, these issues Should be a central concern for retail pens managers as well as product management academics and practitioners. Important managerial implications and recommendations are also presented.11New Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>The Scope: To maintain and enhance the position further, the pens companies decided to have a thorough insight into the Elkos Pens. As it is product industry, which depends upon the customer perception of the product conception and their views towards the product provider, thus ,the feedback from the customers thus become s all the more important. The purpose of the undergone study is to study the Elkos Pens products and its rates of different pens To find out how an pens companies can develop the strategy for attract the more consumer to increase its the market share and customer full satisfaction .</p> <p>Problems: The main problem faced by the company was that it had a very high level of competition in market. .-The pens own product had very less market as compare to Cello, GM pens, Gigneswar, Linc and Add companies and companies (Including stationary companaies). The study thus focuses on the following dimensions:</p> <p>12</p> <p>New Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>1. To identify critical factors that influences the buying behaviors of</p> <p>individuals regarding pens. 2. To know the customer acceptance of the products of Elkos pens in Kolkata regions. 3. To asses the problem volume of future sales. 4. To analyze the consumer preference towards the quality of the product, so that the steps can be taken to maximize Elkos pens ltd pens vis--vis its competitors. The pens company wants to strengthen its customer relationship by gathering information about the market scenario for Elkos pens. Elkos Pens Limited needs to know about the competitors moves and the customers preference that for which products the customers are looking for.</p> <p>OVERVIEW OF ELKOS AND ITS BRAND NAME:Elkos Pens Limited is a Kolkata, India based company, with two factories and a five number of co-assembler, Elkos pens is a vibrant Company that provides consumers in India with products of global standards and is committed to long-term sustainable growth and shareholder satisfaction.13New Delhi Institution Of Management</p> <p>The Company insists on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business and expects the same in its relationships. This has earned it the trust and respect of every strata of society that it comes in contact with and is acknowledged amongst India's 'Respected Companies'.</p> <p>Introduction:Elkos Pens headquarters in Kolkata, India was found...</p>