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<p>STATE OF KUWAITCENTRAL TENDERS COMMITTEEMINISTRY OFELECTRICITY AND WATERTENDER NO. MEW/24-2014/2015SUPPLY, ERECTION, OPERATION ANDMAINTENANCE OF GAS TURBINES TOUPGRADE POWER CAPACITY ATSABIYA POWER &amp; DISTILLATION PLANT SITE(ABOUT 500MW) STAGE 2VOLUME 4 OF 8SECTION 5EELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND WORKSpecification No. MEW/SOCGT issued on/ June 2014Contractor's Initial and Stamp</p> <p>STATE OF KUWAIT SUPPLY, ERECTION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF GAS TURBINES TO UPGRADE POWER CAPACITY AT SABIYA POWER &amp; DISTILLATION PLANT SITE (ABOUT 500 MW) OCGT - 2TENDER No. MEW124-2014/2015 VOLUME 1 OF 8SECTION 1 Special conditions to Tender SECTION 2 General Conditions to Tender SECTION 3 General Conditions to ContractVOLUME 2 OF 8SECTION 4 Special Conditions to ContractVOLUME 3 OF 8SECTION 5M Mechanical Equipment and WorksVOLUME 4 OF 8SECTION 5E Electrical Equipment and Works Equipment and Works SECTION</p> <p>SECTION 51 Instrument and ControlsSECTION 5lT Telecommunication Network Infrastructure (Data and Voice)VOLUME 5 OF 8SECTION 5C Civil and Architectural worksVOLUME 6 OF 8SECTION 6 Technical Data SheetsVOLUME 7 OF 8SECTION 7 Price ScheduleVOLUME 8 OF 8SECTION 8 Tender DrawingsSpecification No. MEW/SOCGT - 2Contractor's Initial and StampIssued on: June 2014</p> <p>CONTENTS5E. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND WORK5E.1GENERAL ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTSPage 5E-15E-1</p> <p>5E.1.1Extent and validity5E-1</p> <p>5E.1.2Basic design criteria5E-1</p> <p>5E.1.2.1General design philosophy5E-1</p> <p>5E.1.2.2Design of electrical power systems5E-2</p> <p>5E.1.2.3Requirements due to the environment5E-3</p> <p>5E.1.2.4Hazardous areas, area classification and electrical equipment5E-3</p> <p>5E.1.2.5Power supply and distribution system5E-4</p> <p>5E.1.3General requirements for electrical equipment5E-4</p> <p>5E.1.3.1Switchboards, cubicles and enclosures5E-4</p> <p>5E.1.3.2Wiring5E-5</p> <p>5E.1.3.3Terminals and terminations 5E-5</p> <p>5E.1.3.4Accessories5E-6</p> <p>5E.1.3.5Labels, tags and nameplates5E-6</p> <p>5E.1.3.6Locks, keys and cabinets 5E-6</p> <p>5E.2GENERATOR AND AUXILIARIES5E-7</p> <p>5E.2.1Generator5E-7</p> <p>5E.2.1.1General requirements5E-7</p> <p>5E.2.1.2Windings5E-8</p> <p>5E.2.1.3Bearings5E-8</p> <p>5E.2.1.4Slip rings ( As applicable )5E-8</p> <p>5E.2.1.5Generator instrumentation and monitoring5E-8</p> <p>5E.2.1.6Gas cooling system (As applicable)5E-9</p> <p>5E.2.1.7Hydrogen seal system (As applicable)5E-10</p> <p>5E.2.2Current transformers and voltage transformers5E-11</p> <p>5E.2.3Excitation system and equipment5E-11</p> <p>5E.2.3.1General requirements5E-11</p> <p>5E.2.3.2Rectifier assembly5E-12</p> <p>5E.2.3.3Field suppression equipment5E-12</p> <p>5E.2.3.4Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)5E-13</p> <p>5E.2.3.5Excitation transformer5E-14</p> <p>5E.2.4Generator neutral earthing5E-14</p> <p>5E.3 POWER AND DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMERS5E-165E.3.1General5E-165E.3.2Transformer type and rating5E-16Specification .No, MEW/SOCGT-2iContractor's