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El salvadors tourist attractions.

El salvadors tourist attractions.Teacher: Sonia Morales.Students:Brandon Urrutia.Gerson Urquilla.Sal Hernndez.

Coatepeque lake(Lago de Coatepeque).

It is a volcanic lake, located 18 km south of the city of Santa Ana in the municipality of El Congo. It has with an island called Teopan.

boquern national park(Parque nacional El Boquern).

The park offers a walk through trails where you can appreciate the local vegetation, forests of pine and have a awesome view of the crater of Boquern.

Plaza de las amricas(Plaza de las Amricas).

It contains the Monument to the Divine Salvador de el mundo, is located in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador. It is considered a national symbol of this country.

rosario church(Iglesia el Rosario).

is a religious heritage of Salvadorans as one of the last churches built in the capital, which retains a modern architectural design, with unique European continent level influence.

Puerta de el diablo(La puerta de el diablo).

located in the municipality of Panchimalco, El Salvador. The main attraction is the crack formed by two boulders nestled on the hill El Chulo.

Future square(Plaza futura).

located in the World Trade Center San Salvador, it has 3,000 square meters and consists of 25 commercial places; among them are exclusive restaurants and cafes.

Monseor Romeros center(Centro de Monseor Romero).

Monsignor Romero Center, located in the UCA Central American University, the museum permanently exhibited in honor of the martyrs and victims of the civil war of the 80s in El Salvador; And where is the "Hall of Martyrs" with personal memories of Archbishop Beato Oscar Arnulfo Romero.

Art Museum of El Salvador(Museo de arte de el salvador).

The Art Museum of El Salvador (MARTE), located in the city of San Salvador, is a private nonprofit institution responsible for the preservation and dissemination of art of that country.

Costa del sol(Costa del sol).It is located southeast of San Salvador, ideal for jogging, football and volleyball, or just sunbathing, is the longest beach in El Salvador, with about 15 kms. of extension.

Metropolitan Cathedral(Catedral Metropolitana).

It is the main church of the Catholic Archdiocese of San Salvador, El Salvador, and seat of metropolitan archbishop.Thanks!