election of 1800 -jefferson and aaron burr tie for president (vs. adams/pinckney) -both are...

Download ELECTION OF 1800 -Jefferson and Aaron Burr tie for President (vs. Adams/Pinckney) -both are Democratic-Republicans -Tie broken in Jefferson’s favor Hamilton

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  • ELECTION OF 1800-Jefferson and Aaron Burr tie for President (vs. Adams/Pinckney)-both are Democratic-Republicans

    -Tie broken in Jeffersons favorHamilton convinces House to vote for Jefferson

    - Future problems avoided with 12th AmendmentAdded in 1804 to prevent tiesSeparate vote for Pres/VPThomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr

  • After losing to Jefferson in the election of 1800, Aaron Burr needed to revive his failing political career. Shortly thereafter, Burr read unflattering remarks made about him by Alexander Hamilton, his longtime political enemy. Burr, hoping for publicity, challenged Hamilton to a duel.Usually, after a challenge was made, differences were resolved peacefully. But Hamilton and Burr did not reconcile. On the morning of July 11, 1804, they threw dice to see who would fire first. Hamilton won but fired into the air. Burr then shot his opponent in the stomach, and Hamilton died the next day.Burr was charged with murder but fled before he was brought to trial. In 1806, he became involved in a failed plot to annex Mexico. Charged with treason, Burr fled to Europe but later returned to New York and practiced law until his death.

  • ELECTION OF 1800-1st peaceable transfer of political power from one party to another in modern government-Federalists to Dem.-RepublicansNo violence in transfer of power-Jeffersons philosophy brought to the White House and Democratic-Republican Congresslaissez-faire governmentJefferson promises a small gov. with a hands-off approachWants to reduce size of federal governmentEvery difference of opinion is not a difference of principle,We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists.~Thomas Jeffersons 1st Inaugural

  • JUDICIAL REVIEW-Midnight Judges appointedAdams wants to leave behind Federalist judgesAppoints judges right before leaving office-Jefferson refused to recognized judgesDidnt force Madison to deliver appointment to Marbury -Marbury v. MadisonMarbury sues Madison to get Court to enforce appointment

    John Adams & William Marbury (Federalists)Thomas Jefferson and James Madison(Democratic Republicans)

  • JUDICIAL REVIEW-John Marshall is Chief Justice of Supreme CourtMarshall ruled against Marbury, saying the Court cannot make orders to Executive Branch-case declares part of Judiciary Act unconstitutional

    -Establishes principle of Judicial ReviewCourt can declare laws to be unconstitutionalPower of courts to determine whether laws follow ConstitutionChief Justice John Marshall

  • The Barbary Wars

  • Thomas Jefferson and his Agrarian Dream

  • WESTERN EXPANSION-Louisiana Purchase (1803)US wants mouth of Mississippi River for tradeJefferson bought Louisiana from France for $15 millionJefferson debates deal strict constructionistDoubled the size of the U.S., as well as the national debt

  • WESTERN EXPANSION-Lewis and Clark ExpeditionTo explore the Louisiana PurchaseMain purposes were to find a Northwest water route to Pacific and to study resources on land

    SacajaweaNative woman who helped Lewis and Clark by serving as a tracker, translator, and guide

  • Significance of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Thomas Jeffersons popularity during his first term in office got him reelected by an overwhelming majority in the Election of 1804.


    -Indian Conflicts Settlers moving West and pushing natives off their land- unfair treaties American settlers not upholding promises made to natives-

    Tecumsehs League Group of natives led by Tecumseh

    Ready to attack American settlers, aided by BritishWhite peoplehave driven us from the great salt water, forced us over the mountains, and would shortly push us into the lakes. But we are determined to go no farther. The only way to stop this evil is for all red men to unite. ~Tecumseh~


    - Battle of Tippecanoe (1811-Madisons Term)Tecumsehs men set up here

    William Henry HarrisonGovernor of Indiana who attacked Tecumsehs League at Tippecanoe before they could attack himShatters Native American moraleIn November 1811, while Tecumseh was absent, his brother and aid led the Shawnee in an attack on Harrison and his troops near Tippecanoe. Harrison struck back and burned the Shawnee capital to the ground. Harrisons victory, known as the Battle of Tippecanoe, made him a national hero.

  • FOREIGN AFFAIRS-US neutrality between Britain and France??? Needed trade with both sidesJays Treaty expiredWar among European nations

    -British began impressment of sailorsMaking American sailors fight for the British NavyBritish attack U.S. ship

    Impressment of American sailors into the Royal British Navy

  • FOREIGN AFFAIRS-Jefferson gets Embargo Act passed to cut off trade; hurts U.S. business more than EuropeAngry about attacking American ships; will not trade with anyoneRuins Jeffersons presidencyCongress repealed in 1809

    -War Hawks emergeWant to begin war with BritishHenry Clay/John C. Calhoun Possibility of gaining landsRevenge for helping IndiansMr. President, if you know what is good for your future welfare you will take off the embargo that is now such a check upon American commerce ~New England merchant, 1808It has paralyzed industryOur fertile lands are reduced to sterility. It will drive our seamen into foreign employ, and our fisherman to foreign sandbanksIt has dried up our revenue. ~Philip Key, Congressmen