Issued on June 2014 Initial and Stamp</p> <p>5E.3.3Construction features5E-17</p> <p>5E.3.3.1Windings5E-17</p> <p>5E.3.3.2Bushings5E-18</p> <p>5E.3.3.3Transformer tank5E-18</p> <p>5E.3.3.4Cooling5E-19</p> <p>5E.3.3.5Off circuit tap changers5E-19</p> <p>5E.3.3.6On-load tap changers5E-20</p> <p>5E.3.3.7Neutral point circuit breakers and surge arresters5E-21</p> <p>5E.3.3.8Transformer oil5E-21</p> <p>5E.3.3.9Transformer accessories5E-21</p> <p>5E.3.3.10Local wiring and marshalling5E-22</p> <p>5E.3.3.11Oil conservator5E-22</p> <p>5E.3.3.12Current transformers5E-23</p> <p>5E3.3.13Transformer terminals and terminal boxes5E-23</p> <p>5E.3.3.14Nameplates and other designation plates5E-24</p> <p>5E.3.3.15On line condition monitoring system5E-24</p> <p>5E.4ELECTRICAL MONITORING, METERING AND PROTECTION 5E-26</p> <p>5E.4.1Voltage transformers5E-26</p> <p>5E.4.2Current transformers5E-27</p> <p>5E.4.3Metering5E-27</p> <p>5E.4.4Telemetering5E-28</p> <p>5E.4.5Measuring transducers5E-29</p> <p>5E.4.6Electrical monitoring5E-29</p> <p>5E.4.7Synchronizing equipment5E-29</p> <p>5E.4.8Protective relaying5E-30</p> <p>5E.4.8.1Generator Protection5E-33</p> <p>5E.4.8.2Transformer Protection5E-33</p> <p>5E.4.8.3400KV switchgear Protection As Existing (For compliance asapplicable)5E-35</p> <p>5E.4.8.4MV Switchboard protection requirements5E-36</p> <p>5E.4.8.5Emergency diesel generator protection requirements5E-37</p> <p>5E.4.8.6LV switch board protection requirements5E-37</p> <p>5E.5 ISOLATED PHASE BUSDUCT (IPB) &amp; MV/LV BUS DUCT SYSTEMS....5E-39</p> <p>5E.5.1Generator main connections (IPB)5E-39</p> <p>5E.5.1.1General5E-39</p> <p>5E.5.1.2Enclosures5E-39</p> <p>5E.5.1.3Voltage transformer cubicles5E-40</p> <p>5E.5.1.4 Busbar earthing5E-40</p> <p>5E.5.1.5 Not used5E-40</p> <p>5E.5.2MV and LV bus ducts5E-40</p> <p>5E.6 MV SWITCHGEAR.5E-415E.6.1Design and construction5E-415E.6.1.1General design 5E-41Specification No. MEW/SOCGT - 2iiContractor'sIssued on June 2014 Initial and Stamp</p> <p>WD) PROS5E.6.1.2Switchboards5E-415E.6.1.3Circuit breakers 5E-425E.6.1.4Generator switchgear 5E-445E.6.1.5Earthing switches5E-445E.6.1.6Local control, operation, interlocks and alarms5E-445E.6.2Feeder categories 5E-465E.6.2.1Incomers5E-465E.6.2.2Interconnectors 5E-465E.6.2.3Transformer feeders5E-475E.6.2.4Bus section5E-475E.6.2.5Motor feeder5E-485E.6.2.6Measuring compartment5E-485E.7 LV SWITCHGEAR5E-505E.7.1Design and construction 5E-505E.7.1.1General Design5E-505E.7.1.2Switchboards5E-505E.7.1.3Circuit breakers5E-515E.7.1.4Moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs)5E-525E.7.1.5Contactors5E-525E.7.1.6Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)5E-535E.7.1.7Local control, operation, interlocks and alarms5E-535E.7.2Feeder categories 5E-545E.7.2.1Incomers 5E-545E.7.2.2Motor feeder5E-555E.7.2.3Bus section5E-555E.8 DC and UPS SYSTEMS5E-575E.8.1DC System5E-575E.8.1.1General5E-575E.8.1.2Batteries5E-575E.8.1.3Battery chargers 5E-585E.8.2UPS system (Safe AC)5E-595E.9 ELECTRIC MOTORS5E-615E.9.1General 5E-615E.9.2Rating and performance5E-615E.9.3Design and construction 5E-625E.9.4Bearings 5E-625E.9.5 Brushgear5E-635E.9.6Terminal arrangement 5E-635E.9.7Motor Operation and Monitoring 