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Store your proof of insurance card on your smart phone. More and more states are passing laws to make this a legal form of Proof of Insurance.


  • 1. Electronic Proof of CarInsuranceHow many times have your customers been ticketed for not having their Proof of Insurance Card?

2. Electronic Proof of CarInsuranceYou can help this never happen againYour agency can provide your customers with an app for that 3. Give your customers SehMobiles new single purpose app for Saving and Displaying Electronic Proof of Car Insurance cards 4. Branded for your AgencyFree to your Insureds 5. App includes your contact informationInteractive MapsTouch to CallTouch to emailTouch to your website 6. Your insured takes a picture of their Proof of Insurance Card 7. Saves it in the form to their phone 8. Retrieves the picture when needed.Under all existing Electronic Proof of Insurance Law, this is a legal proof of insurance 9. Contact Us for More Information Or Order 800-768-0907Or Visit Our WebSite SehMobile.comClick on Proof of Insurance