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Efficient Usability & Provocative UX


  • IF3151 Human Computer InteractionIndividual Assignment #1Venny Larasati Ayudiani13513025

  • TASK #1Usability Problem

  • Usability Problem #2Efficient to Useefficient /fiSHnt/ adjectiveachieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

    Efficiency refers to the way a system supports users in carrying out their tasks. e.g. number of steps, one click option.

  • The ProductTriton Gallery WebsiteA website that sells Broadway posters online

  • Why the Website has Efficiency Problem?If user wants to search a poster, they have to click the search menu since there are no search bar at the homepage.

  • Why the Website has Efficiency Problem?Once the search result had appeared, the user has to click the more info button in order to add an item to their shopping cart, instead of adding the item to the cart instantly by clicking an add to cart button or icon.

  • TASK #2User Experience

  • UX Goal #14Provocativeprovocative /prvkdiv/ adjectivetendingorservingtoprovoke;inciting,stimulating,irritating,or vexing.causing annoyance, anger, or another strong reaction, especially deliberately.

  • Everyday Life Situation in which the Experience is PresentDemonstration is a provocative act.Source: de. wikipedia.org

  • The ProductSWEATSHOPSweatshop is a tower defense-like strategy game that sees you running a sweatshop. You have the ability to hire child laborers and cut corners to save cash, or you can hire more highly-skilled workers and strive to eliminate dangers in your workplace at the cost of your profits.It is a provocative product since the topic itselfon child laboris thought provoking despite its cartoon graphics.