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  • 1.Revealing Web Content Management at Its Best Give Content Creators the Tools They NeedWhat Do You Want Your Website to Do?With the Ektron web content management platform, organizations can deploy, publish and update time-criticalcontent without needing to rely on IT to get that content on the Web. Content creators take ownership of theircontent, while website administrators focus on the management and enhancement of site capabilities.Ektron simplies the process of managing content across public websites and intranets, providing such corefeatures as authoring, site design, page deployment and management, plus marketing optimization featuresincluding content targeting, in-context analytics, and multivariate testing.The Ektron content management system has been deployed successfully by organizations of all sizes from Ektron Empowers Content Creatorsnonprots to multibillion dollar corporations, from government to global enterprises. Ektron is used every day by press, analystusing a What You See is What You GetContent authors can utilize the Workareas and investor relations departments; marketing editor that provides an interface familiar to advanced web features, such as applying communications groups; sales and supportanyone who has used Microsoft Word. Authors cascading style sheets and categorizing content organizations; enterprises, universities and non- working in the editor have access to an array for search, or remain focused on content prots by content developers, subject matterof word processing features and can publish development and leave that work to site experts and business managers to create their nal content to the Web with one mouseadministrators. Authors also can have the option content, establish review cycles, publish and click. Dependent on an organizations needs,of editing content on the site with in-context update Web material.content developers also can take an active role editing, working directly on any page, and in website management, including workowapplying changes to that page immediately on When rst developing content, most writers control, page design and publishing approval. the site. will begin in the Ektron platforms Workarea,2 3 Copyright 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS

2. Freeeeee! Your IT Resources Freeeeee! Your IT ResourcesEktron Liberates Website AdministratorsWebsite administrators often have multiple IT responsibilities, charged with maintaininghardware and software, addressing security and backups and providing daily user support.Content updates to the company website may be a low priority on an ever-changing list of ITpriorities.Ektron provides content creation and editing tools intuitive enough to be placed directlyinto the hands of the people requesting content updates, freeing IT resources to focus onsite maintenance, development and enhancements while eliminating the Webmasterbottleneck.Ektron gives administrators the ability to organize site navigation, establishlayouts that best display content, assign search engine optimizationterms to content, provide reports and analytics to management, andidentify, revise, and approve content as needed.45 Copyright 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS 3. Developers - Leverage Your .NET Skills Developers - Leverage Your .NET SkillsEktron is 100 Percent Native .NET CMS Extensions - Ektron provides a complete developer SDK allowingdevelopers to create extensions where custom code executes upon certainThe Ektron web content management platform is developed on the Microsoftevents ring within the CMS. For example, your organization might want.NET framework and is 100 percent native ASP.NET. Developers canyour content management team to receive notications via AIM messengerimmediately leverage their .NET knowledge with Ektron, building, launchingwhenever new content is published. A developer would tap into theand customizing websites easily rather than being forced into learning a new, OnAfterPublishevent to send those notications.proprietary development environment.Another example would be to use the CMS extension architecture toA Complete API - The .NET API provides easy access to data stored in themanipulate the content object being entered by the author. For example,database without the need for a developer to ever write a line of SQL code or a content author wants to display a Google Map within his article to showto understand the database schema, providing for seamless future upgrades.the location of an event. When the author lls in the address metadata anConsistency, discoverability and simplicity make building applications with event would be red, OnBeforePublish, which would execute custom codethe Ektron API quick, easy and efcient.making a web service call into the Google APIs and passing in the addressBy accessing the Ektron.CMS.Framework developers can create customizedto return back a Latitude and Longitude for storage within the article contentuser controls for added functionality or presentation and fully integrate withobject. The end result would be a Google Map showing the exact location ofthird-party systems.the event, with the author never having to leave the CMS interface to createthat map..NET Server Controls As part of the software installation Ektron providesmore than 80 pre-built implementations of the .NET APIs in the form ofProvider Model Ektrons provider model creates an abstraction layer toserver controls ranging from simple controls to compound controls. Many access data, making Ektron fully extensible. Areas of the Ektron platformmore controls can be found at the Ektron Exchange (http://dev.ektron.com/ that use providers include analytics, allowing developers to integrate withexchange/), a community featuring a one-stop shop for developers that their own analytics system if they implement a provider; search, which hasoffers a variety of community benets and features, including the latest news,provider-based integration points where developers can customize manyBest Practice advice from Ektron experts, pre-built code, server controls,fundamental aspects of search; and Ektron eCommerce, which integrateswidgets and more. with major purchase and shipping providers.All Ektron server controls encapsulate complex functionality, making it astraightforward process for developers to quickly assemble web pages bydragging and dropping controls from Visual Studios Toolbox onto an ASPXTemplate, then dening the controls behavior by setting properties either in6 code or by using Visual Studio. 7Copyright 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS 4. Deliver Dynamic Web Pages Deliver Dynamic Web PagesEasily Build Web Pages, Marketing Campaignsand Micro-Sites with EktronWith Ektron, create and deliver dynamic campaign pages and micro-sites - tracked and managed inreal-time, with no programming or design knowledge necessary. Promote a new product or specialevent. Set up registration and contact forms, surveys and polls, even ecommerce shopping cartswithout needing to request technical support. Quickly design one page or complete micro-sitesutilizing your organizations online library of templates, images, and other marketing materials.Developers establish a sites look-and-feel with content presentation templates. Building sitenavigation is intuitive, with the Ektron Workarea providing a Windows Explorer-like interface.Adding new pages to a site is as simple as opening the desired folder and clicking the Add Contentbutton.Ektron Smart Form templates simplify web page creation by separating content creation from itsultimate presentation. As well as making web page creation simple and easy even for the technicallyunsophisticated, Smart Forms help site managers maintain consistency and branding across everypage. Once a Smart Form is established, content providers simply enter in their text, imagery and anyother material.Widgets, mini-applications such as calculators, calendars, search elds, social software, RSSfeeds, video displays, clocks and more can be applied to a Web page by technical and non-technicalresources alike through a simple drag-and drop. Ektron maintains an active freeware widget andcode community at the Ektron Exchange (http://dev.ektron.com/exchange/) .NET developers familiarwith ASP.NET user controls can easily build, customize and deliver their own widgets usingMicrosoft Visual Studio.89 Copyright 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS 5. Manage Any File Through EktronManage Any File Through Ektron Document Management as Simple as Content Management Create information and publish to your intranet or public website from a single unied system. Managing documents is as simple as managing web pages with Ektron. Any type of le that can be placed on the Web MS Ofce les, JPEG or other graphic les, WinZip archives, video, MP3 sound les can be managed through the Ektron platform. Import les directly into the Ektron content management system. Open and edit MS Ofce documents from within the Ektron platform. Store, track and manage les using the Ektron Workarea Windows Explorer-like folder interface. Categorize content and create a taxonomy that makes it a simple task for anyone to locate needed les. Apply workow and review cycles to documents and assure theyve gone through the proper approval process before publication.10 11 Copyright 2010 Ektron, Inc. All rights reserved. | http://www.ektron.com | 1-877-4-WEB-CMS 6. Website Search Made SimpleWebsite Search Made Simple Deliver Content Effectively through Categorization and Search Whether for web content, Microsoft documents, images or multimedia, Ektrons SiteSearch feature can scale to nd millions of items and beyond. The key to producing relevant search results is in the ability to categorize site content. Through Ektron, a content creator can easily categorize