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Eggs whites are full of protein and this is great for your skin, but they also help with clearing the skin of acne.


  • 1. Egg White Acne

2. Egg whites are high in protein and can be used for many things from baking to using as a treatment for the skin. You can also use egg whites as an acne mask, as well as being good for acne it also helps improve the quality of the skin. Making an egg white acne mask is very easy to do. How to make the mask To make an acne mask all need is one egg. Break the egg and separate the white from the yolk, we have no use for the yolk. Next we will add a tiny bit of honey and a few drops of milk to help bond the honey and egg whites together.Visit 3. The best way to apply this as a mask is to use a brush as the mix just falls through your fingers when using your hands. It is best to start on the forehead and work your way down the face as some mixture will drip downwards anyway. Make sure that you keep away from the eyes and mouth as it can dry out your skin a bit. Once you are done applying the mask you need to then leave it on for around 15-20 minutes. After this time is up you should then gently wash it off with warm water, but not too warm. If you have not washed it off properly you will notice a funny smell of it after a while.Visit- 4. So why use Egg Whites? First of all the reason we do not use the yolk of the egg is that is contains Xanthene, which reacts negatively with hydrogen peroxide in the skin. As such this will damage the skin and leave it more open to acne. Eggs whites contains albumin which acts as an anti-bacterial agent. Egg whites are also high in protein and this is important for the general health of skin. Lysozyme an enzyme responsible for removing bacteria is also present in egg whites.Visit- 5. How will the mask benefit the skin? Using egg whites for acne is the main reason we are applying this mask but it also helps to improve the overall appearance of your skin. Using this acne mask regularly will leave the skin looking fresher and feeling softer than it normally is. The pores of the skin will also with regular use narrow and lessen the chance of breakouts. As egg whites contains a lot of protein this is great for healing any acne scars that you may have, since proteins will help with the regrowth of new skin cells. For the best results from this acne mask, it is important to only use fresh eggs. You only need a small bit of egg white for each mask. But if you want to preserve the rest of the unused egg white then you can add a bit of lemon juice. Lemon juice will help to keep it that bit longer if you make sure to leave it in the fridge. Visit-