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Processes that Shape Earths Surface 1.1 Weathering and Soil Erosion

Processes that Shape Earths Surface

1.1 Weathering and Soil Erosion

science 5

investigate extent of soil erosion in the community and its effects on living things and the environment;

5 Minutes to finalize your paper

Human activities

Earths natural process like soil erosion affects living and nonliving things. Human activities such as


Illegal logging



Effects of soil erosionLandformsAnimals and HumansPlants


Effects on landformsAppearance and structure take hundred of years to change.Sand dunesSoil erosion can be destructive as large mass of soil is scratched and worn away.Can add up to the beauty and wonder of nature

Effects on plantsTopsoil= topmost layer of the soil where humus or organic materials from dead plants and animals are found.Topsoil is easily carried away so, plants will not grow well due to lack of nutrients.Sediments can clogged the irrigation system- no enough water supply for the plants.Soil loses the ability to hold and absorb water-soil will be dry- not suitable for vegetation.

Effects on animals and humansLess food production= less food sourceLess food supply= affect the ecosystemFarmers = difficulty sustaining their livesMine tailing=mineral waste or leftover after mining=pollutes the seas and riversAffects aquatic animalsSupply of potable waterSickness to animals and humans

communicate the data collected from the investigation on soil erosion;

Group workBrainstorming ideas regarding the content of the slides/ powerpoint presentation.Select three representatives to talk about the effects of soil erosion on landforms, plants, humans and animals for the group hopping next meeting.(group hopping= representatives of each group will be transferring from one group to another to share their work.)

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