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ITS TIME! Time is our most sacred commodity Its easily wasted or spent goes by or used meticulously it doesnt stop nor should you! (Udi Waizer, About Innovation, 2016) I was born under a rock Yes I know, we all did; after all, the moon has been up there for quite some time. In my younger years, my main sources of inspiration was nature, fantasy and the universe (still are); I will forever explore behaviors and their causes in all life forms around us, the natural structures that involves in how we are built and how we build things; I spend my free time learning as much as I can about galaxy-clusters and dark matter, make associative connections between our surroundings and how they are reflected in our innovative thinking in so many meaningful ways. UX wasnt even invented when I was a child and still, it seems like Ive been practicing it for a very long time, under a bright rock. users are unpredictable when it comes to great ideas; what theyre darn good at, is using them innovators are not the best user focused individuals at times; they are awesome at dreaming and creating great ideas designers are dreamers and user focusedthey are also pretty darn great in matchmaking between users & innovators ** Pastry Chefs Im married to oneshes awesome in everything! My Drive being a proud member of humanity I strongly believe we could do great things using our great minds in order to move forward My sacred goal is to invest my talent, leadership and hard work in solutions that are small and silly huge and advanced technology loaded or spiritual and art oriented corporate or out of a garage as long as they make valuable difference in peoples lives move humanity forward alleviate excite boost save cure leap fly IM ALL IN! my work