5E-645E.10 EARTHING &amp; LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEM5E-655E.10.1 General 5E-655E.10.2 Design and arrangement of earthing and bonding5E-65Specification NO. MEW/SOCGT - 2iiiContractor'sIssued on June 2014Initial and Stamp</p> <p>5E.10.2.1Power transformers5E-655E.10.2.2 Generating set and main connections5E-655E.10.2.3 Buildings and structures5E-655E.10.2.4 Motors5E-665E.10.2.5 Switchgear and switchboards5E-665E.10.2.6Surge arresters 5E-665E.10.2.7Pipelines 5E-665E.10.2.8 Fences5E-665E.10.2.9 Electronic earthing5E-665E.10.3 Methods of installation 5E-675E.10.3.1 General5E-675E10.3.2 Joints and connections5E-675E.10.3.3 Materials5E-685E.10.3.4 Fittings5E-685E.10.4 Lightning and surge protection 5E-695E.11 LIGHTING AND SOCKET OUTLET SYSTEM5E-705E.11.1 General5E-705E.11.2 Lighting5E-705E.11.2.1 General5E-705E.11.2.2Illumination levels 5E-715E.11.2.3Lighting control 5E-725E.11.2.4 Lighting panelboards 5E-725E.11.2.5Lighting Fixtures 5E-735E.11.3Socket outlet system5E-745E.11.3.1Single phase socket outlets5E-745E.11.3.2 Three phase socket outlets5E-745E.11.4 Installation5E-745E.12 POWER AND CONTROL CABLES5E-765E.12.1 General 5E-765E.12.2 Cable types5E-775E.12.2.1EHV cables5E-775E.12.2.2 MV power cables5E-775E.12.2.3 LV power cables5E-775E.12.2.4Electrical control cables5E-785E.12.2.5 Not Used5E-785E.12.2.6Fire resistant cables5E-785E.12.3 Cable ratings5E-795E.12.3.1Continuous and fault current ratings5E-795E.12.3.2 Voltage drop5E-795E.12.4 Cable installation 5E-805E.12.4.1Laying and terminating of cables5E-805E.12.4.2 Cable routing and segregation 5E-80Specification No. MEW/SC GT - 2ivContractor'sIssued on 2014Initial and Stamp</p> <p>5E.12.4.3Fire precautions5E-81</p> <p>5E.12.4.4Cables laid in Cable Tunnels/Trenches5E-82</p> <p>5E.12.4.5Cables laid direct in ground5E-82</p> <p>5E.12.4.6Cables drawn into heavy duty PVC ducts5E-82</p> <p>5E.12.4.7Cables supported on racks or trays 5E-83</p> <p>5E.12.4.8Cable clamps, cleats, saddles and ties5E-83</p> <p>5E.12.4.9Conduits and accessories5E-84</p> <p>5E.12.4.10Terminations5E-84</p> <p>5E.12.5Core identification5E-85</p> <p>5E.12.6Cable identification and Schedules5E-85</p> <p>5E.13CATHODIC PROTECTION EQUIPMENT FOR BURIED PIPEWORK ANDSTRUCTURES:5E-87</p> <p>5E.13.1Design particulars5E-87</p> <p>5E.13.2Extent of protection5E-87</p> <p>5E.13.3Transformer rectifiers and control equipment5E-88</p> <p>5E.13.4Ground beds5E-89</p> <p>5E.13.5Anodes5E-89</p> <p>5E.13.6Anode junction boxes and supply cables5E-89</p> <p>5E.13.7Anode backfill5E-89</p> <p>5E.13.8Bonding system5E-90</p> <p>5E.13.9Test stations5E-90</p> <p>5E.13.10Permanent reference electrodes5E-90</p> <p>5E.13.11Insulation5E-90</p> <p>5E.13.12Interference testing5E-91</p> <p>5E.13.13Sacrificial anode systems5E-91</p> <p>5E.13.14Portable test equipment5E-91</p> <p>5E.13.15Structures immersed in seawater (if applicable)5E-91</p> <p>5E.13.15.1Design and operating particulars 5E-91</p> <p>5E.13.15.2Transformer rectifiers and control equipment5E-92</p> <p>5E.13.15.3Automatic potential control equipment5E-92</p> <p>5E.13.15.4Distribution panels5E-92</p> <p>5E.13.15.5Anodes5E-93</p> <p>5E.13.15.6Protection potential reference