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    Adobes eLearning is the perfect complement to instructor-led training, especially when you need flexibility and the convenience of real-time how-tos. Course content is hosted on either your learning management system or directly on your web browser. Customizable targeted modules let the team refresh skills exactly when they need it.

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    Course Description: Organize and Deliver Digital Assets using Adobe Experience Manager v6.x Assets is designed for Authors who require a basic understanding of the AEM Asset tool. This eLearning demonstrates how users across an organization can efficiently manage, store and access images, videos, documents and rich media files for use on the web.

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    Upload and organize assets Install Adobe Experience Manager Personalize the Assets homepage Create renditions for assets Manage collections Perform complex searches Apply dynamic media functionalities Create catalogs

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    Training Method:Self-paced eLearning

    Who can benefit?Authors looking to improve design knowledge of the Adobe Experience Manager Asset management tool.

    Course Duration:Approx. 2 hours

    Course Content:8 Modules

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    eLearning for Adobe Experience Manager Assets v6.x:Organize and Deliver Digital Assets


    Authoring Basics Installation Assets Console Organize Folders and Assets Manage Assets Collaborate and Share Assets Dynamic Media Management Produce Catalogs and

    Personalize Assets Homepage

    Prerequisites:There are no specific prerequisites for this course. However, it is helpful if the participant has basic knowledge about web content management

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    Organize and Deliver Digital AssetsUsing Adobe Experience Manager v6.x Course Modules

    1. Introduction to Authoring BasicsKey Elements of Touch UIDifferent Consoles of Touch UIExercise 1.1: Create a PageKey Interface Elements of a PageExercise 1.2: Edit a Page

    2. InstallationInstalling Adobe Experience Manager on Your SystemExericse 2.1: Start an AEM Author InstanceExercise 2.2: Run an AEM Publish InstanceExercise 2.3: Install AEM Using Command Line

    3. Assets ConsoleAdobe Experience Manager Assets Terminologies

    4. Organize folders and assetsCreating FoldersUploading AssetsList Supporting File Formats

    Exercise 4.1: Create a private folder and uploading videos, images, and documents.Exercise 4.2: Organize assets by using Move, Rename and Copy optionsExercise 4.3: Download assets to your local machine

    6. Collaborate and Share assets

    Creating CollectionsEditing the properties, permissions of a CollectionSearching assets within CollectionExercise 6.1: Search Images with CriteriaExercise 6.2: Serach Document Assets with CriteriaDelete and Download a CollectionRunning a workflow for a collectionWhat is a Lightbox?Exercise 6.3: Edit an Image; Add Image Map; Link the Product Detail PageCreate Review Tasks For and Annotate AssetsExercise 6.4: View, Delete and Upload Asset RenditionsExercise 6.5: Edit Metadata of an AssetExercise 6.6: Change a Folder Thumbnail ImageManage VersionsSharing a Private Folder

    7. Dynamic Media Management

    Creating Media SetsManaging VideosExercise 7.1: Apply Viewer Presets and Publish Assets Deliver Dynamic Media AssetsExercise 7.2: Create Image, Spin, and Mixed Media SetsAdd dynamic media assets to your pageLinking Dynamic Media asset to your web application using URLEmbedding code in your web applicationExercise 7.3: Add dynamic media assets to Geometrixx Outdoors webpage

    8. Produce catalogs and Personalize AssetsHomepage

    Exercise 8.1: Create catalogs w/ InDesign templateExercise 8.2: Personalize Asset Home Page

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    Adobe Systems Incorporated 345 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA www.adobe.com

    5. Manage Assets

    Editing Image AssetsAdding image map which links to the product detail page.Previewing AssetsRenditionsSearching AssetsPerform Complex SearchesEditing metadata of an asset

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