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5 Steps For Financial Freedom With Elken Will it be Easy? Nope Will it be Worth it? 100% Yes! It's Easy to Quit If you work - for Money - for a Boss - for Personal Gains When things don't go your way You justify 101 reasons and excuses And Throw the Towel It's Easy to Stay If you work - for a Mission - From the Heart - For Allah, to Allah When things don't go your way You Dig into Your WHY that Makes your Cry Re-set, Re-Align Re-Launch You can Quit a Job, A Business You can Never Quit a Mission Re-Align the Intention Meter Back to Source Where all Strength, All Power, All Inspiration, All of Everything comes forth There is No Will and Power Except with Allah Victory Belongs to Allah Gathering Strength Only From Allah, with Allah, To Allah Bismillah GO! http://hazlikhalim.com/lp/peluang-perniagaan-2014


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