points5E-94</p> <p>5E.13.15.7Bonding5E-94</p> <p>5E.13.15.8Supervision and certification 5E-94</p> <p>5E.14Not used5E-94</p> <p>5E.15 400kV SWITCHGEAR5E-95</p> <p>5E.15.1 General5E-95</p> <p>5E.15.2Substation design parameters5E-95</p> <p>5E.15.2.1 General5E-95</p> <p>5E.15.2.2Reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) requirements5E-96</p> <p>Specification No. MEW/SOCGT - 2vContractor'sIssued on 2014Initial and Stamp</p> <p>5E.15.2.3Substation configuration (refer as-built 400kV single line diagram attached with the tenderdrawings)5E-97</p> <p>5E.15.2.4Power Plant to Substation connections5E-97</p> <p>5E.15.2.5Substation to OHL Connections5E-97</p> <p>5E.15.2.6Terminal Points5E-98</p> <p>5E.15.2.7Interlocking5E-98</p> <p>5E.15.3Gas insulated switchgear design5E-99</p> <p>5E.15.3.1General5E-99</p> <p>5E.15.3.2GIS circuit breakers5E-99</p> <p>5E.15.3.3Circuit breaker operating mechanism5E-100</p> <p>5E.15.3.4Disconnectors. 5E-102</p> <p>5E.15.3.5Fixed earthing devices5E-103</p> <p>5E.15.3.6Portable maintenance earthing devices5E-104</p> <p>5E.15.3.7Voltage transformers5E-104</p> <p>5E.15.3.8Current transformers5E-104</p> <p>5E.15.3.9Expansion joints and flexible connections5E-104</p> <p>5E.15.3.10Busbars and connection chambers5E-105</p> <p>5E.15.3.11Future extensions5E-105</p> <p>5E.15.3.12Gas insulated switchgear (GIS) enclosures5E-105</p> <p>5E.15.3.13Gas monitoring5E-106</p> <p>5E.15.3.14Sulphur hexafluoride gas (SF6)5E-107</p> <p>5E.15.3.15Gas handling equipment5E-107</p> <p>5E.15.4Open terminal equipment design5E-108</p> <p>5E.15.4.1Earthing switches and maintenance earthing devices 5E-108</p> <p>5E.15.4.2SCADA link for telemetery signals5E-108</p> <p>5E.15.4.3Surge arresters5E-108</p> <p>5E.15.4.4Surge counters5E-109</p> <p>5E.15.4.5Leakage current meters5E-109</p> <p>5E.15.4.6Post insulators5E-109</p> <p>5E.15.4.7Bushings5E-109</p> <p>5E.15.4.8Conductors and conductor fittings5E-110</p> <p>5E.15.4.9Structures for open terminal equipment and gantry5E-110</p> <p>5E.15.4.10Labels and nameplates5E-111</p> <p>5E.15.5Ancillary equipment5E-111</p> <p>Specification No. MEW/SOCGT - 2vContractor'sIssued on 2014 Initial &amp; stampi5E.15.5.1Substation auxiliary supplies 5E-1115E.15.5.2 400kV substation control and monitoring system 5E-1125E.15.5.3 Metering for HV Switchgear 5E-113</p> <p>5E.ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND WORK5E.1GENERAL ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS5E.1.1EXTENT AND VALIDITYAll electrical equipment forming an integral part of the power plant, whether specifically mentioned or not shall be designed, manufactured, supplied, erected, tested and commissioned in compliance with the general and specific requirements of this contract.Basic configuration of the supplied gas turbine units and their auxiliaries shall fulfil the basic requirement as outlined in the indicative tender single line diagrams as a minimum. However, tenderer may develop their own single line diagram and power flow configuration fulfilling the basic requirements as mentioned in the indicative tender single diagram and tender specification.Power export of the supplied open cycle gas turbine shall be