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  • Einstein invented the relativity of time

    We just create MORE time

  • Since the company’s formation in 1998, Encode has been totally committed to

    developing technology that empowers advertising and marketing operations to work

    smarter, faster, and more efficiently to deliver a significant and measurable business

    advantage, hence our motto ’Time to Market’. We are experts in the development and

    deployment of flexible marketing tools and solutions to organizations who want to

    enhance workflow efficiency and knowledge sharing between internal departments

    and external agencies to create dynamic communications.

    The core philosophy underpinning development of the Encode MRM solution is

    our belief that organisations need to respond quickly to changes in the business

    environment if they are to grow and prosper. It makes sense therefore not to be

    limited by fixed structures within the business process, which could prove costly and

    time consuming when changes are required. With this in mind, we have built Encode

    to be completely flexible and with unlimited scalability. This very principle has seen

    Encode evolve into providers of ’next generation software’ and rapidly become one of

    the worlds leading and most advanced MRM solutions on the market today.

    Having consolidated our early success in Denmark, Encode ASP have broadened our

    sphere of influence to gain a market presence in the UK, USA, Ukraine, Germany and

    the Netherlands and establish an enviable client base that represents some of the

    worlds biggest and most recognizable companies and brands. Quite simply, our vision

    is to provide the best and most versatile MRM suite on the market.

    Encode ApS is an advanced provider of Marketing Resource Management (MRM)- Systems to some of the largest global advertising agencies, manufacturers and retail chains within the international business community.

    Who are WE?

  • Our solutions use a service-orientated architecture (SOA) platform to connect and

    integrate systems around your current business processes. Any type of system, as

    simple or as comprehensive as you wish it to be, can be built by linking an unlimited

    number of modules together. For example, you might wish to include in your system

    a module for campaign development and planning, asset management, AdBuilder, an

    extranet module for servicing dealers and subsidiaries, CRM and PR modules to name

    a few. The possibilities are endless.

    The truly remarkable feature of Encode however, setting it apart from any other MRM

    solution on the market today, is that it is 100% configurable by non IT experts. With

    this kind of versatility an online collaborative system to exact individual requirements

    can be built and deployed in less than 2 weeks, leaving you to adapt and expand

    modules, functions and subsystems in-house with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    Employees, customers, dealers, subsidiaries, suppliers, brands, materials, images,

    videos, etc. can all connect to become part of a system that supports precisely your

    way of working.

    We know it sounds incredible, but this is possible because no costly and time

    consuming programming is required, only configuration. Encode supports all sizes of

    business and evolves with your organisation, so you are not tied down to a system

    that would become obsolete as operational procedures and processes change.

    Encode MRM is a flexible solution to the challenges of running a modern advertising agency or marketing department. You might ask: “Is it a brand management system?” ”A job bag or project management?” The answer is, Encode can be configured to be exactly what you want it to be.

    What is EncOdE?

  • Expandable, modular approach to your

    MaRkEting Process Management

    asset Library The Asset Library is a central online archive for storing digital media.

    Searchable, retrievable assets such as images and videos can be stored

    and converted and resized to most file formats and made globally

    accessible for download by employees, subsidiaries, dealers and clients

    with access rights. This module can also be set up as a front-end to your

    existing picture server.

    adBuilder Create templates to control input of text and images for adverts, posters,

    brochures and stationary etc.

    Swiftly create high quality graphical material and up to 80% of the finished

    artwork ready for export to InDesign to apply finishing touches. Connected

    with a media archive, AdBuilder will ensure brand guidelines are followed

    and automate the distribution of finished material to newspapers and


    Briefing Module Import product descriptions, pictures and prices from various data sources

    to muster catalogue content.

    Track sales budget, goods, pictures and texts from product collection

    to catalogue completion. Print ads, TV spots and POS material are also

    handled by the Encode system, providing a complete overview of the total

    campaign and delivering structured information for every decision maker

    in every department.

  • Expandable, modular approach to your

    MaRkEting Process Management

    Proofreading The proofing process is made simple by comparing documents side by


    Proof reading time is drastically shortened and the possibilities of small

    faults are diminished when pictures, text and prices are imported directly

    into the layout application. Corrections and comments can be attached

    directly to the document, logged and saved using the Encode proofreading


    Projects Add project management capability to plan, organise and track campaigns

    to successful completion.

    Assists decision makers in the successful and timely completion of

    advertising campaigns and company projects. Plan resources, tasks

    and budgets aided by Gantt charts and time sheets. Email notification

    will expedite the execution of the workflow process and status reports

    generated to analyse progress.

    Portal Page Create a customized secure point of access for your stakeholders to your

    company’s intranet.

    User rights and permissions define which aspects of the company

    intranet a user is permitted to see and access. A portal page will also

    encourage communication and interaction with stakeholders when web

    links to other sites, news announcements, calendars and discussion

    forums are added.

  • get MORE from your Marketing budget with Encode

    Solution Features


    Encode systems are built from scratch and configured

    to integrate with established business processes. ERP

    systems, XML based feeds, as well as industry standard

    applications such as SAP, Sage and InDesign can all

    connect with Encodes modular based systems for

    greater cohesion within the marketing process.


    Add an unlimited number of configurable modules,

    fields, sub-systems and features without programming.

    A system built with Encode can support thousands

    of users and limitless entries while maintaining

    outstanding performance and reliability.


    Access rights and user permissions are configured from

    one centrally located admin panel. Implement version

    control to track alterations and changes to artwork,

    documents and other company assets. Introduce a log

    to track downloads.

    Web based

    Using the ASP model, global online access is available

    through any standard web browser; therefore no local

    software installations are necessary. Encode is a Java

    based program which is today’s de facto programming

    standard for large web based systems and requires

    no license to run. Secure hosting, server and server

    support can also be provided.

    Economic Benefits

    Fast R.O.i

    Fast return on investment due to short system

    development/implementation time (2 weeks), low

    operating costs, increased efficiency in campaign

    management and improved customer acquisition and

    retention rates.

    Reduced development costs

    Encode is 100% configurable. No costly and time

    consuming programming necessary when extensions

    or modifications are required, minimising disruption to

    work processes. System architecture and modularity

    provides assurance that your internal marketing

    management systems will grow with your company.

    cost Savings

    Up to 70% of production costs can be saved using

    Encode with increased efficiency in the campaign

    planning, development and approval process. Artwork

    and other assets can be made available from a well

    managed asset library for downloadable distribution to

    subsidiaries, dealers, retail outlets and clients.

    Business growth

    Increasingly, advertisers are seeking to ensure

    maximum value for their budget. Encode introduces

    visible and tangible structure to the campaign

    management process. Intelligent use of information

    offers reassurance to potential new clients, and help to