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2. SPACE FOR ADVENTURE, SPACE FOR COMFORT. The Elan Impression 444 is in every way an impressive sailing yacht. Developed to satisfy the needs of every family member, it will be the joy of family cruising vacations, whether it is in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or on a blue water crossing. Built to ensure maximum comfort, anytime, it is extremely enjoyable to sail as well, as performance is always an important feature on every sailing boat coming out of Elan.Quality, modern design andexcellent sailing performance.In other words, a newexperience in cruisingROb HUMPHREYSELAN IMPRESSION 444SDESIGNER 3. LIFE IS GOOD, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. REASON ENOUGH TO ENJOY LIFE ONCRUISING IS bETTER. ONE OF THESE MARVELS.Life is always good aboardthe Elan Impression 444.Every detail made to ensurean enjoyable and safe journey,from the spacious cockpit withlarge sitting areas all aroundthe cockpit table, to the largepassageway forward, whereplenty of space for sunbathingawait. The twin steering wheelarrangement offer an excellentposition for the helmsman,while the wide transom ensureeasy access to a sea ofadventures. To ensure enoughenergy on longer hauls, weoffer the installation of solarpanels, as an option. TWIN STEERING WHEELS The twin steering wheels ensure a spacious passage forward and easy access to the sea, while offering the ideal position for helming.COCKPIT PROTECTIONSUNBATHING DECKThe cockpit is well protected Plenty of space forwardfrom sprays by high cockpit and around the cockpit forsidewalls, which in turn ensure sunbathing and reveling in themore safety for the younger pleasures of sea going.crew. 4. A JOURNEY IN STYLE, A JOURNEY IN COMFORT.The journey in style continuesbelow deck, with an airyinterior, clean lines andplenty of natural light comingfrom various deck and hullwindows. Designed as asemi deck-saloon, the ElanImpression 444 features alarge settee around the saloontable on portside and anothersettee on starboard. Withthe saloon table enlarged, itaccommodates comfortablythe crew and even a fewvisitors. The saloon offersplenty of space where childrencan play and the generousgalley will cater for the mostdemanding chefs. Twospacious head compartmentsare featured in all layouts. 5. WITH INTERIORS THIS COMFORTABLE, YOU WILL FEEL LIKE LIKE BEING HOME, EXCEPT ITS ANYWHERE YOU WANT.WAKE UP TO ANOTHER YOU NEVER LEFT HOME. EXCEPT YOULL BE ON VACATION, COMFORTABLE ON DECK AND LUXURIOUS BELOW. PERFECT DAY. CRUISING.GALLEYThe luxurious ownersAFT CABINThe L-shaped galley isforecabin cabin feature a largeThe aft cabin offers a largefunctional and well equipped, double berth, lots of storagedouble berth, plenty of storagewith numerous storage and plenty of natural lightspace and a bright interior.solutions, a front opening fridge coming from the deck hatchand microwave oven. and two hull windows. The aftcabin is comfortable as welland very bright, thanks to thetwo windows. The generousmain head compartment offersa separate shower stall. Theyacht welcomes four in the2-cabin layout, six in either ofSTORAGENAVSTATION the two 3-cabin layouts or eight HEAD COMPARTMENTSAILORS CABINStorage is generous around The navstation features amplein the 4-cabin layout. The main head compartment The sailors cabin with bunkthe galley and saloon, with well space for paper charts storageis airy and bright and offers a beds accommodates twothought solutions for storingunder the large navigationseparate shower stall.and features ample space forfruit, bottles and other kitchen table.storage.appliances. 6. TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS CHARACTERISTICSPOLAR DIAGRAM102030 40 50 60 670 47 8 9 10 1214 61620 25 30 235 804 6 8 10 1214 90 261007 4 8 91012 61101416 8 20 1202510 3013012 3514014 150 16016170DESIGN LENGTH OVERALL 13,85 m MAINSAIL 46,47 m2 STABILITY CURVE 10000Humphreys Yacht Design HULL LENGTH13,00 m GENOA52,47 m2 8000& Elan Design Team BEAM 4,18 mGENNAKER135,45 m2 6000 DRAFT 1,60 / 1,90 mI 15,90 m 4000 DISPLACEMENT 10,900 kg J4,78 mRighting moment (Knm)2000 WATER CAPACITY 516 / 788 l P 14,80 m FUEL CAPACITY270 l E5,37 m0 ENGINE 55 / 75 hpBOAT DESIGN -2000CATEGORY CEA-4000010 2030 40 50 60 708090 100 110 120 130 140 150160 170 180Heel Angle (degrees) 7. ELAN d.o.o.Begunje 14275 Begunje na GorenjskemSloveniasail@elan.siwww.elansports.comAll measurements, images and illustrationsare approximate and provided forinformation only. Elan d.o.o. reserves theright to modify or improve specificationswithout prior notice.Photo: Simon Plestenjak, MediaspeedDesign: GIGODESIGN