achieved through existing 400kV switchgear at Sabiya CCGT plant after making extension of two feeders therein. Detail scheme for 400kV switchgear and its interconnection with the plant is mentioned in tender clause for both the cases whether numbers of gas turbines supplied is two(2) or more than two(2).Control, operation, protection and monitoring scheme for 400kV feeders/switchgear as existing are attached in tender drawing (Section 8) for compliance as applicable.The scope of work in general is indicated in Section 4 of Tender document, however any electrical work and equipment as needed for the requirement of Mechanical, Instrumentation &amp; Civil mentioned elsewhere in the tender document shall be considered within the contract.5E.1.2BASIC DESIGN CRITERIA5E.1.2.1GENERAL DESIGN PHILOSOPHYAll electrical equipment except packages of original equipment manufacturer for gas turbine shall be designed to include an additional margin of 10% of the full load capacity, when considering the worst case to be met in service. The duty and rating shall be indicated on the relevant approval documents.All electrical equipment shall be designed to withstand the maximum stresses imposed on them for the fault levels and durations obtained under the worst possible conditions. Short circuit calculations shall be carried out as part of the contract to verify the ratings of the proposed equipment and shall be submitted for approval by the Owner/Engineer.The calculations shall assume 'worst case' values of all parameters, including upper and lower tolerance limits as well as lowest values of transformer tapping ranges. The fault level shall be designed as 63kA, 3 seconds for the 400kV system, the Contractor shall confirm the actual fault levels during the design phase through coordination with NCC.Specification No. MEW/SOCGT - 25E-1Contractor'sIssued on: June 2014Initial and Stamp</p> <p>The installation shall be designed for operation, where continuity of power supply is the prime consideration. All plant and equipment shall be designed to ensure satisfactory operation under sudden variations of load and voltage as may be met under all operating conditions, including those due to starting loads, transient short circuit and other internal and external fault conditions.The design shall incorporate every reasonable safeguard and provision for the safety of all personnel concerned in the commissioning, operation and maintenance of the installation.The plant and equipment shall be capable of being controlled under normal operation from the Central Control Room. Description of Central Control Room is indicated elsewhere in the tender document. Local control facilities shall be provided for testing and maintenance purposes.The installation shall have the maximum possible levels of reliability and availability in service. To this end tried and proven equipment shall be used in the installation; prototype equipment shall be excluded.The design and installation shall be so as to minimize the risk of outbreak of fire and consequential damage. Materials used shall not support combustion and shall preferably be fir...</p>


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